AXESS® MPBW6507 User Manual

HiFi Wireless Portable Bluetooth Media Speaker


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Speaker Type Double 3” +5.25” Subwoofer
Speaker Power 25W, 700 Watt PMPO
Frequency Response 150Hz – 18KHz
Bluetooth Version V5.0
Charging Input DC5V
Output Voltage 3.7V
Battery Capacity 2400mAh
Connections BT, FM, MicroSD, USB, AUX, MIC
Accessories DC5V charging adapter, audio cable, remote
control, attachable strap, wired microphone


  • Handheld Hifi Wireless Speaker with 5.0V Bluetooth technology
  • Double 3” + 5.25” Subwoofer
  • 10 meter operating range
  • Colorful LED lights display
  • Supports USB, microSD/TF, AUX and FM radio
  • TWS Link+ function
  • 2400mAh rechargeable battery
  • 3-5 hours of playtime, full battery charge time 2 hours


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0, with lower power consumption and over 10 meters operating range.
  • After powering on the speaker, “Blue” will flash across the display screen and the speaker will announce that it is in “Bluetooth mode”.
  • On the mobile device, turn on the device’s Bluetooth, and begin to search for “AXESS 6507”. When it appears click the device name to confirm and then the speaker should begin to connect.
  • Once the bluetooth connection is successful, the speaker will announce the connection.
  • Note: “Blue” character will display on the screen during playback, and the “Paus” character is displayed when paused.

TF/MicroSD Card Mode

  • Inserting the TF card speaker will automatically detect the TF card playback mode and the “Play” character will display across the screen.
  • Note: The display shows the playback time during playback, and “Paus” character are displayed when paused.

USB Disk Mode

  • Inserting the USB disk, the speaker will automatically detect the USB playback mode, displaying “Play” and playback time.
  • Note: The display shows the playback time during playback, and “Paus” character are displayed when paused.

AUX Mode

  • Plug one end of the 3.5mm audio cable into the speaker’s auxiliar jack and the other end of cable is plug into the phone or computer jack. The speaker will detect the connection and change the speaker status to AUX mode.
  • The “Line” character is displayed on the screen in AUX mode. Press the “Play/Pause” button to pause and play the music streaming from mobile device.

MIC Function

  • When speaker is power on, plug in the wired microphone to the appropriate microphone input and it should begin to work automatically.


  • Plug the USB cable into the speaker to connect to the 5V charger or computer to charge for inside Li-battery.
  • When the speaker is charging the indicator light will stay lit, and when the battery is fully charged the red indicator light will turn off.

FM Mode

  • Press the MODE button to enter into FM mode
  • The speaker has a built-in radio antenna, no external antenna necessary
  • To search through stations, press and hold “Play/Pause” button

Mode Cycle

  • Press “MODE” button to switch between Bluetooth and FM mode (Note: Only USB, TF, and AUX are displayed when in USB, TF, or AUX mode)

LED Flashlight

  • Press and hold “Mode” button to turn or off the LED light display.

TWS Function

  • Using your mobile phone connect one Bluetooth speaker successfully firstly. Under bluetooth mode, double click Play/Pause button of another bluetooth speaker to enter into TWS pairing.


When people sleep, they need a quiet environment. Please turn off music or turn off the power while sleeping

Risk of Electric Shock

This symbol indicates to user that the machine with risk of electric shock


This symbol indicates to user that the machine with important operation and maintenance instruction

When speaker is not in use please turn off the device to conserve battery life. Make sure to turn down the volume when you turn off the device so you can maintain the speakers’ (sub)woofer in good condition. This way you are less like to burn out or damage the device.

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