IKEA - гэта шматнацыянальная група кампаній, заснаваная ў Швецыі, якая займаецца продажам гатовай да зборкі мэблі, посуду і аксесуараў для дома. IKEA з'яўляецца найбуйнейшай мэблевай кампаніяй у свеце з больш чым 400 крамамі па ўсім свеце, якія прадаюць даступныя прадметы хатняга ўжытку мільёнам кліентаў. Іх чыноўнік webсайт ёсць ikea.com

Каталог інструкцый і інструкцый для прадуктаў IKEA можна знайсці ніжэй. Прадукты IKEA запатэнтаваны і знаходзяцца пад гандлёвымі маркамі Інтэр IKEA Systems BV

кантактная інфармацыя

Карпаратыўны офіс Ikea

Ikea North America, LLC

420 Alan Wood Road
Коншохокен, Пенсільванія 19428
Звязацца з Ikea

Тэлефон: (610) 834-0180
Нумар факса: (610) 834-0439
Webсайт: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/
E-mail: Напішыце Ikea

Факты Ikea

Заснавальнік: Інгвар Кampрады
Дата заснавання: 1943 год
Месца заснавання: Гётэборг, Швецыя
Колькасць супрацоўнікаў: 220000

Кіраўнікі Ikea

Генеральны дырэктар: Майк Уорд
Фінансавы дырэктар: Інгвар Кampрады
COO: Перніл Спірс-Лопэс

IKEA 500 TYNNERÅS Freestanding-Stainless Steel Fridge Instruction Manual

Discover the features and usage instructions for the 500 TYNNER S freestanding stainless steel fridge. This user manual provides detailed information on adjustable shelves, cold storage compartment, and more. Ensure a safe and efficient daily use with the included safety features. Refer to the complete user manual for technical data, maintenance, and cleaning guidelines.

IKEA LAGAN 104.756.20 Integrated Dishwasher User Guide

Discover the LAGAN 104.756.20 Integrated Dishwasher user manual. Ensure a safe and proper installation by following the installation instructions and safety guidelines provided. Find maintenance and cleaning instructions for optimal performance. Get assistance for any product-related queries from the comprehensive user manual.

IKEA UTRUSTA AA-2326044-2 Cabinet With 2 Doors User Guide

Discover the UTRUSTA AA-2326044-2 Cabinet With 2 Doors user manual, offering essential instructions for safe installation and usage. Learn about the importance of suitable fixing devices and get expert advice from your local specialized dealer. Avoid electrical hazards by following the provided instructions accurately.

IKEA UPPSPEL Comfortable Height Adjustable Ergonomic Gaming Sit Stand Electric Desk Black User Guide

Discover how to use the UPPSPEL Comfortable Height Adjustable Ergonomic Gaming Sit Stand Electric Desk Black with our detailed user manual. Learn about its features, assembly instructions, and maintenance tips. Suitable for various languages and voltagе патрабаванні.

IKEA AA-2282869-1 LAGAN Induction Hob User Guide

Discover the AA-2282869-1 LAGAN Induction Hob user manual. Get detailed product information, installation requirements, and compatibility with METOD and NYTTIG brands. Find instructions for minimum width and depth, gap measurements, and maximum thickness. Model number AA-2282869-2 may also apply.

IKEA AA-2282923-2 LAGAN Range With Glass Ceramic Cooktop User Guide

Discover the AA-2282923-2 LAGAN Range With Glass Ceramic Cooktop user manual. Get detailed instructions and specifications for this IKEA product. Ensure proper installation and functionality for a hassle-free cooking experience. Find everything you need to know in this comprehensive user manual.

IKEA fy24-ph-hfb07 KNOXHULT Modular Kitchen Installation Guide

Discover the step-by-step installation guide for the fy24-ph-hfb07 KNOXHULT Modular Kitchen. Easily install your new IKEA kitchen with clear instructions, tips, and ideas. Ensure a smooth installation by organizing tools, checking parts, and arranging cabinets in the correct order. Remember to prepare your room and mark cabinet positions. Follow the provided product usage instructions for a successful DIY installation.

IKEA UNIT Kitchen Kitchen Cupboards Instruction Manual

Discover the versatile and customizable ENHET Kitchen system by IKEA. Perfect for kitchen renovations, these modern and functional cabinets are easily assembled and installed. Ensure a smooth installation process with our user manual, featuring expert tips and instructions. From assessing your space to evaluating wall types, this manual has everything you need for a successful kitchen transformation. Explore the convenience and style of the ENHET Kitchen today.