BESTEASY BE-G42S Label Printer User Guide

BESTEASY BE-G42S Label Printer

Packing List

FIG 1 Packing List

Warning icon 4Note: The packing materials are actually based on the order.


Appearance and Components

Front View

FIG 2 Appearance and Components

Rear View

FIG 3 Appearance and Components

Warning icon 4Note: The views above are for your reference. Ports vary by your choice.

Inside View

FIG 4 Appearance and Components


Loading the Roll

  1. Press the left and right cover open lever with hands simultaneously and lift the printer cover.                                                                                                    FIG 5 Loading the Roll
  2. Hold the paper roll shaft and take it out.                                        FIG 6 Loading the Roll
  3. Load the paper roll in the shaft.                                                 FIG 7 Loading the RollFIG 8 Loading the RollWarning icon 4 Note: When using 1-inch paper roll, the font of “1 CORE” should be upward; when
    using 1.5-inch paper roll, the axis should be turned 180 degrees and the font of
    “1.5 CORE” should be upward.
  4. Then load the paper module from the top down to printer.                     FIG 9 Loading the Roll
  5. Pull some paper and pass the it through paper guides, adjust paper guides according to the paper width.                                                                                      FIG 10 Loading the Roll
  6. Press down the top cover until it closes.                                         FIG 11 Loading the Roll


Power Connection

  1. Make sure the printer is “OFF”
  2. Connect the AC adapter to printer.
  3. Connect the power cord to AC adapter.
  4. Connect the other side of power cord to the socket outlet.

FIG 12 Power Connection

warning iconNote: tool and driver installation please refer to BE-G42S User Manual.


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