Banggood BC79 Bluetooth 5.0 FM Transmitters User Manual
Banggood BC79 Bluetooth 5.0 FM Transmitters

Thank you for purchasing our Bluetooth car charger! In order to have a best performance experience, please read the manual carefully before use!

Product Appearance Diagram and Introduction

Diagram Introduction
  1. Light button
  2. Display window
  3. Light guide
  4. Power switch
  5. Back clip
  6. Basement
  7. Bass button
  8. MIC
  9. Last song/FM –
  10. Call/Pause/Play/SIRI /Voice assistant button
  11. Next song/FM +
  12. AUX output
  13. TF card
  14. Cigar lighter contact
  15. TYPE-C PD
  16. USB2 QC3.0
    Diagram Introduction
  1. Bluetooth 5.0 version
  2. Support 2 phone connect
  3. Support Seven color light, Marquee
  4. Synchronize mobile phone time, 24H time display
  5. BASS mode
  6. Audio output
  7. Private call
  8. Automatic power off memory function, support Bluetooth automatic connection
  9. Supports Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  10. Support Siri/Google Voice Assistant
  11. Support stereo music
  12. Dual fast charge QC3.0 and PD18W
  13. Supports input over-voltage protection, output overcurrent protection, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection.
Operation Instructions

Plug the product into car cigarette lighter socket while

it will be automatically power on, LED flashing and display : HI→ Battery Voltage→ BT→ FM frequency

Turn on your car FM radio, and adjust the frequency of BC79 same as your car radio

Adjust FM frequency

Long press “ Icon ”to enter FM mode, press“ Icon ”and “ Icon ” to adjust the FM frequency ,the display flashes 4 times if without any operation, exit the frequency selection and save the current frequency, or press“ Icon ”again to confirm it.

Bluetooth pairing and equipment time correction When connecting the product with the mobile phone at the first time

Insert the device into the cigarette lighter of the car.
Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and search for the “BC79” device name, click connect.

The Android phone will pop up “Information Service Confirmation Option” and click to agree; the voice prompt “Connected successfully” the Bluetooth icon on the digital tube lights up to complete the pairing.

For your convenience, it is recommended that you do not clear the Bluetooth pairing to avoid repeating the above operation steps; as long as your mobile phone’s Bluetooth is turned on, the BC79 will automatically connect back after power on.

Use bluetooth hands-free calling

Dial number
In the connected state, the phone number is directly dialed out by the mobile phone.

Answer the phone

In the connected state, when a call is coming, press“ Icon ”directly to answer the call.

Reject the call 

When the call is coming but you don’t want to answer it, press and hold the“ Icon ”button one second to reject the call.

Redial the call

In the Bluetooth connected state, double click the“ Icon ”button to redial the last calling
number in the call log.

Private answer

During a call, long press the“ Icon ”button for 1 second to switch the mobile phone / Bluetooth answer Can connect with 2 phone.

If you need connect the second phone open phone 2 and search Bluetooth “BC79”:click to pair, then two phone connect.
Note: The last connected phone is the main phone, if it is an iPhone, need click to re-connect.

Open the mobile phone music player to play the main mobile phone music through Bluetooth, you can click the “ Icon ” button to control the music for pause/play.

When mobile phone 1 and mobile phone 2 come in call, you can short press the phone button to answer/hang up/long press to reject the call.

double-click to redial the last call of main mobile phone. After the call is connected, you can short press the voice button to switch to private answering.
Note: only the last call on the main mobile phone call list can be redialed

Bluetooth / TF Switch

Long press the“ Icon ”button to switch the mode:

Siri / voice assistant function

After the bluetooth pairing connection, when you want to use the Siri/Voice Assistant, press and hold the“ Icon ”button to activate Siri/ voice assistant.(the supported mobile phone brands are: iPhone, Samsung, native Android system mobile phone). Note: Some phones do not support this feature.

One key BASS

Short press“ Icon ”start BASS:BASS light turn on,
press again“ Icon ”button to close BASS, BASS light turn off.

AUX use
The AUX character lights up when a device is insert in the AUX jack.
When the AUX hole is plugged into the audio cable, it can be used as audio output.

Time Display

The first condition is that the Bluetooth is connected and the time has been corrected.
After the machine connected with Bluetooth and calibrate the time, the time will be displayed immediately, and the TM character will light up, if there is no operation, will be keep the time interface.

After the device time is corrected, even if the Bluetooth is disconnected, the time will continue to be keep when the device is guaranteed to be powered on.

When there is operation, it will automatically exit the time interface and jump to the corresponding operation interface. If there is no operation within 5s, the interface will return to the time interface.

Seven color light function

Short press“ Icon ”button RGB change from: green, red, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white, turn off, seven color mode, long press “ Icon ”enter marquee, the light color has memory function after power off.

Tech specification

Rated working voltage 12V~24V
Limit workingvoltage 10-26V
Orange USB port QC3.0(Maximum 18W)
USB –C port PD3.0(Maximum 18W)
Working temperature 0-50℃
Music format MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC
SNR >60dB
Battery voltage display accuracy ±0.5V
Bluetooth version Version 5.0
Bluetooth sound processing DSP and A2DP(Advance Audio Distribution Profile)
FM Transmission distance No Obstacle 10 M
Effective distance of Bluetooth microphone 0.5-1 M
FM frequency 87.5-108MHz
Transmit FM mode Stereo digital PLL frequency lock
Time display error ±2s


  1. Do not turn the radio volume too high (usually 18 or below) to avoid the increase of the sound back noise.
  2. Although the transmission power of this product is relatively strong, better to skip the Frequency with strong signal in local to get a better sound quality
  3. Do not use the product in extremely high or low temperatures and in dusty, humid environments.
  4. Avoid dropping the product to prevent damage to the surface or the body.
  5. Do not disassemble the unit. If you have any questions, please contact your dealer.
  6. Changes in product performance and functionality due to continuous improvement and improvement are subject to change without notice.


The power is not reflected or not displayed
  1. Check if the machine is in good contact with the cigarette port, and the cigarette holder is not seriously rusted.
  2. Unplug and re-try again
  3. Check if the cigarette holder is powered normally
Cannot play
  1. Check if the USB device is connected to the player or not, or you can try another USB device.
  2. Please make sure that there is copy of the file in the USB device that can be supported by the product.
  3. Please make sure the volume not set to 0
No voice but has static noise
  1. Whether the product player is in a pause state
  2. Is the volume adjusted to 0 or small?
Car radio has no audio output
  1. Make sure that the product FM launch has been turned on. Is the transmission frequency of the product the same as the reception frequency of car’s?
FM transmission is bad with noise
  1. Make sure that there is no strong signal station at the frequency of the current transmission. When using it, adjust to the frequency of no radio station to get better sound effect.


  1. User manual
  2. Main device
  3. Audio cable


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Banggood BC79 Bluetooth 5.0 FM Transmitters [pdf] User Manual
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