Avantree BTSP-860-S Soundbyte 860s Portable FM Radio + MP3 Player and Wireless Speaker User Guide
Avantree BTSP-860-S Soundbyte 860s Portable FM Radio + MP3 Player and Wireless Speaker

Box Content

Box Content

Product Overview & Basic Operations

Product Overview

  1. Press once to switch between FM/
    AUX(wired speaker)/microSD card mode
  2. Press once to enter Bluetooth mode
    Press and hold 2 seconds to disconnect and enter pairing mode
    Press once to enter MENU interface
    Press once to confirm your selection
    Press and hold 2 seconds to enter system settings interface
  3. Press once to skip to next/previous channel/track (FM/Bluetooth/microSD card mode)
  4. Press once to mute/unmute (FM/wired speaker)
    Press once to answer/end a call (Bluetooth mode)
    Press for 2 seconds to reject a call (Bluetooth mode)

Use as a FM Radio

Step1: Turn on the Soundbyte 860s
Clockwise rotate volume control to ON, the LCD screen will light up.
Note: For 1st time use, it will start auto-scanning by default. Please wait until
the auto-scanning complete

Step 2: Tune into channels
Scan channels manually – Press the Buttons to choose the desired channel.
Input station directly – Directly input the channel frequency using the number pad, e.g. for FM102.5, press the number sequence 1-0-2-•-5.

Step 3: Save and play your favorite channels
Save channels to number pad for quick access – Find local FM channels as
described above, then save any channel for quick access by pressing and
holding number pad until the screen displays “Channel Saved”. You can save
up to 9 channels.
Play the saved channels – Click once the corresponding number pad button.

Use as a Bluetooth Speaker

Pair and connect
Turn the speaker on, click Buttons once for Bluetooth mode, then activate Bluetooth on your device (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop etc.) and search for “Avantree Soundbyte 860s” to pair and connect.
To reconnect
Each time you turn it on, the speaker should automatically reconnect to the last connected device. If not, either click Buttons to manually reconnect or select “Avantree Soundbyte 860s” on your device.

Use as a Wired Speaker

Turn the speaker on, then plug the AUX 3.5mm audio cable into the (light
green) audio port labeled “AUX IN”. Now you can use the Soundbyte 860s as a wired speaker.
Note: You may need to press MODE once to switch to AUX mode if you insert the AUX cable before turning on the 860s.

Use as microSD card player

Insert Micro SD card (not included) with music files in MP3 / WMA / WAV /APE / FLAC format. Rotate the knob to turn on the device, then short press MODE button to switch to Micro SD mode.
Note: Max storage capacity of the SD card is 32GB


Please charge the speaker if you see  Buttons flashing, You can charge using any
standard USB charger with 5V/ 1A output via the Type – C charging cable
The battery icon Buttons on the LCD screen will flash while charging and stop once charging is complete. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the speaker and you can still use it normally while it’s charging.

Factory Reset

Factory resetting the Soundbyte 860s will clear all the FM channels saved as well as its Bluetooth pairing history.
To reset, power on the device then press & hold the button Buttons for 2 seconds to enter “System Settings”. Press Buttons to select “Factory Reset”, then press Buttons again to confirm.

Online Support

Online Support

Troubleshooting & FAQ

  1. Need to manually start Auto-search?
  2. No idea how to save and play your channel?

For any problems or other troubleshooting tips go to the URL below

Contact Us

Buttons  avantree.com/submit-a-ticket

Buttons [email protected]


USA / Canada: +1800 232 2078
(US Toll Free, 9am-6pm PST, Mon-Fri )

UK: +44 20 8068 2023
(9am-6pm, GMT, Mon-Sat)

DE: +49 32221097297
(11am-9pm, CET, Mon-Sat )

FR: + 33 176340312
(11am-9pm, CET, Mon-Sat )

IT: +39 06 9480 3330
(9am-6pm, CET, Mon-Sat )

ES: + 34 931786261
(9am-6pm, CET, Mon-Sat )

AU: + 61 2 8310 9897
(11am-7pm, Sydney Time, Mon-Fri)

Register for your extended 24 Months warranty at

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Documents / Resources

Avantree BTSP-860-S Soundbyte 860s Portable FM Radio + MP3 Player and Wireless Speaker [pdf] User Guide
BTSP-860-S, Soundbyte 860s Portable FM Radio MP3 Player and Wireless Speaker

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