benelli Bravo Electric Bike


Product FAQ’s

How do you adjust the electric pedal assistance?
In manual shift mode, on the controller – short press the “+” or “-” button. The lowest gear is 1, highest is gear 3. The default is gear 1 when the meter is turned on. 0 means neutral gear without power assistance.


How do you slow down and brake on the Bravo?
First, stop pedaling, then release the throttle and apply the brake by squeezing the brake lever on the left.


How do the lights work?
Long press the “+” button for 1 second, the system turns on the lights (supported by the controller) and switches to display day/night modes. Long press the “+” button for 1 second again, the system turns off the lights and switches the display mode.


  • How many speeds modes are there on the Bravo?
    Three modes are available.
  • How far can you go on a Bravo?
    Up to 90km.
  • How heavy is a Bravo?
  • What is the recommended age for riding Bravo?
    Over 16.
  • What is a load of a Bravo?
    30-105kg.How long does it take to charge a Bravo? Charging time depends on the battery status; it takes up to 8 hours for a full charge from zero percent.
  • How fast can Bravo go? *under good road condition and good weather condition
    Up to 25km/hr.
  • What is the motor power output for Bravo?

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benelli Bravo Electric Bike [pdf] User Manual
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