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L13 Smart Watch
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Thank you for choosing our product! To have a comprehensive understanding and use this device, to know all the features and simple operation methods, please read this manual first. The functions on the user manual may be little different from physical, please make the final products as the standard. The typing errors in this manual and discrepancies will be timely updated with the latest products. If we have updates, this manual will be subject to change without notice. Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.
Remark: The product supports waterproof with IP68 level, it is available to wear it while wash hands, swimming, in raining, etc. Do not use it when having a hot shower/bath or sauna, the vapors will get into the host, scratch damage of peripheral components. All these are beyond the scope of the warranty.

Operation Guide

Up button: short press enter pedometer will show steps, calories, distance. Down button: long press to switch watch, short press to return to the standby interface, when watch crashed, long press 10 seconds to restart. Touch panel gestures: slide right/left/up to enter the main menu, after entering each function, slip from left to right for return, slip from right to left for confirmation
Watch face switch: long press the screen, there will be a dial choice, tap confirm.
Status bar: slide down to enter, it tells Bluetooth status, battery life, time etc.L13 Smart Watch-fig1
Charging instruction: This product adopts magnetic charging. Put the charging point connect to the back of the device charging pins, it will charge automatically. It supports PCUSBor standard 5V charger. 70 mins to full charge the device.
Caution: Do not make the magnetic charging cable any 2 pins connect with conducting material at same time, it may cause short circuit.L13 Smart Watch-fig2

Watch connects to the Phone, download the App “M Active” in the Phone at first, reference the following 2 methods:

  1. android/iOS Phone: Scan the following QR code image by browsers or any Scanner to Download “M Active”.251543306 Watch 6 Smartwatch-fig2
  2. Android Phone: search and download “M Active” app from Google Play; iOS phone: search and download “M Active” app from Apps Store;

Bluetooth 4.0 connection: After installation, turn on cellphone Bluetooth and M Active App, confirm the notifications, location, all permissions are enabled, tap Device – Add Device, search “Watch6” device and tap connect. Some Android phones need to turn ON GPS to connect. Bluetooth 3.0 connection: At the watch side Bluetooth-searching Bluetooth-select turn on Bluetooth-tap your cellphone name in the list, and confirm the connection at your cellphone end. Then you are success connected; Only when Bluetooth 3.0 & 4.0 both connected the watch can be abled full performance, slide down the watch you will see the Bluetooth icon, the green color at the upper means Bluetooth 3.0 is connected, Blue color at the bottom means Bluetooth 4.0 is connected. How to set notification: into phone’s Settings-App Management, find “M Active”-permissions Management, turn on all allow. Into Notifications- find “M Active”, Turn all on allow. Into “M Active”- “Application push”, select all allow. On the phone, make sure that you allow your Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Email notifications allowed, can be pushed into the phone notification center. As the Bluetooth protocol is different between all the mobile phone brands. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection will be instability between the mobile phone and smartwatch. Please restart the Bluetooth, then try to connect again, or restore factory settings. If appear system is halted, please long-press the power button for about 10 seconds to restart the watch.

Main functions

Dial: Bluetooth call via cellphone, talk at the watch end.
Phonebook: Sync all the contacts in the cellphone, the maximum is 200 contacts.
Call logs: Sync all the calls history in the cellphone.
SMS: Sync all the messages in the cellphone (Not support iOS phones yet).
Notifications: Synchronous all the phone notifications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, etc., if you want to display the notifications with contents, need to setup to display the details of Facebook and WhatsApp notice function in the Apps in the phone. It will vibrate for incoming calls and messages.
Bluetooth: Search the device you want to connect or disconnect the devices.
Pedometer: Recording the steps you walked during the day, calories burn, and distance. Every day 0 o’clock all the data will be saved automatically and reset to 0. Slide up enter option; status, on and off; history, it can check 7 days local records; Goal set a target for everyday steps; put into all your information, such as Gender, Height, Weight etc. for more accurate measure your steps data.
Sleep monitor: The device turns on the sleep monitor automatically from 9p.m to 9 a.m. It records your sleep duration and quality, help to build a better rest time, and improves sleep quality. Slide up enter options; Status, On and Off; History, check out deep sleep and light sleep; instruction.
Heart rate monitor: wear the watch tightly with your wrist, best position would be the upper of the hand wrist, around 20 seconds it will show the real-time heart rate data, slide down the menu into history, the mode includes single measure and continuous measure; and instruction. Generally speaking, the normal value is 60-90 times/min.
ECG: Via optical heart rate and ECG combine technology, about 30 seconds can show the data, after the test will appear To APP, means ECG data save to phone “M Active”.
Blood pressure: Tap to enter and start to measure, put your hand down, around 1 min show up the result.
Thermometer: The body temperature will be measured as soon as you enter. The normal body temperature is 35.9-37.2 degrees. The body temperature is different at various times of the day. The maximum temperature difference exceeds 1 degree. If it exceeds 37.3 degrees, it is considered a low-grade fever.
Sedentary: Set a long-time reminder of sit, remind you have a stand when time up. Anti-lost: click “find phone”, the connected phone will be ringing a warning, after finding the phone, tap “End” of the phone to stop the alarm, it works on both the watch and Apps sides.
Alarm: Setting 5 alarms maximum, a long press can cancel the alarm.
Stopwatch: Single timing, tap the left icon to start timing, and tap to pause, tap again for a cumulative time.
Setting: All the settings here for set as follows;
Bluetooth Setting: Turn on/off the Bluetooth for the watch.
Clock: clock type, there are couples standby watch faces to choose. Time will be synced once connected with M Active App.
Wake up screen receives notification: You can set wake up the watch screen when messages are received. Battery working time will reduce.
Display: Set the screen on time, and brightness adjustment.
Sound: you can select the caller profile, select Ringtones, select notification ringtones;
Reset Recovery the device.
Languages: Default as auto-sync, it will sync to the phone language. It allows manually select you preferred language.
Raise wrist to Wake-up: Main menu – Motion – Wake up gesture – ON


  1. If it appears quality problems caused by manufacturing, materials, design within one year (since the day of purchase), battery, and cable within 6 months. we will offer a free warranty. The premise is used normally and correctly.
  2. About the fault caused by the user’s personal reasons, we don’t offer free warranty, as follows:
    1. Disassemble or refit the product.
    2. Caused by immodesty drop
    3. All artificial damage or misuse (such as: making water into the host, the external force shattering, scratch damage of peripheral components, etc.), all are beyond the scope of the warranty.
  3. When ask for free warranty, you must provide a warranty card with the seal of purchase place and purchase date.
  4. If you met problems during use, please contact the shop customer service which you bought from.
  5. Please make the final products as the standard.
    1. Date of purchase:
    2. IMEI code:
    3. Buy store:

Documents / Resources

WATCH L13 Smart Watch [pdf] User Manual
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