Apeman C860 Dash Cam

C860 Dash Cam

What if your camera keeps saying card error, although the SD card is a new one

A: Please make sure you have a class 10, Max128GB SD card first, and then please set the SD card to FAT32 format on the computer and format it again on the camera before use. Here are videos to show how to format SD card on the computer and camera:


How to operate this camera

A: Here are operation videos:

There are also user manual and detailed operation instruction of C860 for you to download online.

How to install this camera

A: Here are steps of the installation:

1) Install the front camera to the front window by suction.
2) Provide power to the dash cam by car charger.
3) Using the 6 meters cable to connect the front dash cam and rear dash cam.
Here are two videos about the installation:


What if the camera still shows low battery with connecting to the car charger

A: Please check whether the lights of the camera and the car charger is on or not and then contact us for help . We will sure try our best to provide a satisfied solution based on your demand.

What if the camera saying SD Card full? / camera turn off randomly?

A: As our gravity sensor is sensitive (in order to protect you), if you are driving on a relatively bumpy road, the camera may think there is an accident and lock some videos. These locked videos will not be deleted by the loop recording function. Therefore we recommend:
1) Turn off motion detection and parking function while driving.
2) Regularly format SD Card.

What if you want to see the image quality of this camera

A: Here is a video recorded by the camera:


Warm Tips

  1. TF card is not provided in the package.
  2. The built in 300mAh battery of the cam is for emergence file back up and keep setting. External power is required for operation.
  3. If you want to revise the Mirror Image of the Rear Camera, please email us, we will provide you with latest firmware.
  4. APEMAN serves you with any questions or demands within 24 hours.
    Any extra accessories of camera such as rear cable, rear camera, suction mount, car charger etc are free for you.
    And contact us to get a 32GB SD Card or 4-1 Card Reader as gift to appreciate your support.
    Our email address: kt.support@apemans.com

Documents / Resources

Apeman C860 Dash Cam [pdf] User Manual
Apmans, C860, Dash Cam


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