X8 Series
User Manual
X8 Pro X8RBATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy

ATTENTION: Please follow all assembly instructions. READ the instructions carefully to understand the operating procedures BEFORE you operate your caddy.


X8 Pro

  • 1 Caddy Frame
  • 1 Single Wheel Anti-Tip Wheel & Pin
  • 2 Rear Wheels (Left & Right)
  • 1 Battery Pack (Battery, Bag, Leads)
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Tool Kit
  • Operational Instructions
  • User Manual, Warranty, Terms & Conditions


  • 1 Caddy Frame
  • 1 Double Wheel Anti-Tip Wheel & Pin
  • 2 Rear Wheels (Left & Right)
  • 1 Battery Pack, SLA or LI (Battery, Bag, Leads)
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Tool Kit
  • 1 Remote Control (2 AAA Batteries included)
  • Operational Instructions
  • User Manual, Warranty, Terms & Conditions

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules and with Industry Canada license-exempt RSS standard(s). Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Bat-Caddy X8R
IC ID: 10716A-Remote



1. USB Port
2. Manual Rheostat Speed Control
3. Power Button & Control
4. Upper Bag Support
5. Bag Support Strap
6. Upper Frame Locking Knob
7. Battery
8. Rear wheel
9. Rear Wheel Quick Release Catch
10. Dual Motors
(within housing tube)
11. Lower Bag
Support & Strap
12. Battery Connection Plug
13. Front Wheel
14. Front Wheel
Tracking Adjustment
15. Remote (X8R only)
16. Anti-tip wheel & Pin
(Single or double X8R}


X8Pro & X8R

  1. Unpack all items carefully and check inventory. Place frame structure (one piece) on the soft clean ground to protect the frame from being scratched.
  2. Attach rear wheels to axles by pushing the wheel locking button (Pic-1) on the outside of the wheel and inserting the axle extension into the wheel. Make sure to keep the locking button on the outside of the wheel pushed in during this process, in order to enable the axle extensions, including the four pins (Pic-2), to be inserted all the way into the axle sprocket. If not locked in, the wheel will not be connected to the motor and will not be propelled! Test the lock by trying to pull the wheel out.
    Note; the X8 caddy has a right (R) and a left (L) wheel, seen from behind in a driving direction. Please make sure that the wheels are assembled on the correct side, so the wheel tread will match each other (Pic-3) as well as the front & anti-tip wheels. To disassemble the wheels, proceed in reverse order.BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-Pic 1
  3. Erect the frame by first unfolding and connecting the mainframe sections together at the upper frame lock by fastening the upper frame locking knob (Pic-5). The lower frame connection stays loose and will be in place once the golf bag is attached (Pic-6). Proceed in reverse for folding the caddy.BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-Pic 4
  4. Place the battery pack on the battery tray. Insert the 3-prong battery plug into the caddy outlet so the notch aligns properly and attaches T-connector onto the battery.
    Then attach Velcro strap. Tightly fasten the Velcro strap underneath the battery tray and around the battery. It is recommended that you DO NOT  fasten the screw on the plug to the outlet, so in case of tip-over, the cable can unplug from the socket.
    Note: BEFORE CONNECTING make sure that caddy power is OFF, Rheostat Speed Control is in OFF position and the remote control is stored securely!BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-Velcro strap
  5. Insert the anti-tip wheel into holding the bar on the motor housing and secure it with a pin.BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-motor housing aX8R Only
  6. Unpack remote control and install batteries with plus and minus poles as indicated in the diagram in the receiver compartment of the unit.

BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-receiver compartment


X8Pro & X8R

BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-OPERATING

  1. The rheostat speed dial on the right side of the handle is your manual speed control. It allows you to choose your preferred speed seamlessly. Dial forward (clockwise) to increase speed. Dial backward to reduce speed.BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-Slow
  2. Press the ON/OFFpress icon power button for about 3-5 seconds to turn the caddy on or off LED will light up(LED will light up)
  3. Digital Cruise control – Once the cart is powered up, you can use the power button along with the speed control dial (rheostat) to stop the cart at the current speed and then resume at that same speed. Set the desired speed with the speed control dial (rheostat) and then press the power button for one second when you want to stop. Press the power button again and the caddy will resume at the same speed.
  4.  The caddy is equipped with a 10. 20, 30 M/Y Advanced Distance Timer. Press the T button once, the caddy will advance 10m/y and stop, press twice for 20m/y and 3 times for 30m/y. You can stop the caddy via the remote by pressing the stop button.

Remote Control Operation (X8R Only)

  1. POWER Switch: Slide up to turn on the Remote-Control. Slide down to turn off. It is recommended to turn the Remote-Control off when not actively operating your Caddy. This will avoid accidental button pushes when not paying attention to your Caddy. ST
  2. LED Light: Lights up when Remote-Control is turned on and a button is pushed. This indicates that the remote is sending a signal to the Caddy.
  3. STOPPING: The STOP button will stop the CaddyBATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-Remote Control
  4. GOING FORWARD: Pressing the UP BUTTON while the Caddy is standing still will start the Caddy in forwarding motion. Pushing the UP BUTTON again will increase the Caddy’s forward speed one level. Your Caddy has 9 forward speeds. Pushing the DOWN BUTTON will lower the forward speed one level.
  5. GOING BACKWARD: Pressing the DOWN BUTTON while the Caddy is standing still will start the Caddy in reverse motion. Pushing the DOWN BUTTON again will increase the Caddy’s reverse speed one level. Your Caddy has 9 reverse speeds. Pushing the UP BUTTON will lower the reverse speed one level.
  6. TURNING RIGHT: Press and hold the RIGHT BUTTON and the Caddy will turn to the right (from a stop and while in motion) until the button is released.
  7. TURNING LEFT: Press and hold the LEFT BUTTON and the Caddy will turn to the left (from a stop and while in motion) until the button is released.


  1.  Your Bat-Caddy comes with an automatic shut-down feature to help prevent “run-away” Caddys when operating remotely. If the caddy does not receive a signal from the Remote-Control after the last button push for approximately 40 seconds, it will assume the caddy has lost contact and stop automatically. If this happens simply push any button on the remote control to resume operation.
  2. While the maximum range for your Bat-Caddy to receive a signal from your RemoteControl is 80-100 yards, this range is in perfect “laboratory”  conditions. It is strongly recommended that you operate your Bat-Caddy at a maximum of 20-30 yards. This will help prevent any signal interference and/or loss of control.

If your Bat-Caddy will not respond to your Remote-Control it may need to be resynchronized.
A. Power off your Bat-Caddy for 5 seconds.
B. Turn on your Remote-Control
C. Press and hold down the STOP button on the Remote-Control
D. Press and hold down the ON/OFF button on the Control Panel until the green LED light under the battery symbol begins to blink.
E. Release both buttons
F. Your Caddy and Remote-Control are now synched and ready to go.

Additional Functions

Freewheeling Mode: The caddy can be easily operated without power. In order to activate the freewheeling mode, turn the main power OFF. Then disengage rear wheels from the motor/gearbox and slide the wheel from the inner grove (Pic-1)on the axle to the outer grove (Pic-2). Make sure the wheel is secure in the outer curve. The caddy now can be pushed manually with little resistance. BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-Additional Functions

Tracking Adjustment*: The tracking behavior of all-electric caddies is strongly dependent on equal weight distribution on the caddy and slope/topography of the golf course. Test your caddy’s tracking by operating it on a level surface without the bag. If changes are necessary, you can adjust the tracking of your caddy by loosening the front wheel axle and the Adjustment bar on the right side of the from wheel and shifting the axle accordingly. After such adjustment fastens screws in reverse order but do not over-tighten.

BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-Tracking Adjustment
*Tracking – there is a video on the website that shows how to adjust tracking
The USB port is available for charging GPS and/or cell phones. It is located in the end cap of the upper frame above the handle control.

BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-USB port

Braking System

The caddy drive train is designed to keep the wheels engaged with the motor, thus acting as a brake that will control the caddy’s speed while going downhill.BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy-Braking System

The caddy drive train will control the caddy speed downhill.

Testing Your Caddy

Test Environment
Make sure that you perform your first test of the caddy in a wide and safe area, free of obstructions or valuables, such as people, parked automobiles, flowing traffic, bodies of water (rivers, swimming pools, etc.), steep hills, cliffs or similar hazards.
Recommendations for Efficient and Safe Operation

  • Be alert and act responsibly at all times while operating your caddy, just as you would when operating a riding cart, motor vehicle, or any other type of machinery. We absolutely do not recommend the consumption of alcohol or any other impairing substances while operating our caddies.
  • DO NOT operate the caddy carelessly or in narrow or dangerous places. Avoid using your caddy in places where people may gather, such as parking lots, drop-off areas, or practice areas, to avoid damage to people or valuables. We recommend operating your caddy manually in crowded areas with or without power. Please make sure to always switch off the power and secure the caddy when you are through or when not in use.

General Maintenance

All of these recommendations, along with common sense, will help keep your Bat-Caddy in top condition and ensure that it remains your reliable partner, both on and off the links.

  • The Bat-Caddy has been designed so that the user can concentrate on playing golf, while the caddy does the work of carrying your bag. In order to keep your Bat-Caddy looking its best, wipe any mud or grass from the frame, wheels and chassis after every round using a damp cloth or paper towel.
  • NEVER use water hoses or high-pressure jet washers to clean your caddy to prevent moisture from entering the electronic systems, motors, or gearboxes.
  • Remove the rear wheels every few weeks and clean out any debris that may cause the wheels to drag. You may apply some lubricant, such as WD-40, to keep moving parts smooth and corrosion-free.
  • A 4 to 5 hour round of golf played once a week for 12 months is equivalent to approximately four years’ use of a lawnmower. Thoroughly inspect your cart at least once a year, and if you notice any symptoms of wear, contact your Bat-Caddy Service Center. Alternatively, you can have your caddy inspected and tuned at our Service Centers, so it’s always in great shape for the new season.


Caddy does not have power • Make sure battery is plugged correctly into the cart and battery lead plug is damage-free.
• Make sure battery is sufficiently charged
• Depress and hold power button for at least 5 seconds
• Make sure battery leads are connected to proper poles (red on red & black on black)
• Make sure the power button is an engaging circuit board (you should hear a click)
Motor is running but wheels don’t turn • Check if wheels are attached correctly. Wheels must be locked in.
• Check right and left wheel positions. Wheels must be on the correct side
• Check wheel axle pins.
Caddy pulls to left or right • Check if the wheel is fitted firmly latched to the axle
• Check if both motors running
• Check to track on level ground without a bag
• Check weight distribution in a golf bag
• If necessary adjust tracking on the front wheel
Problems attaching wheels • Adjust quick release catch


Call/text us at (888) 229-5218
or email us at [email protected]

Note: Bat-Caddy reserves the right to modify/upgrade any components during a model year, so illustrations on our website, brochures and manuals may slightly vary from the actual product shipped. However, Bat-Caddy guarantees that specifications and functionality will be always equal to or better from the advertised product. Promotional accessories may also vary from illustrations shown on our website and other publications.

Series 8 Features

X8 Pro X8R
No-Lock Euro-Wove Frame
Dual 200w Quiet Motor
Simple Handle Operation
Speed-Recall Cruise Control
Fully Directional Remote Control
Upgradeable to Remote Control
Battery Level Indicator
USB Charging Port
Single Anti-Tip Wheel (Upgradeable to Dual)
Dual Anti-Tip Wheel “The Mountain Slayer”
Power-off Freewheel
True Freewheel Mode
Auto-Timed Distance Control
Downhill Speed Control 0
Seat Compatible

Weight & Measurements

X4 Classic / X4 Sport

Open Dimensions Length: 45.0”
Width: 23.5”
Height: 36-44”
Open height varies due to adjustable handle.
Folded Dimensions Length: 36.0”
Width: 23.5”
Height: 13.0”
Shipping Box Dimensions Length: 36.0”
Width: 23.5”
Height: 13.0”
(Excluding Battery & Accessories)
25.1 Lbs

Documents / Resources

BATCADDY X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy [pdf] User Manual
X8 Pro, X8R, X8 Pro Electric Golf Caddy, Electric Golf Caddy, Golf Caddy

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