anko Selfie Light Stand

*Please read all the information carefully before you use the product and keep the manual for future reference.


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The LED ring light have 3 light modes (white, warm yellow, warm white), 10 adjustable brightness

Packing Accessories


1 LED Ring Light with USB Cable
2 Tripod Stand
3 Universal Phone Clip
4 360° Hot Hose Ball Head

Installation Description

Step 1
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Insert the hot shoe ball head with the ring light through the hot shoe card slot, tightened screw cap after the connection;

Step 2
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Connect the hot shoe ball head to the mobile phone clip.

Step 3
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Screw the ring light to the tripod stand through threaded joint with the screw cap below. The tripod stand can extend the height of the foot bracket by pulling the buckle;

Step 4
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Put the phone in the phone clip in vertical or horizontal position phone clip.

Step 5:
Connect the USB cable to an USB adapter (Not included).


Input: DC 5V 2A

Documents / Resources

anko Selfie Light Stand [pdf] Instruction Manual
Selfie Light Stand, 42829799

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