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  1. What is the Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, BPD002?
    The Belkin BOOSTCHARGETM Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, BPD002 is a wireless charging power bank that takes full advantage of MagSafe® technology and won’t block the iPhone® 12 or 13’s camera, so you can keep using your phone while it charges. Perfect for travel or commuting, this slim and portable charger provides a quick power boost anywhere you go. To learn more about this product, here.
  2. What is the warranty of the Belkin BPD002?
    This device has a 2-year limited warranty.
  3. Does this come with a Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW)?
    The Belkin BPD002 has a CEW of up to $2,500.
  4. Is this MFi-certified?
  5. Does this device meet the Proposition 65 specifications?
  6. Is this RoHS-certified?
  7. Is it MagSafe®-compatible?
  8. What is included in the package?
    The following are included in the package:
    · One Belkin BPD002
    · One 3.3 ft / 1 m USB-C to USB-C cable
  9. In what colors does the Belkin BPD002 come in?
    The device comes in the following colors:
    · Black ­ BPD002XXBK
    · White ­ BPD002XXWH
  10. Where can I find the serial number of this product?
    The serial number can be found at the bottom of the device.
  11. How do I register my device?
    For instructions on how to register your Belkin device, click here.


  1. What is the battery capacity of the Belkin BPD002?
    The Belkin BPD002 has a capacity of 2,500mAh.
  2. How many ports does the Belkin BPD002 have?
    The Belkin BPD002 has one USB-C port.
  3. Are there any lights on the Belkin BPD002?
    Yes, it has lights that indicate an approximation of how much charge is left in the power bank.
  4. Does it have overheat protection?
  5. What are the dimensions of the charger?
    Below are the dimensions of the charger:
    · Width: 2.52 in
    · Length: 0.52 in
    · Height: 3.77 in
  6. What are the recommended operating and storage temperatures of the Belkin BPD002?
    The operating and storage temperatures are as follows:
    · Operating temperatures: 0°C to 40°C under normal humidity (10% to 90% relative humidity)
    · Storage temperatures: -40°C to 85°C with 5% to 95% relative humidity
  7. Are the batteries inside the product replaceable?
    Doing this avoids the warranty.


  1. What can I charge for this product?
    The Belkin BPD002 is compatible with MagSafe devices. It has been tested to work with the following:
    · iPhone 13 Pro Max
    · iPhone 13 Pro
    · iPhone 13
    · iPhone 13 mini
    · iPhone 12 Pro Max
    · iPhone 12 Pro
    · iPhone 12
    · iPhone 12 mini
  2. Does it support fast charging?
  3. Does it support USB-C® Power Delivery?
  4. Can I use it with my phone case ON?
    The Belkin BPD002 can be used with MagSafe official cases up to 3 mm in thickness.
  5. Can I use it with an Apple Wallet®?


  1. How do I start charging a device with it?
    To charge your phone, place the back of your phone on top of the charger then press the button located on the side of the Belkin BPD002.
  2. How do I properly align my phone for wireless charging?
    To do this, place the back of your phone on top of the charger and the built-in magnet will automatically align it.
  3. How many devices can the Belkin BPD002 charge?
    The Belkin BPD002 can charge one device at a time.
  4. Does it support pass-through charging?
  5. How do you recharge the Belkin BPD002?
    The Belkin BPD002 charges through the USB-C port.
  6. What does the light on the button of the Belkin BPD002 indicate?
    For more information, see the details below:
    Color  Behavior  Indication 
    N/A OFF Standby
    White Solid Charging / Fully charged
    Orange Solid Charging error
  7. How do I know the battery status of the Belkin BPD002?
    The lights beside the button provide an approximation of how much charge is left in the power bank. The number of lights lit when pressing the button corresponds to the following:
    · Four lights: 75% to 100% charged
    · Three lights: 50% to 75% charged
    · Two lights: 25% to 50% charged
    · One light: 25% or less charged
  8. What orientations can I use when charging my phone?
    You can charge your phone in portrait or landscape mode while using the Belkin BPD002.
  9. Does the charger support data transfer?

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