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anko 43242870 RGB LED Strip

anko 43242870 RGB LED Strip

Remote Control

anko 43242870 RGB LED Strip 1

  1. On/Off switch
  2. White light (mixed colour)
  3. Flash (7 light colour change function)
  4. Strobe (slow fading out of a colour)
  5. Fade (slow fading out with colour change)
  6. Smooth (3 light colour change)
  7. Control panel for colour selection (12 mixed col-ours)
  8. Red, Green, Blue colour
  9. Increase/decrease the brightness or fast/slow rate in flash/strobe/fade/smooth mode

Battery Installation

  • This item requires 2×1.5VAAA batteries (Not included)
  • Battery installation by adult is required.


  • Batteries are to be inserted with correct polarity.
  • Do not mix different types of batteries or new and used batteries
  • Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.
  • Rechargeable batteries are only to be charged under adult supervison.
  • Rechargeable batteries are to be removed from the product before being charged.
  • The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.
  • Remove batteries from the product when not in use for extended time or when batteries
  • become exhausted.
  • Dispose of batteries responsibly.
  • Do not dispose of in fire.


The following safety precautions should always be followed, it is important to read all of these instructions carefully before using the product, and to save them for future reference or new users.

  • This product must only be used as intended in accordance with the enclosed operation instructions.
  • CAUTION: Install batteries to correct polarity. Installation by adult recommended.
  • Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
  • This product has not been designed for use by children.
  • Children should be closely supervised always when they are near any electrical appliance.
  • This product has been designed for indoor use only.
  • Keep the product and the cables away from water or other liquids. If the product does fall in water, immediately disconnect the power supply. Do not attempt to pul the product out of the water when it is connected to a device that is connected to the mains supply
  • Never touch the product or the cables with wet hands.
  • Pull the product Out of the device or the mains plug of the connected device out of the socket, when you are not using the product.
  • Do not make any modifications to the product. Do not to replace the connector cables by yourself.
  • The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches its end of life tne wnole Iuminaire shall be replaced.
  • Do not connect the strip light to supply while it is in the packing or wound onto a reel.
  • Do not use the strip light when covered or recessed into a surface.
  • Do not open or cut the strip ight.
  • Aim at the receiver, the range of the remote control is 5M.
  • If the external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire is damaged,it shall be replaced by a special cord exclusively available from the manufacturer or his service agent.
  • For indoor use oniy.
  • This light set is constructed with non-replaceable LED. DO NOT attempt to replace any of the LED in the light set,


  1. Before adhering strip lights, clean the surface of the area you will be placing the lights on. It is recommended to apply your strip lights on smooth stable surfaces.
    It should not be placed on rough, textured or painted wall surtaces or any surtaces that can bend or move.
  2. Peel off the backing strip off the adhesive tape.
  3. Press and hold the light strip firmly against the surface
  4.  Put 2x 1.5V AAA batteries into the battery slot.
  5. Connect the USB cable to the USB port or USB wall charger with DCSV 2A output.
  6. Turn on the LED backlight by pushing the ON button on the remote control.
  7. Select the desired colour or the desired effect and push the corresponding button on the remote control.
  8. Please note that the colour settings are mixed colours. For this reason, the colour tints may exhibit minor deviations. Even white light is a mixed colour and thus not a purely white colour tint!
  9. Set the desired colour brightness using the buttons to increase/decrease the intensity of colour.
  10. Push the OFF button to turn off the LED backlight.

Documents / Resources

anko 43242870 RGB LED Strip [pdf] Instruction Manual
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