Chia Network Consensus Explained

 consensus Purpose of this document: explain the 1.1 version of the Chia consensus algorithm Target audience: a technical audience familiar with blockchain but not with Proofs of Space (PoS), Proofs of Time/Verifiable Delay Functions (VDF) and Chia. If you are new to Bitcoin/blockchain, read this textbook first: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies. Please ask questions on keybase so we can […]

How To Replace the Battery in Apple AirTags

Unlike most Tile tracker devices, the battery in the Apple Airtags is easily replaceable. To remove your old battery, simply push in on the metal backing of the Airtag and rotate counter-clockwise. The replacement battery is a CR2032 button-battery. It is recommended to purchase a good brand battery such as Panasonic or Energizer for best […]

USPS Tracking Plus

New option for USPS Tracking service that extends the length of time you can access the tracking history of a domestic package. (This service was previously named “Premium Tracking™.:) What is USPS Tracking Plus™? USPS Tracking Plus™ enables you to extend your access to the tracking history for your package on Currently, access to tracking information for […]

Fitness Smartwatch FAQ

BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH CONNECTION KEEPS DISCONNECTING Check if the smart band is too far from your smartphone. If the distance is 7 meters, the connection will be reduced or completely disconnected Wearing metal jewelry will interfere with the bluetooth connection If the bluetooth connection is abnormal, disable the bluetooth connection and reconnect. If your smartphone is […]

Fitness Rx Smartwatch User Manual

INITIAL SETUP SMARTPHONE REQUIREMENTS Please note: hardware and software specifications should meet these requirements: iOS 7.1 & Above Android 4.4 & Above Bluetooth 4.0 DOWNLOAD VERYFITPRO APP Search and download “VeryFitPro” from the Apple Store or Android App store.       CHARGE YOUR DEVICE Pull the strap gently, and pick the device out of […]

What to do with old / broken JBL speakers and headphones

JBL Electronics Recycling and Sustainability After JBL devices are no longer in use, it is best to discard the device with an e-waste handling facility. Recycle to Reduce E-Waste Keep in mind that all electronics should not be put in the trash. Find an electronics collection site near you to simply drop it off. If there […]

Samsung MC17J8000CS User Manual

Specs Sheet: SPEC-SHEET_MC17J8000CS_070115 Specs Sheet: MC17J8000CS Install: 012505563539_install Related Manuals Samsung U28R55 User Manual Samsung U28R55 User Manual – Optimized PDF Samsung U28R55 User… Samsung Refrigerator User Manual Samsung Refrigerator User Manual – Optimized PDF Samsung Refrigerator User… Samsung Galaxy Watch User Manual Samsung Galaxy Watch User Manual – Optimized PDF Samsung Galaxy… Samsung TV […]

Totu Display Device Drivers for Windows and Mac

What Products Require DisplayLink Drivers to Function? At this time we use DisplayLink USB Graphics chipsets in all of our USB 2.0 and 3.0 graphics adapters and docking station products. These products require DisplayLink drivers to function correctly. These drivers may be installed with or without the hardware present yet. The final configuration will then […]

Samsung Open Source Software Agreement

An archive of Open Source Announcement The software included in this product contains copyrighted software that is licensed under the GPL. You may obtain the complete Corresponding Source code from us for a period of three years after our last shipment of this product by contacting our support team via (Please use the […]

Razer Mouse FAQ

How to clean Razer device Razer Synapse Not Detecting Razer Device My Razer Mouse Tracking Issues How to Create Macros on Razer Mouse Change Razer Mouse DPI Sensitivity Razer Mouse Cursor Moving Erratically / Randomly Razer Mouse Frequent Issues – Double Clicking, Scroll Wheel Issues, and Mouse Detection Activate Razer Hypershift Razer Mamba Wireless Firmware […]