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There are two installation ways for this product. Use Anchor for the top mount installation and Nut for the bottom mount installation.


Please read and and follow the installation and operation instructions carefully to ensure the seat’s long life and reliable operation. FAILURE TO DO SO COULD CAUSE PROPERTY DAMAGE AND SERIOUS INJURY. Please keep this manual for future reference.

Installation Guideline

  1. .Water pressure range: 0.07-0.8MPa(10~116PSI).
  2. Do not connect to a hot water supply. Providing water temperature above 104°F / 40°C will damage the product and void your warrnty.

Installation Steps

  1. Remove the old toilet seat.
  2. 1.Press the Anchors into the toilet bowl holes. If the anchor does not fit the bowl, proceed to Step 2B, otherwise, skip Step 2B and continue with Step 3.
  3. 2A-2.Position and adjust the Template on the bowl. Place and align the Base Plate to the slotted area of the Template and then place.
  4. 2B. Position and adjust the Template on the bowl. Place and align the Base Plate to the slotted area of the Template and then place the Plate and Screws as shown. Secure the Base Plate by tighten the Nuts. Plate and Screws as shown. Secure the Base Plate by tighten the Screws.
  5. Slide the Toilet Seat across the Base Plate until you hear a click sound to make sure theToilet Seat is secured.
  6. Turn off the supply stop, then disconnect the supply hose from the water tank. If you are using a rigid supply line you will need to purchase a flexible supply hose to install the toilet seat.
  7. Install T-Connector to the Inlet and Supply Hose as shown. Connect the other point of Supply Hose to the supply stop if you’re replacing the rigid supply with a new hose. Connect the included Hose on to the T-Connector and the toilet seat inlet with filter between the T-Connector and the Hose, washer on the other side.
  8. Make sure the Knob on the toilet seat is atthe off position with lever pointing upward. Turn the supply stop back on and check connections at arrows for leaks. Retighten if necessary, but do not overtighten.

Operation Instruction

  • Turn the knob forward from thevertical position as the figure shows.
  • Continuing to turn the knob forward will increase the flow rate of the nozzle
  • Turn the knob backward to the vertical position to stop the cleaning and retract the nozzle

Stop cleaning and self-cleaning function (self-cleaning function is optional)

  • Turn the knob to the vertical (90°) position to turn off the cleaning function.
  • Before each use, the knob can be turned to the 25° gear and hold for a few seconds to clean the nozzle. When the toilet seat is connected with warm water, it can also play a role in emptying cold water.
  • After each use, the nozzle can clean itself. If additional cleaning is needed for the nozzle, please turn the knob to the 25° gear and hold for a few seconds, then turn back to the vertical (90°) gear to turn off the self-cleaning function

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Clean the outside parts of the product. 2.Clean the nozzle Use a soft sponge or cloth with a non-abrasive cleaner to clean the product. Never use hydrogenchloride cleaner, diluent, benzene sandpaper, polishing agent, perfume, pesticide and other clenaing products.
  2. Gently pull out the nozzle and use a soft toothbrush to cleaner the nozzle.

Clean Filter and Flow Restrictor.

  1. Remove the Toilet Seat. (If you feel that the water flow is less than normal, plesae close the supply stop.)
  2. Close the Toilet Lid of the product, press the Release Button and slide the seat forward as shown.This enables you to be able to clean more thoroughly around the toilet. If necessary, disconnect the Hose before you do this.
  3.  Remove the Hose and clean the Filter with a toothbrush.
  4.  Remove the Flow Restrictor with a needle-nose plier and clean the sediment with a toothbrush.
  5.  Reinstall the Flow Restrictor. Make sure it’s installed in the correct orientation.
  6.  Reinstall the Hose. Turn on the supply stop and check for leaks. Retighten if necessary, but  do not overtighten.

Trouble Shooting

Symptoms Probable Causes Recommended Action
Water is too low during Front/Back wash 1. Low water pressure of the unit During Front/Back wash, turn the knob to a higher setting
2. Low water pressure of water supply Raise the water supply pressure higher than

0.07 MPa (10 psi)



No water comes out during Front/Back wash

1. Water shut-off valve is turned off Turn on the water supply stop
2. Filter of T-Connector is blocked Clean the filter of T-Connector
3. Filter of water inlet hose is blocked Clean the filter of water inlet hose
4. Nozzle head is blocked Take off and clean the nozzle head
5. External water pressure is low Increase external water pressure
Water dropping from bowl when using the unit  

External water pressure is too high

The maximum water pressure of the unit is

0.8 MPa (115 psi). If water supply pressure is higher than that, please use pressure reducing valve.


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ANZZI TL-MBSEL200WH Soft Close Manual Bidet Seat [pdf] Instruction Manual
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