ASRock IBOX-1185G7E Mini ITX Board

Package Contents

Power Cord (by request)

*The barebone system does not include memory, hard drive and mSATA SSD.

SATA Cable

Product Overview

*To use DisplayPort as a display output, please connect your monitor/display to HDMI Port when installing OS system.
This DisplayPort only supports DP to D-Sub dongle and does not support DP to HDMI dongle and DP to DVI dongle.

WiFi Module

How to Install the WiFi Module (Optional)
  1. Locate the WiFi Module slot on the motherboard.
  2. Carefully insert the WiFi Module into the slot.
  3. Tighten the screw to secure the WiFi Module to the motherboard.
M.2 SSD How to Install the M.2 SSD
  1. Locate the M.2 slot on the motherboard.
  2. Carefully insert the M.2 SSD into the slot.
  3. Tighten the screw to secure the M.2 SSD to the motherboard.
Bracket: How to Remove the M.2 SSD (Type 2280) and the Bracket
  1. Release the screw and carefully remove the M.2 SSD (Type 2280).
  2. Release the screw and remove the bracket from the motherboard.
2.5-inch Hard Drive: How to Install the Hard Drive
  1. Remove the four screws on the bottom case.
    Then lift up and remove the bottom panel.
  2. Attach the HDD cage to the bottom panel and secure it using the four screws. then connect the SATA cable to the HDD.
  3. Connect the SATA Data and Power Cable to the HDD.
  4. Connect the SATA Cable to the connector.
  5. Then reinstall the bottom panel.

*For iBOX 1100 Series, it is not recommended to install 2.5” HDD. If you install the 2.5” HDD, please keep the iBOX 1100 Series in a vertical position to ensure better cooling performance.

SO-DIMM Slots: How to Install the Memory Modules (DDR4 Low Voltage (1.2V))
  1. Carefully insert the SO-DIMM memory modules into the slot at a 30-degree angle.
  2. Push down until the modules snap into place.

– The iBOX 1100 Series requires DDR4 SO-DIMM (1.2V).
– For dual channel con­guration, you always need to install identical (the same brand, speed, size and chip-type) DDR4 SO-DIMM pairs.

How to Install the VESA Bracket

  1. Attach the two screws to the base of the iBOX 1100 Series.
  2. Attach the VESA Bracket to the rear of a compatible display using the four screws.
    *Choose mounting holes depending on the mounting hole pattern of your LCD screen (75 mm × 75 mm or 100 mm × 100 mm).
  3. Mount the iBOX 1100 Series by sliding it into place.

Positions of the iBOX 1100 Series

The iBOX 1100 Series can be placed in vertical or horizontal position.

*Please note that keeping the iBOX 1100 Series in a vertical position will ensure better cooling performance.

Warranty Term

– Warranty of host of iBOX 1100 Series super m icrocomputer (casing excluded): 1 year
– Warranty of transformer (including the plug), remote control and wireless module: 1 year
– Our warranty does not cover the casing of the product, the CD drive, the metal frame and fastenings and screws, or packaging accessories.
– Data stored in the product may be lost as a result of the repair work or re formatting of the hard drive disk. We does not provide data recovery services or data storage. Please back up your data regularly to protect the data and avoid loss. For details of our warranty terms, please refer to the individual warranty statement applicable to the district where your product was bought.

Safety & Regulatory Information

Failure to use the included Power Adapter may violate regulatory compliance and may expose the user to safety hazards.

The terms HDMI® and HDMI High-De­nition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

Documents / Resources

ASRock IBOX-1185G7E Mini ITX Board [pdf] User Manual
IBOX-1185G7E, Mini ITX Board

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