PARKSIDE PUV 1100 A1 Electric Weed Burner

PARKSIDE-PUV-1100-A1-Electric-Weed-Burner -

Перад чытаннем разгарніце старонку з ілюстрацыямі і азнаёмцеся з усімі функцыямі прылады.


Congratulations on the purchase of your new appliance. You have selected a high-quality product. The operating instructions are part of this product. They contain important information about safety, usage and disposal. Before using the product, please familiarise yourself with all oper-ating and safety instructions. Use the product only as described and for the range of applications specified. Please also pass these operating instruc-tions on to any future owner.

Выкарыстанне па прызначэнні
The appliance is suitable for the removal of weeds between paving slabs, on paved areas, on walls, and in flowerbeds and lawns during the growth period. Any other usage or modification of the appliance is deemed to be improper and carries a significant risk of accidents. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage(s) attribut-able to misuse. This appliance is not intended for commercial use.


  1.  Пераключальнік ON / OFF
  2.  Апрацоўваць
  3.  Сеткавы кабель
  4.  Зняцце дэфармацыі
  5.  Тэлескапічная ручка
  6.  Хуткае вызваленне для тэлескапічнай ручкі
  7. Lever for operating the protective cover
  8. Guide wheels
  9. Награвальны элемент
  10.  Ахоўная вечка
    PARKSIDE-PUV-1100-A1-Electric-Weed-Burner -fig 1

змест пакета

  • 1 electric weed burner PUV 1100 A1
  • 1 камплект інструкцыі па эксплуатацыі

Тэхнічныя характарыстыкі

  • Намінальная выпtage 230 V ∼, 50 Hz (AC)
  • Намінальная спажываная магутнасць 1100 Вт
  • Temperature on the heating element max. 800 °C
  • Interval operation 10 seconds ON/ 15 seconds OFF
  • Heat-up time approx. 30 seconds

Агульныя папярэджанні аб бяспецы электраінструмента


Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions  may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.

Захавайце ўсе папярэджанні і інструкцыі для далейшага выкарыстання.
Тэрмін "электраінструмент" у папярэджаннях адносіцца да электраінструмента, які працуе ад сеткі (сеткавага), альбо ад акумулятара (бесправаднога) электраінструмента.

  • Не падвяргайце электраінструменты ўздзеянню дажджу і вільготнасці. Вада, якая паступае ў электраінструмент, павялічыць рызыку паражэння электрычным токам.
  • Не злоўжывайце шнуром. Ні ў якім разе не выкарыстоўвайце шнур для пераноскі, выцягвання і адключэння электраінструмента. Трымайце шнур далей ад цяпла, алею, вострых краёў і рухомых частак.
  • Пашкоджаныя або заблытаныя шнуры павялічваюць рызыку паражэння электрычным токам.
  • Пры эксплуатацыі электраінструмента ў рэкламеamp размяшчэнне непазбежна, выкарыстоўвайце абароненае прылада дыферэнцыяльнага току (УЗО). Выкарыстанне УЗО зніжае рызыку паразы электрычным токам.
  • Do not use the power tool if the switch does not turn it on and off.
  • Любы электраінструмент, якім нельга кіраваць з дапамогай перамыкача, небяспечны і патрабуе рамонту.
  • This device can be used by children aged 8 years and over and by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or a lack of experience and knowledge if they are supervised or have been instructed in the safe use of the device and understand the resulting dangers. Do not allow children to play with the appliance. Cleaning and maintenance tasks must not be carried out by children unless they are supervised.
  • Do not use this appliance if you are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or medication.
  • Do not leave the appliance unattended while it is in operation or is still hot.
  • After use, place on a non-combustible surface and allow to cool completely before packing away.
  • Always wear sturdy footwear and protective gloves.
  • To avoid damage and risks due to improper use, observe the operating instructions and store them in a safe place!
  • If you pass the appliance on to someone else, please also pass on the operating instructions.


Spare parts not listed (such as switches) can be ordered via our call centre.

Інструкцыі па бяспецы для канкрэтных прыбораў

  • To avoid potential risks, damaged mains cables should be replaced by the manufacturer, its customer service department or a similarly qualified person.
  •  Сеткавы выпtage павінна адпавядаць аб'ёмуtage specification (V) on the appliance!
  •  Connect the appliance only to a (Schuko) safety socket supplying alternating current.
  •  When using an extension cable, use only an earthed cable suitable for outdoor use!
  •  Additional protection is provided by the installation of a residual current device with a rated tripping current of no more than 30 mA.
  •  Careless use of the appliance can cause a fire.
  • CAUTION! Remove the plug from the mains power socket immediately:
    • in the event of malfunctions during operation
    •  before each cleaning
    • during breaks in work
    •  пасля выкарыстання
  •  Take care when using the appliance near flammable materials.
  •  Do not use in the presence of an explosive atmosphere.
  •  Do not operate the appliance for too long on the same spot. Pull it slowly towards you.
  •  Heat can be transferred to combustible materials which are hidden from view.
  •  Use the appliance outside only.
  •  Never use the appliance in a garage or in places where petrol or highly flammable substances may be stored.
  • Dry wood, leaves, pine needles and dry grasses can easily catch fire. Therefore, remove any dry material from the surfaces being treated before starting work. Monitor the treated plants for some time after treatment. Even after some time has passed, a plant may still ignite and cause a fire.
  • Staying in one position for too long can cause damage to the stone surfaces. To prevent the appliance from overheating, do not operate the appliance in one place for more than 10 seconds.

Дадатковыя ўказанні па тэхніцы бяспекі
УВАГА! Avoid the risk of injury or fire as well as health risks:

  • In the event of danger, remove the mains plug from the socket immediately.


Do not touch the hot parts of the appliance.

  •  Насіць ахоўныя пальчаткі.
  • Не выкарыстоўвайце прыбор мокрымі рукамі.
  •  Do not immerse the appliance in water or spray or clean it with water. Do not expose the appliance to moisture.
  •  Always remove the plug from the power socket during work breaks, when adjusting the appliance and when it is no longer in use.
  •  Some parts of the appliance become very hot during operation and could cause burns. Improper use of the appliance can also result in a risk of burns!
  •  Never aim the appliance towards people or animals.
  •  The appliance must always be kept clean, dry and free from oil or grease.
  •  Never use the appliance for purposes other than those for which it was designed.


перад выкарыстаннем


Push the loop of the extension cable into the provided strain relief 4 in the handle 2 and fix it to the bar provided.

PARKSIDE-PUV-1100-A1-Electric-Weed-Burner -fig 2 Adjusting the telescopic handle

  • Turn the quick release 6 anticlockwise to release it.
  • Extend the telescopic handle 5 to the desired length.
  • Turn the quick release 6 clockwise to lock it again.

Выкарыстанне прыбора

  •  Connect the appliance to a power socket (230 V alternating current) using an extension cable.
  • Switch the appliance on by pressing the ON/OFF switch 1.
    The appliance is ready for operation after approx. 30 seconds.


Heating work is forbidden when protective cover 0 is closed, otherwise the appliance may be damaged due to over-concentrated heat.

  • Open the protective cover 0 by pressing the lever 7 from above with your foot. Tip the appliance backwards slightly to make it easier to open the protective cover 0.
    The protective cover 0 opens.

PARKSIDE-PUV-1100-A1-Electric-Weed-Burner -fig 3

  •  To kill weeds, move the heating element 9 over the plant to be treated for around 5–10 seconds (depending on the type of plant).
  •  Tall plants will need to be trimmed before you can position the heating element 9 over them.


  •  This appliance is particularly suitable for removing weeds.
  •  Weed killing is most effective at an early stage of vegetation growth.
  •  The most suitable time is during spring.
  •  The treatment is at its most intensive, the younger the plant is. However, the success of the treatment is not immediately visible. The visible section of the plant can also be burnt off with a longer exposure time/treat-ment.
  •  Plants do not react immediately to the heat with the recommended treatment time.
    The basic rule is: young, soft-leaved plants are most sensitive to the treatment. Afterwards, they are incapable of survival.
  •  Older plants with hard leaves, such as this-tles, must be treated more frequently at an interval of 1 to 2 weeks to dry out.
    Winter-green grasses are extremely robust and require longer treatment.
  •  Initially, overgrown areas must be treated several times at short intervals in order to produce long-term success. Later on, treat-ment at longer intervals is sufficient.
  •  Burning the plants off completely is not essen-tial. During heating, the leaf cells dry out and the weed will die.
  •  Repeated treatment of certain types of weed may be necessary.


  •  Switch the appliance just let go of the ON/OFF switch 1.
  •  Адключыце прыбор ад крыніцы харчавання.
  • Close the protective cover 0 by lifting the lever 7 from below with your foot. Tip the appliance backwards slightly to make it easier to close the protective cover 0.
    The protective cover 0 closes.

PARKSIDE-PUV-1100-A1-Electric-Weed-Burner -fig 4

  • After use, always park the appliance on a flat, fireproof surface until the hot parts of the appliance have cooled down.

After use, the protective cover 0 and the heating element 9 remain very hot for some time.
Allow the appliance to cool down for about 20 minutes. Do not leave the appliance unat-tended during this cool-down phase.


WARNING! RISK OF INJURY! Always pull the mains plug out of the mains outlet and let the appliance cool down before you carry out any work on the appliance.

  •  Use a cloth or soft brush to clean the appliance.
  •  Never use petrol, solvents or cleaning agents that can damage plastic.


  •  The appliance must be stored out of reach of children.
  •  Store the appliance in a dry and frost-free location.

тэхнічнае абслугоўванне

  • Apply a drop of oil to the movable connections at regular intervals.

Утылізацыя прыбора

The packaging is made from environ-mentally friendly material and can be disposed of at your local recycling plant.
Do not dispose of power tools in your normal household waste!
European Directive 2012/19/EU requires that worn-out power tools be collected separately and recycled in an environmentally compatible manner.
Your local community or municipal authorities can provide information on how to dispose of the worn-out appliance.

Dispose of the packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. Note the labelling on the packaging and separate the packaging material components for disposal if necessary. The pack-aging material is labelled with abbreviations (a) and numbers (b) with the following meanings: 1–7: plastics, 20–22: paper and cardboard, 80–98: composites.

Вашы мясцовыя або муніцыпальныя ўлады могуць даць інфармацыю аб тым, як утылізаваць зношаны прадукт.

Прадукт падлягае перапрацоўцы, падлягае пашыранай адказнасці вытворцы і збіраецца асобна.

Kompernass Handels GmbH warranty

Паважаны кліент,
This appliance has a 3-year warranty valid from the date of purchase. If this product has any faults, you, the buyer, have certain statutory rights. Your statu-tory rights are not restricted in any way by the warranty described below.

Гарантыйныя ўмовы
The warranty period starts on the date of purchase. Please keep your receipt in a safe place. This will be required as proof of purchase.
If any material or manufacturing fault occurs within three years of the date of purchase of the product, we will either repair or replace the product for you or refund the purchase price (at our discretion). This warranty service requires that you present the defective appliance and the proof of purchase
(receipt) within the three-year warranty period, along with a brief written description of the fault and of when it occurred.
If the defect is covered by the warranty, your product will either be repaired or replaced by us. The repair or replacement of a product does not signify the beginning of a new warranty period.

Warranty period and statutory claims for defects
The warranty period is not prolonged by repairs effected under the warranty. This also applies to replaced and repaired components. Any damage and defects present at the time of purchase must be reported immediately after unpacking. Repairs carried out after expiry of the warranty period shall be subject to a fee.

Аб'ём гарантыі
This appliance has been manufactured in accord-ance with strict quality guidelines and inspected meticulously prior to delivery.
The warranty covers material faults or production faults. The warranty does not extend to product parts subject to normal wear and tear or to fragile parts which could be considered as consumable parts such as switches or parts made of glass.

The warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged, improperly used or improperly maintained. The directions in the operating instruc-tions for the product regarding proper use of the product are to be strictly followed. Uses and actions that are discouraged in the operating instructions or which are warned against must be avoided.

This product is intended solely for private use and not for commercial purposes. The warranty shall be deemed void in cases of misuse or improper handling, use of force and modifications / repairs which have not been carried out by one of our authorised Service centres.

The warranty period does not apply to

  •  Normal reduction of the battery capacity over time
  •  Commercial use of the product
  •  Damage to or alteration of the product by the customer
  •  Non-compliance with safety and maintenance instructions, operating errors
  •  Damage caused by natural hazards

Працэдура гарантыйнага патрабавання
Каб забяспечыць хуткую апрацоўку вашага выпадку, выконвайце наступныя інструкцыі:

  • Please have the till receipt and the item number (e.g. IAN 12345) available as proof of purchase.
  • You will find the item number on the type plate on the product, an engraving on the product, on the front page of the operating instructions (below left) or on the sticker on the rear or bottom of the product.
  • Пры ўзнікненні функцыянальных або іншых дэфектаў, калі ласка, звярніцеся ў пазначаны сэрвісны аддзел па тэлефоне або па электроннай пошце.
  • You can return a defective product to us free of charge to the service address that will be provided to you. Ensure that you enclose the proof of purchase (till receipt) and information about what the defect is and when it occurred.

You can download these instructions along with many other manuals, product videos and installation software at

This QR code will take you directly to the Lidl service page ( where you can open your operating instructions by entering the item number (IAN) 364233_2010.


Абслугоўванне Вялікабрытанія
Тэл .: 0800 404 7657
E-Mail: [электронная пошта абаронена]

Please note that the following address is not the service address. Please use the service address provided in the operating instructions.
44867 БОХУМ

Translation of the original Conformity Declaration
We, KOMPERNASS HANDELS GMBH, document officer: Mr Semi Uguzlu, BURGSTR. 21, 44867 BOCHUM, GERMANY, hereby declare that this product complies with the following standards, normative documents and EC directives:
EC Low Voltagе Дырэктыва
(2014/35 / ЕС)
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
(2014/30 / ЕС)

* The manufacturer bears the full responsibility for compliance with this conformity declaration. The subject of the declaration described above meets the requirements of Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Parliament and Council of 8 June 2011 on the limitations of use of certain dangerous substances in electrical and electronic appliances.

Applied harmonised standards
EN 60335-1:2012/A2:2019
EN 60335-2-45:2002/A2:2012
EN 62233: 2008
EN 55014-1: 2017
EN 55014-2: 2015
EN 61000-3-2: 2014
EN 61000-3-3: 2013
EN IEC 63000: 2018
Type/appliance designation: Electric Weed Burner PUV 1100 A1
Year of manufacture: 04–2021
Serial number: IAN 364233_2010
Bochum, 19/02/2021

44867 БОХУМ

Дакументы / Рэсурсы

PARKSIDE PUV 1100 A1 Electric Weed Burner [pdf] Інструкцыя
PUV 1100 A1, Electric Weed Burner


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