Baseus Encok True wireless Earphones W05 User Manual
Baseus Encok True wireless Earphones W05

Product Parameters

Name: Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones
Mode No.: Baseus Encok W05
Material: ABS+PC
Version: VS.0
Standby Time: 300 hours
Music time: 4 hours (volume set to 70%) Music time with a charging case: 25- 30 hours
Battery capacity: 400mAh/1.48Wh (charging case) 30mAh/0.111Wh (earphones)
Earphone rated input: DC5V-30mA
Earphone rated consumption current: 10mA
Charging case rated input: DCSV-400mA
Charging case rated consumption current: 80 mA
Charging time: About 1.5 hours Wireless charging time: about2 hours
Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz
Charge port: Type-C
Suitable for: Compatible with all wireless devices

Packing List

Earphone Charging Case *1pcs
Charging Case
Earphones (L&R) 2*pcs
Charging Cable *1pcs
USB Cable
User Manual *1pcs
User Manual
Warranty Card *1pcs
Warranty Card

Product Diagram

Poduct Diagram

Music mode

Music Mode Button Double-click the left earphone (L): activate voice (Siri)
Music Mode Button Double-click the right earphone (R): play/pause
Music Mode Button Long press left earphone(L)for l.5 second: previous song
Music Mode Button Long press right earphone(R) for l.5 second: next song

Call mode 

Call mode Button Double-click leftorrightearphone (LorR): answer /hang up
Call mode Button Long press left or right earphone (LorR): reject

Product Diagram

Product Diagram

DotDotDotDot The electric quantity is 76%-100%
DotDotDot The electric quantity is 51%-75%
DotDot The electric quantity is 26%-50%
Dot The electric quantity is 0%-25%

Product Operating Method

l. Initial use

Please tear off the insulating sticker on the earphone, and then put it in the charging case.

Step-1 Turn on
Earphones Operating

The earphones automatically enter the power-on state after taken out from the charging case.

Step 2-Pairing mode
Earphones Operating
When using for the first time, the earphones automatically enter pairing mode after turn on.

Step 3-Wireless Connect
Earphones Operating
Turn on the Wireless function of the mobile phone, select the device model: Baseus Encok W05, and the white light is on for 1 second when connect successfully.

Step 4-Shutdown
Earphones Operating
Put the earphone into the charging case and the earphone will power off automatically.

Important notice

  1. In-ear Wearing Detection
    Check the status of wearing earphones. When users take off either earphone, music will stop playing and when users wear both earphones again, music will resume playing.
  2. Pairing time
    In pairing mode, the earphones will automatically turn off if disconnection lasts for more than 5 minutes.
  3. Restore factory settings
    Open the lid of the charging case (within 10 seconds), and long press the left and right earphones for 7 seconds. When the white light flashes, it means restoration of factory default settings completed.

Declaration on toxic or hazardous substances and elements contained in electronic products

Declaration on toxic Diagram

This form is prepared in accordance with SJ/T 11364 regulations.

Icon: Indicates that contents of the toxic and hazardous substances in all homogeneous materials are below the limit requirements specified by GB/T 26572 standard.
Cross Icon: Indicates that contents of the toxic and hazardous substance exceed the limit requirements specified by GB/T 26572 standard in at least one homogeneous material of the component.
Please note: The 5-year icon reefers to the “valid environment-friendly use period”, not the product quality assurance period. Electronic products contain toxic and harmful substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium. The overdue use of these products shall be used within this validity period. We are free of any responsibility against safety issues caused by using the product beyond its safe service life.

Product Safety Information

Please read all instructions and warnings carefully before using this product. Improper use may cause damage to the product.
Do not store the product in high temperature, strong light and strong magnetic field. Do not place it in other harsh environments such as fire source. If water enters, dry it naturally and use it again.
Improper use of the product may cause damage to the product itself or may endanger personal and property safety.
Consumer shall be liable for any personal and property damage resulted from their improper use against the user manual or ignoring the warning, to which our company will not bear any legal liability.
Disintegration of this product by non-professionals is strictly prohibited.
Use of household appliances or loads in excess of output current of this product shall be avoided (no output due to circuit protection).
Intense physical actions including knocking, throwing, trampling on and squeezing, etc. shall be avoided.

Service and Support

IF the product is defective or in case of problems during installation, please consult your dealer or the Baseus product consulting via [email protected]


Baseus Erope GmbH HolbeinstraBe 7


Baseus Encok True wireless Earphones W05 Instruction Manual – Optimized PDF
Baseus Encok True wireless Earphones W05 Instruction Manual – Original PDF
Baseus Encok True wireless Earphones W05 Instruction Manual – OCR PDF

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  1. This is a truly great product which gives real life music experience. Moreover its handy to carry and very comfortable to wear. In Bangladesh, people can buy this product from Techsoi Technologies which is the one stop solution for all the mobile, computer and car accessories and gadget items with warranty.

  2. I bought a new Baseus WM01 wireless earphones, but the left earphone is not working and its (left earphone) light also is not working. Only red light is on when its in the case & charging. When taken out the Left earphone light does not function at all.

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