ASAHOM S1030 Solar LED Bulb String Lights



Thank you for choosing the ASAHOM LED Bulb String Lights. This product has an IP65 water-resistant rating, making them ideal for outdoor use. You can adjust the brightness and set up a timer through the Smart Life app.

At Glance

Installing Your Device

Install Solar Module
Confirm there is no barrier around the installation position before installation to ensure the solar panels can fully access the sun.

The surface of solar panel easily accumulates dirt due to longtime outdoor usage. In order to ensure that the string lights have a lasting battery lifespan, it is recommended to clean the dirt on the surface of the solar panels regularly once a month.

Install String Lights
Connect the string lights and solar module together as shown below

Pairing Your Device with the Smart Life App

What You Need:

  •  A smartphone or tablet running iOS 8.0 (or above) or Android 4.3 (or above).
  •  Make sure the device Power button has been pressed.
    1.  Download the Smart Life app from the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
    2.  Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
    3.  Keep the distance between the smartphone and the control box within 25m(82ft)
    4.  Open the app, and tap the “+” icon in the top right corner, the device will automatically appear in the scan list.
    5. Repeat the above part or click this icon to enter the automatic scan again Tap the device icon and follow the on-screen instructions to complete pairing.

How to use

Adjust Color

  •  After selecting, click on the color wheel to adjust the whole string of lights to the same color.
  •  After selection, click on the color wheel, then click on the light bulb, and you can apply the color to the selected light bulb.
  •  After selection, click on the light bulb to turn off the light of selected light bulb.

Solar Energy Mode & Energy Saving Mode
Click, choose Solar energy,
You can choose whether turn on the solar energy mode or energy saving mode.


APP can’t scan the device

  •  Make sure whether the Power ON button of the solar panel has been pressed.
  •  Confirm Bluetooth on your smartphone is enabled.
  •  Position the smartphone close to the solar module and try it again.
  •  If it still fails to scan, long press the RESET button for 5 seconds and try it again.
  • Some of the bulbs do not work
  •  Power of the solar module, and then Power ON to try it again.
  •  If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.


Documents / Resources

ASAHOM S1030 Solar LED Bulb String Lights [pdf] User Manual
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