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Impacto Essential High-End Cable DAC & Amplifier
Instruction Manual
beyerdynamic Impacto Essential High End Cable

Impacto essential ­ High-end cable DAC & Amplifier

Thank you for your trust and for choosing the Impacto essential. To ensure an optimum listening experience, we would like to give you a brief primer on how to use the Impacto essential. For detailed operating instructions, please visit
With the Impacto essential you can play high-resolution audio files up to 384 kHz / 32 bit (PCM) and up to 5.6 MHz (DSD). The Impacto essential is compatible with all headphones that provide ear cups on both sides to connect mini jack plugs (3.5 mm) with a shaft diameter of 7.5 mm.
In combination with the T 1 (2nd Generation) and Amiron home headphones, the Impacto essential meets the requirements of the EN 50332 European standard on Sound system equipment: Headphones and earphones associated with personal music players ­ Maximum sound pressure level measurement methodology. It is possible to connect other headphones to the two headphone connectors, which may be louder than the limited value due to their technical specifications. Please refer to the following section “Warning/hearing protection”.
Warning/hearing protection
We would like to point out that listening at high volumes over a long period of time may damage your hearing irreversibly. Therefore, reduce the volume before putting it into operation and when changing the audio source, as the connected devices or reproduced audio data can have very different output levels.
Make sure that the set volume is not too high. Rule of thumb: The higher the volume, the shorter the time of listening. According to employer’s regulations for safety and health the noise exposure e.g. when working should not exceed 85 dB (low volume). This is an allowed time of listening of 8 hours at maximum. If the volume is increased by 3 dB, the allowed time of listening is halved, i.e. with 88 dB the time of listening is 4 hours, with 91 dB 2 hours, and so on.

Safety instructions

  • Read these instructions.
  • Keep these instructions.
  • Heed all warnings.
  • Follow all instructions.
  • Only clean with a dry cloth. Never use solvents as this damage the surface.
  • Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as a power supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.

Exemption from liability 

  • Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG will not be liable if any damage, injury, or accident occurs due to negligent, incorrect, or inappropriate operation of the product.

Troubleshooting and servicing

  • Do not open the equipment without authorization.
  • Leave all service work to authorized expert personnel.

Compatibility notes
from Windows 7
Mac: from Mac OSX10.6.4 (limited to 192 kHz sample rate)
Android: Android 4.1 and higher with additional 3rd party drivers or media players from Android 5.0 native support (up to 48 kHz)
Note: The hardware of the player must support USB On-The-Go (OTG).
Supplied accessories
Impacto essential Connecting cable micro-USB to USB type A Connecting cable micro-USB to USB type C Connecting cable micro-USB to micro-USB (OTG)
The Impacto essential is supplied with three cables to connect to computers, tablets, and smartphones. Refer to illustrations 1-1. Important: Please only use the cables supplied to connect the Impacto essential to the hardware specified above.
beyerdynamic Impacto Essential High End Cable - USB 1

Driver installation

Windows PC
Before you connect the Impacto essential to your PC for the first time, please install the appropriate Windows driver on your PC. At on the product page of the Impacto essential, you can download the appropriate driver for your Windows version. Install the driver by following the instructions on the screen and restart the computer afterward. After the restart connects the Impacto to the computer. Select the Impacto essential as the standard audio playback device in your operating system.
For the operation with a Mac you do not have to install a driver. The Impacto essential works per “Plug and Play”. Please note that you have to select the Impacto essential as the output device in your audio player.
Android smartphone or tablet
When operating with smartphones and tablets with Android, it is not necessary to install a driver. The Impacto essential works per “Plug and Play”.
Connection and button functions beyerdynamic Impacto Essential High End Cable - fig

Operating instructions

  • Disconnect the original cables on the right and left ear cups of your headphone.
  • Connect the two mini jack plugs (3.5 mm) of the headphone cable, which is attached to the Impacto
    essential, to the ear cups of your headphone. Refer also to illustrations 1-2.
  • Connect the Impacto essential to your computer, tablet, or smartphone by using the appropriate cable. Make sure that you connect the connector indicating “DAC” to the bottom of the Impacto essential (refer to illustrations 1-3).
  • The Impacto essential is ready for operation when the w button is illuminated.
  • Set the volume of your player to the maximum. After that, you will control the volume on the Impacto essential only.
  • In order to protect your hearing, the w button flashes from a certain gain and the volume is not increased further while pressing the + button. If you wish to increase the volume any further, release the + button briefly (approx. 1 second) and press the + button again (as long as the w button still flashes). Please also refer to the note on the European standard EN 50332 at the beginning of this manual as well as the section “Warning/hearing protection”.


  • For playing Hi-Res audio files you will need a suitable Hi-Res player software (PC/Mac) or a Hi-Res player app (Android). For more information please go to
  • When playing a track and the Impacto essential receives audio data in a Hi-Res resolution (from 48 kHz) from the player, the LED on the Impacto essential will illuminate white. With lower resolutions, the LED will not illuminate.
  • Please note that some players change the data rate by up- or downsampling so that the LED display does not correspond to the original audio format.
  • For optimum sound, please make the following settings in your playback device: ­
    –Switch the equalizer off or set it to linear. ­
    –Deactivate any sound profiles. ­
    –Deactivate upsampling and downsampling. ­
    –Set the volume to maximum.

Illustrations 1-3
beyerdynamic Impacto Essential High End Cable - Bottom Impacto essentialBattery pack for the Impacto essential (available as an option)

  • A battery pack is available as an option to extend the running time of the playback device.
  • Place the battery pack and the Impacto essential together. Make sure that the contacts are aligned with each other (see Illustrations 1-4). Both parts are held together by magnets.
    beyerdynamic Impacto Essential High End Cable - display 3Important: The magnets that are installed in the Impacto essential do not interfere with the permanent magnets installed in the headphones and therefore will not have any negative effect on the sound quality.


  • You can charge the battery pack by inserting one of the cables supplied into any live USB port (e.g. USB charger).
  • You must remove the battery pack from the Impacto essential in order to charge it.
    beyerdynamic Impacto Essential High End Cable - display 1
  • Connect one end of the charging cable to the battery pack (see Illustrations 1-5) and the other end of the charging cable to the USB port.
  • The LED on the battery pack (see Illustrations 1-6) displays the current charging status:
LED is red The battery pack is charging
LED is white The battery pack is fully charged
LED is not illuminated The battery pack is not charging

Information on battery life for Li-ion batteries

  • High temperatures, particularly in association with a high charging status, result in irreversible damage.
  • If you are not intending to use the battery for an extended period or are planning to put it into storage, it is advisable to lower the battery’s charging level to around 40 to 60 percent and to store it at temperatures of between 0 and 15 °C.


  • Only use a soft, dry cloth or a cloth that has been slightly moistened with water to clean the Impacto.
  • Never use cleaning agents that contain solvents, as this damage the surface.


Problem Cause Solution
The Impacts is not working: no audio data is being transmitted, and/or the Play/Pause button is not illuminated. The playback device has no USE OTG function or the USE OTG function has not been activated.
The connecting cable between the Impacto and playback device is defective.
Use a playback device with USE OTG function or activate the USB OTG function on your playback device.
Replace the cable.
Playback not possible on Windows PCs or notebooks. The driver has not been installed or the Impacto has not been selected as the playback device. Download the driver from and install it on your Windows PC or notebook, or select the Impacto as the playback device under Control Panel/Sound/Playback and set it as the default.
Music playback interrupted. music playback is not possible. Error during USE signal transmission. Disconnect the USE cable from the Impacto and then reconnect it. Make sure that the processing power of the playback device is sufficient for playing back the Hi-Res files.
The playback is too quiet. The maximum volume has not been set on the playback device. Set the volume on the playback device to maximum.
Hi-Res LED is illuminated permanently even though no Hi-Res files are being played back. The playback device is performing upsampling to the Hi-Res format. Deactivate upsampling in your playback device.
Hi-Res LED is not illuminated even though Hi-Res files are being played back. The playback device only plays audio data that is below
48 kHz. e.g. by means of downsampling.
If possible. adjust the setting on the playback device. You will find relevant information in the instructions for the playback device.
No Hi-Res files can be played back. No Hi-Res player app or software is present on the playback device. Download a suitable Hi-Res player app or piece of software to the playback device and install the app or software.
The Play/Pause and Skip to the previous/next track buttons are not working. The playback device is not accepting the control corn- minds or is not compatible. Set the required function on the playback device instead of on the Impacto.
The volume buttons are not working. The Impacto is not working properly. Disconnect the USB cable from the Impacto and then reconnect it.

Accessories ­ optional

  • Battery pack for the Impacto essential . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Order no. 717.827


  • No firmware updates are necessary or available for the Impacto essential.

Spare parts

  • Spare parts for the Impacto essential can be found on the Internet at on the “Service” tab.

Product Registration

Guarantee terms/warranty

Technical specifications

  • Operating / charging temperature range. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 to 35 °C
    Detailed technical specifications can be found on the internet at:

WEE-Disposal-icon.png Disposal
This symbol on the product, in the operating instructions, or on the packaging means that your electrical and electronic equipment should be disposed of separately from household waste at the end of its life. There are separate collection systems for recycling in the EU. For more information, please contact your local authorities or the dealer where you purchased the product.
SONY MDR-RF855RK Wireless Stereo Headphone System - warning Battery disposal
This symbol means that, in accordance with local laws and regulations, your product and/or battery is to be disposed of separately from household waste. When the product reaches the end of its life, take it to a collection point designated by local authorities. The separate collection and recycling of your product and/or the battery at the time of disposal will help to conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

  • Old batteries may contain substances that are harmful to your health and the environment.
  • Always dispose of used batteries in accordance with the applicable regulations. Please do not throw used batteries onto a fire (risk of explosion) or away in your household waste. Take them to your local collection points. Return is free of charge and required by law. Please dispose of discharged batteries only.
  • All batteries are recycled to reclaim valuable material such as iron, zinc or nickel.

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