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HX 100 / 130 / 165 / 406 / 200 SQ EVO3 – HX 165 SQ-4 EVO3


Congratulations on purchasing a high-quality
AUDIO SYSTEM product incl. GERMAN SOUND. Important: Completely read this operating instruction before installation and use of the device.
Attention: Pay attention to advice and instructions of the car manufacturer. Check the polarity when connecting the speakers. Important: You will need your purchase receipt as proof of purchase for all warranty repairs and for insurance purposes. Keep your receipt, owner´s manual and packing materials in a safe location for possible future use.
Attention: Use of sound components can impair your ability to hear necessary traffic sounds and may constitute a hazard while driving your automobile. AUDIO SYSTEM GERMANY accepts no liability for hearing loss, bodily injury or property damage as a result of use or misuse of our products.
We recommend installing the equipment by an authorized service center or dealer. A professional fitting and connection is the requirement for further warranty and perfect sound.

Install Tweeter

The tweeter has 2x special mounting brackets that you can use for optimal installation.

Lock/Unlock Tool Tweeter 

AUDIO-SYSTEM-HX-100-Car-Speaker-02The attached lock/unlock tool is designed to fit in the holes of the tweeter-grille. Turning the tweeter to the left will lock the tweeter into the housing, turning to the right will unlock the tweeter.

Crossover FWX EVO2

Important: The speaker system can be adapted to the acoustics of the vehicle, the genre of music and to the personal taste via the crossover. Depending on the position of the speakers, the switch can be adjusted so that the frequency response is optimized with these geometric conditions. Depending on the installation location of the tweeter, it is necessary to adjust the frequency response tonal and volume technology, e.g., when mounting the tweeter in the A-pillar, in the mirror triangle or in the door trim.

Attention: The crossover is supplied with a default setting. If some speakers do not work or work too much softly as bad sounding, the crossover must be adjusted again to the basic settings in order to clarify if mistakes on crossover setting is the real defect reason or not. Thus, you can avoid that you or the dealer must check the speaker unnecessarily.

Default Setting Crossover FWX EVO2 

AUDIO-SYSTEM-HX-100-Car-Speaker-03IMPORTANT: The crossover is supplied with a default setting. If some speakers do not work or work too much softly as bad sounding, the crossover must be adjusted again to the basic settings in order to clarify if mistakes on crossover setting is the real defect reason or not. Thus, you can avoid that you or the dealer have to check the speaker unnecessarily.


AUDIO-SYSTEM-HX-100-Car-Speaker-04Depending on the installation position of the tweeter, you have to adapt the level, example: if the woofer is installed in the feet area while the tweeter is installed on the dashboard. Without level decrease, the tweeter could be too loud. The crossover is adjustable exactly to your personal idea for tweeter volume or music trend.

4-7 kHz Frequency Tuning (SECTION B)
If tweeters are installed by “indirect radiation” (big angle default), they could sound too loud in lower high frequencies. The crossover can adjust the amplitude on that band by reduction of the capacitor from tweeter circuit.


Full High Frequency Tuning
If tweeters are installed by “direct radiation” (low angled fault) they will sound too loud on the super-high frequencies range. By increasing the resistance R the amplitude will be reduced in the super high frequency field. Remark: The bigger the value of R, the smaller the amplitude.

The level can be adapted across the whole high frequency area by increasing (decreasing) C and simultaneous decreasing
(increasing) R. The common front-stage audio systems have sounding problems caused by different distances between driver and tweeters, combined with different angle defaults of the left and right tweeter. The specialist knows how to adapt the left, respectively the right tweeter itself, according to the sections
A and B.

AUDIO-SYSTEM-HX-100-Car-Speaker-06 Woofer Cut Slope (SECTION C)
It is useful, depending on installation position and speaker size, to limit the higher frequencies up to 6 dB or 12 dB. Especially smaller speakers, or those installed more above should be limited. In contrast, a 165 mm speaker can also be affected to get a level increase with the 12 dB circuit around his cutting frequency. Result can be a better efficiency under the cutting frequency. The best is to listen or measure it with MICRO AS.AUDIO-SYSTEM-HX-100-Car-Speaker-07

Impedance Linearization (SECTION D)
All speakers and voice coils produce higher impedance according to higher frequencies, created by an imaginary resistance
(reactance). The adjusted crossover circuit works properly, when the increase through a connected impedance-linearization (R-C part) is being reduced. With the jumper you can disable or enable the R-C part. To know if the proposed adjusting is the best sound, it is important to listen or to measure.


Mechanical Installation Tip

Warning: First disconnect negative pole of your car battery. Check-polarity, changing polarity may cause serious damage to your car electric. Best speaker positions are the original build in positions. Easy installation and original look are the reasons. Please note that the speakers are installed flat and stable. The quality of the installation decides the sound very much, therefore, attention should be paid to insulation and care during installation. Please note that the speakers are protected from heat, sunlight, mechanical influences, moisture and wetness by accessories from AUDIO SYSTEM.

Attention: Install all cables as straight as possible without squashing or laying them over sharp edges. Otherwise, this can cause short circuit or damages to your whole installation.

Attention: Be careful removing original plastic parts of your car. The fitting parts could be damaged and must be replaced.

Important: The right polarity of all speakers is extremely important for the sound of your car audio system. We recommend changing polarity of the tweeter finding out the best possible sound.
The best is to listen and/or to measure it.

Amplifier Recommendation
Best performance you get with Audio System amplifiers, for example full active: X-80.4D, X-80.4 DSP-BT, R-110.4, R-110.4 DSP-BT, X-100.4 MD and X-170.4 or passive: X-150.2D, R-250.2. and HX-175.2 or HX-265.2.
Installation dimensions and TSP data of all speakers can be found at our website:

Optional Mounting Accessories
  • ALUBUTYL 1500, 2000 EVO, 3000 EVO and ALU 250 EVO
  • Damping: DOORKIT 1.0 and DOORKIT 2.0
  • Z-(T)SC 0.75, 1.5, 2.5, 4.0 OFC-Copper Speaker Cable
  • MBR165/MBR200 Splash Protection Rings
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AUDIO SYSTEM HX 100 Car Speaker [pdf] User Manual
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