anko Automatic Soap Dispenser Instruction Manual
anko Automatic Soap Dispenser

When dispensing, blue light will flash. Place open hand 5cm under dispensing nozzle.
5cm is the best distance

Operation Instructions

  1. Open battery compartment and insert 4 AAA batteries, ensure that the polarity is correct. Replace battery cover and screw to close.
    Batteries Inductions
  2. Press the “on” switch, a blue light will flash to show that it is on.
    Switch Button
  3. To fill the dispenser, stand the dispenser upright, slide off cover and pull off lid. Pour in liquid to fill.
    Filling Dispenser
  4. The dispenser will need to be primed on first use, place your hand 5cm from dispensing nozzle a few times to draw the liquid up.
  5. If the nozzle clogs, gently clean the nozzle to clear any dried debris
  6. Refill when liquid level is low.
  7. Do no place in water or allow battery compartment to become wet, the dispenser is not water proof.
  8. Do not place in direct sunlight
  9. Remove batteries from the dispenser when not used for extended periods of time or when batteries are exhausted.

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anko Automatic Soap Dispenser [pdf] Instruction Manual
43024094, Soap Dispenser

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