espressi WiFi/Bluetooth Device

Espressif Systems Co LTD (Shagnhai) manufacturers WiFi and Bluetooth modules often with the prefix “ESP####”. Espressif has many FCC approved devices listed here. Their extensive mac address list includes many vendor prefixes as they produce a number of modules that are included in consumer devices such as WiFi and Bluetooth LED bulbs, SimpliSafe products, as […]

Smile Direct “Bright On” Whitening Stick Instructions

First, brush your teeth but do not floss. Then open the bright on™ premium whitening pen and twist the bottom until the gel is visible on the brush. Brush the gel onto your front top and bottom teeth in a circular motion and wear for 5 minutes. The whitening gel will lightly foam and then […]

MPOW Air Pro BH473A Drivers for Windows

Driver for Windows: BH473A Download and extract the zip file Run setup.exe Plug in your headphones Driver EULA: END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THIS PROGRAM INSTALL. C-MEDIA ELECTRONICS INC.(“C-MEDIA”)’s End-User License Agreement (“EULA”) is a legal agreement between You (either an […]

MPOW Iron BH336A Gaming Headset Windows Drivers

Windows Driver: Download: mpow_Iron_driver_en_of_win_7_8_8.1_10 [7z] Download the file, extract using Pea-zip or another file extraction tool Run the appropriate setup.exe file, depending on your version of windows Plug in the headphones Mpow Install Logos:

MPOW BH456A Bluetooth Adapter Drivers [For Realtek Bluetooth Devices]

Windows Driver Install Installation: Download the driver, unzip and run setup.exe Driver: mpow_MPBH456AB_driver+for+Windows7_8.1_10 [windows only] * Realtek Bluetooth 8761B Driver package RTBlueR_Windows_1015.1016.1016.0528.2020_2.00.263_F027_B Version: 1015.1016.1016.200528 Driver Version (1)RtkA2dp: Win7:\1 Win8.1:\3 (2)RtkAvrcp: Win7:\1 Win8.1:\3 (3)RtkBtfilter: Win7: 1.3.1016.1002\4002 Win8.1: 1.6.1016.1001\4002 Win8.1: 1.6.1015.3012\2012 (4)bthvirtual: Win7:\1 Win8.1:\3 (5)RtkHfp: Win7:\1 Win8.1:\3 (6)RtkAvrcpCtrlr: Win7: […]

MPOW BH079A Bluetooth Adapter Drivers

Bluetooth Drivers for the MPow BH079A Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 – x86 [32-bit] Driver Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 – x64 [64-bit] Driver  Windows Vista /  Windows 7 – x86 [32-bit] Driver Windows Vista / Windows 7 – x64 [64-bit] Driver  Windows XP – x86 [32-bit] Driver  

ELD-BLED Bluetooth LED Lights Pairing and App Instructions [LED BLE]

Connection instructions for Bluetooth LED Light Strips. Download the LED BLE app from the iOS or Android App Store: Open the app and connect to your lights. The connection is made over BLE or Bluetooth Low-Energy. For most devices, you will NOT need to connect to the lights in the bluetooth settings. The […]