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VIVI H6 Electric Bike


Інструкцыя па бяспецы

  1. Thank you for purchasing the WINICE E-BIKE. The E-BIKE features the most recent innovation in technology.
  2. For Safety reasons, it is most important that you read this user’s manual before you operate the bike. Improper handling can reduce its riding performance and most importantly, cause danger to your safe and healthy.
  3. For handling and maintenance of the bicycle, please refer to the E-BIKE user’s manual which is an integral part of this e-bike user’s manual!
  4. Do not at any time dismantle or disassemble any of the above e-bike components!
  5. Please check all parts are tightened and locked before riding.
  6. Please make sure that the battery charger and charging plug are always kept dry and never get wet.
  7. The charger should only be cleaned with a dry cloth. Never use a wet cloth, oil, or any other liquid.

Meter operation

2.1 Інструкцыя па лічыльніку 

VIVI H6 Electric Bike - Meter operation

2.2 Праца лічыльніка

VIVI H6 Electric Bike - Meter operation2

To switch on/off the E-Bike
the system, hold the VIVI H6 Electric Bike - battunкнопка на 2 с. Значэнне па змаўчанні - «нізкі» ўзровень дапамогі педалі.
Full Electric Function (Pure
electric mode)
Націсніце «+», каб перайсці на ўзровень дапамогі педалі «Сярэдні».
Full Electric Function (Pure electric
Press “+” again to move
into pedal assist level “High”. “High” is the maximum power of PAS.
Full Electric Function (Pure
electric mode)
Full Electric Function (Pure electric
mode): Press”-“, until all the three
“low” Mid” and” Hi gh” indicators are off.

2.3 Operation Cautions
Be careful of the safety use. Don’t attempt to release the connector when charging the battery.

  • Пазбягайце рызыкі сутыкнення.
  • Не змяняйце параметры сістэмы, каб пазбегнуць парушэння параметраў.
  • Зрабіце рамонт дысплея, калі з'явіцца код памылкі.

Battery: further information and maintenance

  1.  How far full charge battery can go? That depends on the loading weight, road condition, and battery capacity. But in the same condition, average speeds can continue longer travel range.
  2. When storing the battery for a longer time period, (e.g. during winter time) it is important to place the fully charged battery on a flat surface in a dry place.
  3. Attention: The battery should be re-charged once every 2-3 months when it is not used.
  4. папярэджанне:
    4.1. Захоўвайце акумулятар у месцах, недаступных дзецям.
    4.2.Never try to open the battery.
    4.3.If the battery is damaged because it has been dropped somewhere or because of a biking accident, there might be a risk of electrolytes leakage. Beware of chemical burns! And immediately stop using a damaged battery.
    4.4Do not touch the battery without a cloth or gloves and make sure no acid touches your eyes.


  1. To charge the battery with the bike, simply place the bike within reach of the power supply and plug it in. Note: The plug hole is located on the left of the battery.
  2. The battery can either be charged while on the bike or the battery can be removed and charged at a place of your convenience.
  3. The RED light indicates it is in charging and the GREEN light indicates the battery is fully charged. (Please put off the plug from the wall) Usually, the charging time is 4-6 hours depending on the battery capacity remaining.
  4. папярэджанне: Charging time over 10 hours is prohibited please kept it away from high-temperature environment and store it in a cool place.

Інструкцыя па ўстаноўцы

  1. Installation video please refer to:  ( Could ask our customer service for the video).
  2. When opening the bike’s carton box, take out E-bike and use tools to cut off the package strings.
  3. Install the handlebar:
    3.1 use the inner hexagon tool to loosen the stem cover and don’t tighten all bolts immediately before adjusting the handlebar in a property angel and position, 3.2 then tighten with the tool.VIVI H6 Electric Bike - Install the handlebar
  4. Install front wheel:
    4.1: take out the protection axle the front fork and the front hub, and then take out the front wheel.
    4.2 take out the front disc from the toolbox, and install the disc on the hut of the front wheel.
    Увага: there is indicated sticker showing which surfaces outside!
    4.3 make sure the front wheel is in line with the rear wheel and proceed to install. (pull the wheel upwards and insert it in the fork dropouts then, insert the safety washers on each side and tighten bolts on each side)
    4.4.Used tool to tighten (left and right)
    VIVI H6 Electric Bike - eft and rightVIVI H6 Electric Bike - eft and right2
  5. Install the front light
    5.1 Take the screw from the fork;
    5.2 Open the lamp
    5.3 Усталюйце lamp і выкарыстаў інструмент, каб зацягнуць яго.
    VIVI H6 Electric Bike - Install the lamp
  6. Install pedals: Check 2 pedals, the one imprinted “L” should install on the left side and “R” on the right side. Please use a wrench to tighten them.
    VIVI H6 Electric Bike - right side
  7. Install the Seat post.
    7.1. Open the seat post and saddle, then install the rear reflector;
    7.2 Put the seat post into the frame.
    7.3 Adjust the seat post to the height that suits your riding position best and tighten quick release. ( Please make sure that the quick release is tightened firmly.)
    VIVI H6 Electric Bike - Install the Seat post
  8. Adjust the angle of the brake lever, meter, gear shifter, throttle, and louder controller on the handlebar, then tightens them with tools.
  9. Усталюйце батарэю
    9.1 Open the box of battery
    9.2 tube the battery to the correct angle and insert the battery into the holder gently, press it down, and lock.
    VIVI H6 Electric Bike - Open the box of battery
  10. The throttle of change
    10.1 Hold the right side.
    10.2 Install throttle, lock the throttle with tools.
    10.3 Open the control box and remove the controller.
    УВАГА! The controller box has 4 screws, loosen them with tools, and the box is easily destroyed by incorrect operation.
    10.4 Connect the connector between the throttle and controller, there is a notice sticker display that is correct.
    10.5 For more information, see the video at:
    VIVI H6 Electric Bike - The throttle of change

More WINICE electric bike installation and repair instructions Any questions about the item, please contact the sales service


Падрабязны ўпаковачны ліст
мадэль апісанне колькасць
ровар 1
Tool (open-end spanner13-15, open-end spanner14-17,screwdriver,inner hexagon
spanner M6, M5, M4)
кіраўніцтва 1
Ключ 2
Зарадная прылада 1
Акумулятар 1
Педаль 1
Адбівальнік 1

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