Crosswave Pet Vacuum

Bissell Crosswave
Pet Vacuum

Quick Start Usage Instructions

  1. First, insert the handle at the top of the body of the machine until you hear a click.

2. For small area cleaning (<350 sq ft), fill the clean water tank with warm tap water to the first water fill line. Then add formula to the first formula fill line.

For large area cleaning (up to 700 sq ft), fill the clean water tank with warm tap water to the second water fill line. Then add formula until you get to the second formula fill line. Screw the cap back onto the clean water tank.

On the back

3. On the back of the machine, align clean water tank with the grooves and slide tank into place until you hear a click.


4. Turn machine on by selecting the type of floor you will be cleaning. For hard floors, choose the HARD FLOOR button and for area rugs push the RUG button.

Each time you use the product

5. Each time you use the product, hold the solution trigger for 10 seconds to prime the system with cleaning solution before you begin cleaning. When you hold the trigger, LED lights will illuminate. When solution is flowing, you will see bubbles forming at the edges of the brush roll window. You are ready to start cleaning with your BISSELL® CrossWave® Pet!

For everyday Cleaning:

Choose the setting that matches the floor type you will be cleaning. Prime the system first by holding the solution spray trigger for 10 seconds. When you’re ready to clean, hold the trigger on both the forward and backward pass for great cleaning results.


Dirty Machine?

For best results, flush the unit using the Rinse Tray. Then, rinse the dirty water tank, strainer, brush roll and brush chamber. After allowing your machine and components to dry completely, reassemble everything, making sure the machine’s brush window is securely in place before using your machine next time.


Tips & Tricks

  • On hard floors, there is no need to vacuum before using CrossWave® Pet. This machine vacuums and washes at the same time.
  • To dry floors faster, release the trigger and run the machine over the floor without dispensing solution.
  • When cleaning area rugs, remove any excessive mud from your area rug prior to using your CrossWave® Pet.
  • When cleaning excessively dirty or muddy hard floors, or if the brush roll looks dirty, use the Easy Clean Storage Tray to rinse the brush roll before cleaning your area rugs.
  • For overly challenging and stuckon messes on hard floors, activate the RUG mode and hold your CrossWave® Pet over the mess. Using short passes while holding the trigger allows the multi-surface brush to go to work.


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  1. Why should I pay even $l for troubleshooting information when my cross wave is only 2 years old and is totally dead and there is a 3 year warranty. . No power when plugged in. What do I do to get it to work?

  2. I don’t see why I have to pay to get the instructions in Italian since this company has the instructions for use upon delivery of the broom in all languages ​​except in Italian …… having known I would not have fasted this purchase.-pippo grimoldi
    non vedo perchè devo spendere per avere le istruzioni in italiano dato che questa ditta ha le istruzioni d’uso alla consegna della scopa in tutte le lingue meno che in taliano……averlo saputo non avrei fastto tale acquisto.-pippo grimoldi

  3. My Crosswave 1785 does not such up the water after dispensing cleaning fluid. !!?? Now I’ll have to rent a machine to dry an area rug. I’ve cleaned all the parts. I would not recommend this vacuuming. !

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