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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ­- This manual contains important instructions that should be followed during installation and maintenance of APC by Schneider Electric equipment and batteries.

General Safety Information
  • This UPS is intended for indoor use only.
  • Do not operate this unit in direct sunlight, in contact with fluids, or where there is excessive dust or humidity.
  • Be sure the air vents on the UPS are not blocked. Allow adequate space for proper ventilation.
  • For a UPS with a factory installed power cord, connect the UPS power cable directly to a wall outlet. Do not use surge protectors or extension cords.
  • The UPS cord shall be connected to an earthed mains socket outlet for safety reasons.
  • 230 V models only: In order to maintain compliance with the EMC regulations for products sold in Europe, output cords and network cables attached to the UPS must not exceed 10 meters in length.
  • The UPS input ground conductor must be properly bonded to protective earth at the wall socket.
  • Always recycle used batteries.
  • Recycle the package materials or save them for reuse.
  • This Safety Guide can be downloaded from APC by Schneider Electric Website, www.apc.com.
De-energizing safety
  • The UPS contains internal batteries and may present a shock hazard even when disconnected from AC and DC power.
  • Before installing or servicing the equipment check that the:
    -­ Input circuit breaker is in the OFF position.
    -­ Internal UPS batteries are removed.
    -­ XLBP battery modules, if connected, are disconnected.
Battery Safety
  • Servicing of batteries should be performed or supervised by personnel knowledgeable about batteries and required precautions.
  • When replacing batteries, replace with the same type and number of batteries or battery packs.
  • Failed batteries can reach temperatures that exceed the burn thresholds for touchable surfaces.
  • CAUTION: Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. The batteries may explode.
  • CAUTION: Do not open or mutilate batteries. Released material is harmful to the skin and eyes. It may be toxic.
  • CAUTION: A battery can present a risk of electrical shock and high short-circuit current. The following precautions should be observed when installing or replacing batteries:
    -­ Disconnect the charging source prior to connecting of disconnecting terminals.
    -­ Do not wear any metal objects including wrist watches and rings. Remove conductive jewelry such as chains, wrist watches and rings. High energy through conductive materials could cause severe burns.
    -­ Do not lay tools or metal parts on top of batteries.
    -­ Use tools with insulated handles.
    ­- Wear rubber gloves and boots.
    -­ Determine if battery is either intentionally or inadvertently grounded. Contact with any part of a grounded battery can result in electric shock and burns by high short-circuit current. The risk of such hazards can be reduced if grounds are removed during installation and maintenance by a skilled person.

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