Hear something you’ll like. Just say “Hey Siri, play some music.” Apple Music learns your taste and uses it to choose which songs to play for you. To help Apple Music learn what you like, say “Hey Siri, I like this” when you hear a song you’d like to add to your preferences.

Listen to a song. Got some music in mind? Just ask. Say, for example, “Hey Siri, play the theme from La La Land”or “Hey Siri, play Ed Sheeran’s newest album.” You can also ask for songs and playlists from your iTunes library.

Tip: To hear the same song as interpreted by other artists, say “Hey Siri, play the other version.”

Listen by artist, genre, activity, or mood. Ask for a specific artist, or a genre of music such as Latin jazz. You can also ask for the vibe you want. For example, say “Hey Siri, play some party music,” or get even more specific with “Hey Siri, play hip-hop from the 1990s.” You can let Siri decide what’s next with “Hey Siri, play something totally different.”

Tip: Say “Hey Siri, add this to my library,” or “Hey Siri, add this album to my library.”

Listen to hits, chart toppers, or music by decade. Say something like “Hey Siri, play the top song from November 1976,” or “Hey Siri, play the best songs from 1982.” Or get into a whole decade with something like “Hey Siri, play music from the 1950s.”

Tip: Try saying “Hey Siri, tell me about this artist,” or “Hey Siri, what album is this?” You can also say “Hey Siri, when was this song released?” For bands, you can ask who’s playing a certain instrument. For many popular songs, you can ask about the writer and producer.

Listen to Beats 1. Say “Hey Siri, play Beats 1 radio” to hear the latest in music, interviews, and culture broadcasting from studios in Los Angeles, New York, and London.

Control playback

You can use the Apple Music app on your iOS device to control the sound volume, play what you want to hear, and add or remove songs from the Up Next queue.

See what’s playing now, and next. Open Apple Music, then tap the HomePod playback controls. If you don’t see the HomePod controls, on the Now Playing screen, tap the AirPlay button, then choose HomePod.

Choose what’s next. After choosing HomePod in the Apple Music app, tap Library, For You, Browse, Radio, or Search to find music to play. You can choose to play an item next or add it to the end of the Up Next queue.

Use the Control Center. Open Control Center, press (or touch and hold) Now Playing to expand it, then tap your HomePod.

Apple Podcasts

HomePod makes it easy to listen to podcasts. With hundreds of thousands of free podcasts to choose from, there’s one (or more) for every interest.

Listen to a podcast. Say, for example, “Hey Siri, play the podcast Myths & Legends.”

Subscribe to a podcast. Say “Hey Siri, subscribe to this podcast” to add it to your library. When new episodes are available, they appear in Listen Now in the Podcasts app on your iOS device and Apple TV.

Change the playing speed. Say “Hey Siri, play this faster,” or “Hey Siri, play this slower” to listen to news and podcasts at a pace you’re most comfortable with.


HomePod offers news briefs from the top news sources in the world so you can stay up to date.

Hear the latest headlines. Say “Hey Siri, what’s the news today?” to hear what’s going on in the world. Siri will suggest other news sources, and you can switch to one at any time. Say something like “Hey Siri, switch to CNN instead.”

Get specific news. Say, for example, “Hey Siri, give me the latest sports news.” You can also ask for business news.

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