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anko 43194513 Instant Gazebo Set Instructions

anko 43194513 Instant Gazebo Set

Please read completely before setting up your Instant Gazebo set.

Please read and understand these instructions before attempting to set up your Instant Gazebo set. Follow all safety precautions, care and maintenance tips listed below when using your Instant Gazebo set.


  1. Never set up or continue to use in any rain, wind or storm conditions, especially lightning storms. Damage can occur to your Gazebo and put you and others in potential danger.
  2. Avoid bending the frame or pinching your fingers or hands while opening or closing the frame.
  3. Avoid setting up your Gazebo on steep inclines.
  4. Always use the provided stakes to secure your Gazebo to the ground unless you set up on concrete or asphalt.
  5. The Gazebo is only to be used as a Temporary shelter not as a permanent one.
  6. Keep the canopy away from heat and flames at all times. Do not barbecue or build fires under the canopy.
  7. Never leave your Gazebo unattended.
  8. Hand wash the canopy using only mild soap and water. Never use harsh detergents, abrasives and/or bleach, etc. Do not machine wash.
  9. Never fold or store your Gazebo when it is wet or damp. Let it dry completely.


ATTENTION: To avoid any damage, remove the canopy during bad weather, eg during high winds or heavy rains.

Product and Parts Listing

Description Quantity
canopy 1pc
Gazebo frame 1set
Ropes with plastic tensioners 4pcs
Steel pegs 8pcs
Side walls 4pcs
Carry bag 1pc

Assembly Instructions

Follow these instructions carefully to avoid pinching your hands or fingers in any of the moving ports as the frame opens and closes. The Instant Gazebo requires a Minimum two people to erect.

  1. Place your fold up Gazebo in the center of the area to be sheltered. Remove the carry bag and stand the fold up Gazebo on its’ feet. With partner on the opposite side, grasp two outer legs, slightly lift the frame off the ground and take a step backwards, stepping at full (outstretched) arms length.
  2. Put the canopy on it. Each partner should grasp the top and bottom of the diamond formed by the side supports on opposite sides and pull hands together while stepping backwards until the shelter is fully opened. Be careful not to pinch your fingers or to pull backwards too hard as this will result in the side supports bending.
  3. Engage the slider at each corner by pushing up with one hand while holding down the top of the leg with the other hand. A snap button will engage in the locating hole. Repeat this operation on the remaining three legs.
    Attach the hanger at each center of the roof cover to the frame, to secure your roof cover and frame tighter. Repeat this operation on the remaining three hangers.
  4. You and your partner should each place a foot on the foot plate of the bottom of adjacent legs and lift up the leg, sliding the inner leg out until the snap button will engage in the locating hole.
    Repeat this operation for the other two legs.

Use the guy ropes attached to the ring at each corner of the roof cover and stakes, to secure your fold up Gazebo to the ground or just use the stakes through the holes in each legs foot.

  1. Install 4 side walls.
  2. Every wall is with two zippers and you can assemble it at will,no specific order.
  3. One side with 6 ties to attach frame. Please attach “a” and “b” firstly and then attached “c” “d” “e” ”f” one by one.
  4. When finish assembling 4 walls, you can close the side zippers.
  5. Please kindly note that there’s one door in one wall and it’s easy to get in and out.


Disassembly Instructions

Attempting to erect this Gazebo in windy conditions may be hazardous and could result in injury and or damage to the product.

If you assembled the side wall, please open side zippers firstly and then untie all ties . When all side walls are removed, please disassemble your GAZEBO following below steps.

  1. Remove any leg stake and guy ropes, You and your partner should each lift up two adjacent outer legs slightly, depress the snap button and push the telescopic inner legs into the outer legs. Repeat for the remaining two legs.
  2. Remove each hanger at each center of the roof cover from the frame.
    Release the slider at all four corners by a slight upward pressure with one hand while depressing the snap button to release the slider. With the other push slider down past the snap button.
  3. Each partner should grasp the top of the diamond on opposite sides and slightly lift up, shake the canopy a little pull hands apart while stepping towards your partner until the unit is three quarters closed.
  4. Grasp the two outer legs, slightly lift off the ground and push together to fully close.

Final having made sure the canopy material is completely dry return your fold up Gazebo to its storage bag.

Documents / Resources

anko 43194513 Instant Gazebo Set [pdf] Instructions
43194513, Instant Gazebo Set, 43194513 Instant Gazebo Set, Gazebo Set

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