apple Airpods Pro With Magsafe Charging Case



apple-Airpods-Pro-With-Magsafe-Charging-Case-FIG-3Swipe up or down to adjust volume. apple-Airpods-Pro-With-Magsafe-Charging-Case-FIG-2

apple-Airpods-Pro-With-Magsafe-Charging-Case-FIG-5Press and

  • Switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode.

Audio controls in Control

  • Swipe down from top-right corner to open Control Center. Touch and hold volume to see audio options.

Connect to iPhone or

  • Connect to Wi-Fi and turn on Bluetooth®.

Connect AirPods

  • Open case and hold near device to set up. Apple devices signed in to iCloud pair automatically.

Connect to other

  • With AirPods Pro in open case, press button on back until light blinks. Then choose them in Bluetooth settings.

Changing ear

  • Pull firmly to remove tip. To attach tip, align it, then push until it clicks. For more tip sizes, see inside box.

Charge AirPods

  • Place case with status light facing up on an Apple Watch, MagSafe, or Qi-certified charger. Or use the Lightning connector.

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