bebird C3 Ear Cleaning Smart Visual Ear Stick 3.5mmbebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-product

Open bebird C3


  • Search for “bebird” in App Store


  • Search for “bebird” in Google Playbebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-1
  1. Open APP Click Bebird C3bebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-2
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn on the ear cleaning rodbebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-3

Connect product WiFi

  1. Connect Product Wi-Fi “bebird-C3-XXXXXX”bebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-4
  2. Back to Bebird app Enter and start to use itbebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-5

Accessory replacement

  • Unscrew the ear spoon head and pull out the silicone ear spoon for replacement. Screw and plug the ear spoon head well.bebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-6


  • Double-color Q-elastic Ear Spoon ( Big) x1
    • Easy and thorough removal of cerumen
  • Double-color Q-elastic Ear Spoon (Small ) x1
    • Thorough removal of cerumenbebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-7
  • Double-color Annular Ear Spoon x1
    • Easy Scraping: higher curvature
  • Sponge Ear Spoon x 1
    • Removing earwax and grease in earsbebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-8

Product sizebebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-9








starting up and no response


Please use the attached charging cable for quick charging. The charging time is 1hr


The camera does not turn on

Clo s e and open the cover to try a

few times


APP quit quickly


Delete the existing APP and re­

scan t h e QR code for installation



Installation of tools in the accessory barrel is not smooth


Firstly align the ear-cleaning too l with the lens sleeve, then install it into the lens sleeve


The power indicator of the ear picker shows blue light and Flashes quickly


Please use the attached charging cable for charging. The charging timeislhr



The display on the app is not reading properly.


Disconnect the phone with the product and open the cover to restart it, then set the phone to reconnect the product.


WiFi connection is unstable, sometimes it is disconnected in seconds


Close and open the cover to restart the rod and restart the app in the phone to connect the rod


If you still have problems with the above procedures, please contact our Customer Service Representatives directly for further assistance


  1. When cleaning the lens, please wipe it carefully with a professional alcoholcotton swab.
  2. Make sure the ear spoon is well installed before using, it to prevent the ear spoon from falling off.
  3. Please don’t use it while you are moving, and protect yourself from being hit by others.
  4. It is forbidden for children to use this product alone in order to avoid accidental harm.
  5. Please do not put the product in liquid to avoid damage.
  6. Product built-in polymer battery, so it must be charged once a month If it is not used frequently.
  7. This product has a built-in rechargeable battery. If it is not used frequently, it must be charged once a month.
  8. Avoid product exposure to sunshine directly, especially the accessories, in order to avoid softening.
  9. During using it, the temperature of the product will rise slightly (Data from bluebird lab, the maximum temperature of the machine doesn’ t exceed about 35 C), please rest assured to use.

Product parameters


  • bebird

Product Name

  • Smart visual ear-cleaning Rod


  • C3

Rod weight

  • 16g

Network standard

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n


  • Internal FPC antenna

Working frequency

  • 2.4Ghz

Image transmission rate

  • 20fps

Image sensor

  • CMOS

Working temperature

  • -1045C


  • 250mAh lithium battery

Battery life

  • 70 minutes

Charging time

  • 60 minutes

Input current

  • DC 5V 300mA

Lens diameter

  • 3.5mm

Optimum focal length

  • 10~20mm

Depth of field

  • 10-50mm


  • 5 Mega-pixels


  • 3 axisbebird-C3-Ear-Cleaning-Smart-Visual-Ear-Stick-3.5mm-fig-10




User info



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Documents / Resources

bebird C3 Ear Cleaning Smart Visual Ear Stick 3.5mm [pdf] Instructions
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