metabo-BS-14.4-Cordless-Drill-Screwdriver-logometabo BS 14.4 Cordless Drill/Screwdrivermetabo-BS-14.4-Cordless-Drill-Screwdriver-productДекларация за съответствие

We, being solely responsible: Hereby declare that these cordless drills/screwdrivers and impact drills, identified by type and serial number *1), meet all relevant requirements of directives *2) and standards *3). Technical documents for 4) – see page 3.For UK only:We as manufacturer and an authorized person to compile the technical file, see *4) on page 3, hereby declare under sole responsibility that these cordless drills/screwdrivers and impact drills, identified by type and serial number *1) on page 3, fulfill all relevant provisions of following UK Regulations S.I. 2016/1091, S.I. 2008/1597, S.I. 2012/3032 and Designated Standards EN 60745-1:2009+A11:2010, EN 60745-2-1:2010, EN 60745

Определена употреба

The drills and impact drills are suitable for drilling in metal, wood, plastic and similar materials, and also for screw driving and thread tapping.The impact drills are also suited for drilling in masonry, brickwork and stone.The user bears sole responsibility for any damage caused by inappropriate use. Generally accepted accident prevention regulations and the enclosed safety information must be observed.

Обща инструкция за безопасност

For your own protection and for the protection of your power tool, pay attention to all parts of the text that are marked with this symbol! Reading the operating instructions will reduce the risk of injury.

Read all safety warnings and instructions. Failure to follow all safety warnings and instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.Keep all safety instructions and information for future reference.Pass on your power tool only together with these documents.

Специални инструкции за безопасност

Wear ear protectors with impact drills(machines with the designation SB). Exposure to noise can cause hearing loss.Hold power tool by insulated gripping surfaces, when performing an operation where the cutting accessory may contact hidden wiring. A cutting accessory contacting a “live” wire may make exposed metal parts of the power tool “live” and could give the operator an electric shock. Ensure that the place where you wish to work is free of power cables, gas lines or water pipes (e.g. check using a metal detector). A slightly acidic, flammable fluid may leak from defective Li-ion battery packs! If battery fluid leaks out and comes into contact with your skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If battery fluid leaks out  and comes into contact with your eyes, wash them with clean water and seek medical attention immediately! Protect battery packs from water and moisture!Do not use faulty or deformed battery packs! Do not expose battery packs to fire! Do not open battery packs! Do not touch contacts or short-circuit battery packs! If the machine is defective, remove the battery pack from the machine.

Remove the battery pack from the machine before any adjustment or maintenance is carried out. Before fitting the battery pack, make sure that the machine is switched off. Keep hands away from the rotating tool! Remove chips and similar material only with the machine at a standstill. Secure the workpiece to prevent slipping or rotation (e.g. by securing with screw clamps). LED lights Do not observe the LED radiation directly with optical instruments.
Reducing dust exposure: Some of the particles generated using this power tool may contain substances known to cause cancer, allergic reactions, respiratory diseases, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some examples of these substances are: lead (from lead-based paints), crystalline silica (from bricks cement, etc.), additives for wood treatment (chromate, wood preservative), some types of wood (like oak and beech dust), metals, asbestos. The risk from exposure to such substances will depend on how long the user or nearby persons are being exposed. Do not let particles enter the body. To reduce exposure to these substances: work in a well-ventilated area and wear protective equipment, such as dust masks that are specially designed to filter out microscopic particles. Observe the relevant guidelines for your material, staff, application and place of application (e.g. occupational health and safety regulations, disposal).

Collect the generated particles at the source, avoid deposits in the surrounding area. Use suitable accessories for special work. In this way, fewer particles enter the environment in an uncontrolled manner. Use a suitable extraction unit.Reduce dust exposure with the following measures:

  • Не насочвайте изтичащите частици и отработения въздушен поток към себе си или към близки хора или върху отлагания прах.
  •  Използвайте аспиратор и/или пречистватели на въздух.
  •  Осигурете добра вентилация на работното място и го поддържайте чисто с прахосмукачка. Метенето или издухването възбужда прах.
  • Почистете с прахосмукачка или изперете защитно облекло. Не духайте, не бийте или четкайте.

Транспорт на литиево-йонни батерии:
Доставката на литиево-йонни батерии е предмет на законите, свързани с превоза на опасни товари (UN 3480 и UN 3481). Информирайте се за валидните в момента спецификации, когато изпращате литиево-йонни батерии. Ако е необходимо, консултирайте се с вашия спедитор. Сертифицирана опаковка се предлага от Metabo. Изпращайте батерията само ако корпусът е непокътнат и няма изтичане на течност. Извадете комплекта батерии от машината за изпращане. Предотвратете контактите от късо съединение (напр. като ги защитите с лепяща лента).


  1.  Drill chuck/drill chuck sleeve*
  2. Регулираща втулка (контрол на въртящия момент, максимален въртящ момент) *
  3. Регулираща втулка (завинтване, пробиване, ударно пробиване) *
  4. Регулираща втулка (ограничение на въртящия момент) *
  5.  Плъзгащ превключвател (1-ва/2-ра предавка)
  6. Кука за колан
  7.  Превключвател за избор на въртене (настройка на посоката на въртене, предпазно устройство при транспортиране)
  8. Задействащ превключвател
  9. Дръжка
  10.  LED светлини
  11.  Бутон за освобождаване на батерията
  12.  Батерия *
  13. Индикатор за капацитет и сигнал
  14. Бутон за индикатор за капацитет


  1. The battery pack is almost flat (the electronics prevent the battery pack from discharging totally and avoid irreparable damage).
  2. If one LED\ is flashing, the battery pack is almost flat. If necessary, press the button (14) and check the LEDs (13) to see the charge level. If the battery pack is almost flat, it must be recharged!
  3. Продължителното непрекъснато претоварване на машината ще активира изключване на температурата.
  4. Leave the machine or battery pack to cool. Note: The machine will cool more quickly if you operate it at idling speed. machine seizes continuously for long periods), the machine switches off. Switch off the machine at the trigger switch\ Then continue working as normal. Try to prevent the machine from seizing.

Charge the battery pack before use.If performance diminishes, recharge the battery pack.The ideal storage temperature is between 10°C and 30°C.In case of Li-Ion battery packs with capacity and signal display (13) (equipment-specific):- Press the button (14), the LEDs indicate the charge level.If one LED is flashing, the battery pack is almost flat and must be recharged.

Изваждане и поставяне на батерията
Removal: Press the battery pack release button (11) and pull the battery pack (12) forwards.Insertion: Slide the battery pack (12) in until it engages.

Setting the direction of rotation

Actuate the rotary selector switch (direction of rotation set, transporting safety device) (7).
Вижте страница 2:
R = настройка по часовниковата стрелка
L = настройка обратно на часовниковата стрелка
0 = средно положение: устройство за безопасност при транспортиране
(Заключване при включване) комплект

 Избор на предавка stage
particularly high torque, preferable for screwing) gear (high speed, preferable for drilling) Set torque limitation, screw driving, drilling, impact drill Machines with the designation BS…

  1. 20 = Set torque (with torque limitation) by turning the sleeve
  2. intermediate settings are also possible.
  3. = Set drilling by turning the sleeve  (max. torque, without torque limitation) To avoid overloading the motor, do not jam the spindle. Machines with the designation SB…:
  4. = Set screw driving by turning the sleeve AND set the torque (with torque limitation) by turning the sleeve (4) – intermediate settings are also possible.
  5. = Настройте пробиване чрез завъртане на втулката (3) (макс. въртящ момент, без ограничение на въртящия момент) За да избегнете претоварване на двигателя, не блокирайте шпиндела.
  6. Настройте ударното пробиване чрез завъртане на втулката (3) (макс. въртящ момент, без ограничение на въртящия момент) За да избегнете претоварване на двигателя, не блокирайте шпиндела.

Сменете аксесоара
Opening the drill chuck: Turn the drill chuck sleeve  clockwise. Clamping the tool: Open the drill chuck and insert the tool as far as possible. Turn the drill chuck sleeve (1) in a clockwise direction until the tool is clampизд. сигурно. При мека дръжка на инструмента може да се наложи повторно затягане след кратък период на пробиване.

 Включване/изключване на електроинструмента, настройка
speed press the trigger switch (8) to switch on the machine. Press in the trigger to increase the rotational speed.

 Патронник за пробиване със система за бърза смяна
(for BS 18 Quick, BS 14.4 Quick) Removal: See page 2, fig. A. Push the interlocking ring forward (a) and pull off the drill chuck (b). Mounting: Push the interlock ring forward and move the chuck as far as the limit stop on the drill
 Патронник (за BS 14.4, BS 18, SB 18)
See page 2, fig. B. Undo the locking screw. Caution left-handed thread! Clamp an Allen key in the chuck and strike lightly with a rubber hammer to loosen, then unscrew. Employ the same procedure when attaching the chuck, except in reverse order


Use only original Metabo or CAS (Cordless Alliance System) battery packs and accessories. See page 4. Only use accessories that fulfill the requirements and specifications listed in these operating instructions.

  •  Бърз clamping chuck.
  • Battery packs with different capacities. Only use battery packs with a voltage подходящ за вашия електроинструмент.
  •  Приставка за ъглова отвертка.
  • Зарядно устройство
  •  Държач за битове със система за бърза смяна
  • Битова кутия


Repairs to electrical tools must ONLY be carried out by qualified electricians! Contact your local Metabo representative if you have Metabo power tools requiring repairs. See for addresses. You can download a list of spare parts from

Опазване на околната среда

Observe national regulations on environmentally compatible disposal and on the recycling of disused machines, packaging and accessories. Battery packs may not be disposed of with regular waste. Return faulty or used battery packs to your Metabo dealer!Do not allow battery packs to come into contact with water! Protect the environment, and do not dispose of power tools and battery packs with household waste. Observe national regulations on separated collection and recycling of disused machines, packaging and accessories. Before disposal, discharge the battery pack in the power tool. Prevent the contacts from short-circuiting (e. g. by protecting them with adhesive tape).

Технически спецификации

Explanatory notes on the specifications on page 3. Changes due to technological progress are reserved.

Стойности на емисиите

Използвайки тези стойности, можете да оцените емисиите от този електроинструмент и да ги сравните със стойностите, излъчвани от други електроинструменти. Действителните стойности могат да бъдат по-високи или по-ниски, в зависимост от конкретното приложение и състоянието на инструмента или електроинструмента. При оценката на стойностите трябва да включите и работните почивки и периодите на ниска употреба. Въз основа на изчислените стойности на емисиите посочете защитни мерки за потребителя – напрample, any organizational steps that must be put in place. Vibration total value (vector sum of three directions)

Документи / Ресурси

metabo BS 14.4 Cordless Drill/Screwdriver [pdf] Инструкции
BS 14.4, BS 14.4 Quick, BS 18, BS 18 Quick, SB 18, BS 14.4 Cordless Drill Screwdriver, Cordless Drill Screwdriver

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