Beam ElectronicsBeam Electronics DGC2020 Car Phone HolderBeam-Electronics-DGC2020-Car-Phone-Holder-Imgg


  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 72 x 3.39 x 5.51 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 071 ounces
  • BRAND: Beam Electronics


Press the quick release button on the back of the device to slide open the compartment, then remove your phone. To re-clamp a cell phone, simply press the arms on either side. This easy procedure saves time and energy. 360 degree rotation: The best viewing angle is provided by a full 360-degree rotation. The holder ensures safe driving whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music, or charging your phone. It has passed a number of tests and is compatible with the majority of cellphones, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and Samsung Galaxy S6. dependable, stylish, and cradle-free method for holding devices.

Suitable for electronic gadgets or smartphones with a width of 1.9 to 3.7 inches. a 12-month warranty. With the Pixel 5 smartphone, incompatible. Car holder, car holders, cell phone mount, car phone mounts, cell phone holder, cell phone holders, car mount, car phone mounts, and car cell phone mount for a car Car mounts, phone mounts, phone holder for car, phone holder for cars, car phone holders, phone mount for CAR, phone mount for cars, phone mount, phone mounts, and phone phone mount for a car Car mounts, phone mounts for cars, phone mounts for cars, cell phone mounts, and mount.

What’s in the box?

  • Cell-phone-car-cradles-and-mounts car mount cell phone
  • User Manual

Clearly Designed

Designed to accommodate phones with a width of between 1.9 and 3.7 inches. To adjust the sides of the mount to meet your phone size, simply click the button on the back. To keep your phone in the mount, close the sides. keeps any obstructions out of your windshield by attaching to your air vent.

Excellent in Quality

Made to endure any temperature, hot or cold. designed to keep your phone secure on both smooth and rough roads. made to withstand regular use from premium materials.

Press-and-hold button

To swiftly remove your phone from the mount and to extend the sides for use with larger phones, press the button on the mount’s back.Beam-Electronics-DGC2020-Car-Phone-Holder-Fig- (1)

Viewing at a Safe Eye Level

With this mount, your windshield will remain free of obstructions. Create a secure, eye-level viewing platform for your mounted device.

Beam-Electronics-DGC2020-Car-Phone-Holder-Fig- (2)

Installation guidelines

  1. With both hands on the automobile mount, unscrew the lock washer at the back. (Never discard this washer.) Put a sphere on the lever through the lock washer.
  2. Place the ball into the mount’s slot at the back.
  3. Reattach the lock washer to the mount and tighten it.
  4. The device is now put together.
  5. Clamp the mount to your air vent using the bi-directional lever. It will be tighter one way than the other.
  6. After adjusting your mount to the ideal setting, you are prepared to go!
  7. Just use the button on the mount’s back to open the sides, insert your phone or other device, and then close the sides to secure it. Then, to remove your device, press the quick release button on the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hold a Galaxy S8?

I have a note 9 and it works fine. We liked it really well, they sent us another one for free (didn’t require, or even request, a review) and my wife has been using it for her Galaxy S9+. So no issues for us. Christopher makes a good point – we use bluetooth to connect, so I can’t speak to the headphone jack, that could be an issue if you connect via AUX.

I have an otter box on my iphone 6s plus. Will the mount still fit?

I have an iPhone 8 plus with a Spigen Herringbone case and Ring holder on the back and have been using this holder for a year now with no issues. Yes, the phone does not fit perfectly in to the holder and does stick out but there is still enough grip from the sides and with it tilted up to my view point in my car, Mazda CX5, the phone has never fallen out. At least not yet. I have tried a LOT of holders and this has been the best one I have found to date. I am buying 2 right now for my parents. My dad was driving my car while I was out of the country last month and the holder mysteriously disappeared when I went to get the car back.

Are those reviews really real ? seems so fake

I dk what reviews are fake or real, but I do know this product works very well! There is a convenient release button on the back that springs open the sides and allows an easy removal of the phone, which (when squeezed) has a ratchet system to hug the phone when you are ready to use it again. The clamp that holds it to the vent is fully adjustable and the switch is easy to operate which locks it in place. I think you will be very pleased.

Does this block headphone jack of the SE?

Good product, this holder well works with Guanda Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Bluetooth Adapter.

Will it fit if you have a pop socket on your phone?

The pop socket that is attached to the back of phones for grip is on my phone to the back of the case. Although it doesn’t fit snuggly, it fit; however, it’s hard to manuever and doesn’t fit my vents well.

Can I turn my phone sideways to get a horizontal screen view?

Yes, the gyro ball lets you rotate the phone any way you want. You won’t be able to do it while driving, though.

Will this hold a one plus 6 in an otter box case?

I have a Samsung 7 with an Ottercase and this holder holds easily with more expansion available.

Can this hold Iphone 12 pro max?

Yes. It’s adjustable.

Does this work for verticle vents i have a ford escape 2014.

I want to say yes. It clips into the vent and you can put it on vertically or horizontally. My husband’s car vents move, and I usually see him use it with the vertical vents.

Will it fit my iphone 7 plus with a case on it?

Yes but not an otterbox case.

Will my iPhone XR with an otterbox case fit securely?

I have a Galaxy S5 in an Otterbox case and it fits securely. I’m not sure how the phone dimensions compare, but there’s plenty of extra room. The locking arms have rubber pads that help grip the phone when it’s locked in as well.

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