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anko 43183326 Bluetooth Speakers with LED Night Light

43183326 Bluetooth Speakers with LED Night Light

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Micro USB cable
  • Manual


  • The speaker automatically enters the light mode & pairing mode after power on the indicator lights flicker rapidly in blue; )
  • Bluetooth connected/local mode standby: indicator solid in blue: )
  • In music playing mode, the blue indicator flickers slowly; )
  • If the USB cable is inserted for charging in power-off mode, the red indicator is solid and turns off after fully charging.


  • If a Micro USB cable is inserted for charging, it is prohibited to use the speaker in the bathroom, bathtub, or water to avoid electric shock: )
  • Please read and follow all instructions – All operation procedures and instructions are included;
  • The Micro USB cable should be prevented from being tightly clamped especially at the connector:
  • Please pull out the Micro USB cable in a thunderstorm or if not used for a long time:
  • Do not place the speaker near any heat source such as radiators. heating recorders, furnaces, or other devices generating heat (including amplifiers):
  • Do not perform any unauthorized alteration of the speaker;
  • It is OK to use any compatible and compliant power source that adheres to all Australian safety regulations and standards;
  • Do not expose the product with battery to any environment with high temperature (e.g. stored under sunlight or tire);
  • In case of battery liquid leakage, do not let such liquid contact your skin or eyes. Seek medical advice immediately in case of such contact;
  • The product is fragile, so please handle it with care.


anko 43183326 Bluetooth Speakers with LED Night Light - Overview


  • Output power: 5W
  • Built-in lithium battery capacity: 3.7V 1200mAh
  • Charging Input: DC 5V/500mA
  • Playing time at 100% vol: 2-3h
  • Plotting time of 50% vol: 5-6h
  • Charging time: 3-4h
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth name: KM43183326
  • Bluetooth frequency: 2.4GI-LZ-2.48GHz
  • Transmission distance:10m
  • Frequency response range: 50Hz-20KHz
  • SNR: >75db
  • Dimensions: (D)112mm x (H)155mm
  • Weight: 420g


  • Power on: Press the power button for 1 second until a brief prompt tone can be heard. The blue operation indicator will turn on and flicker, that the speaker is powered on and enters the light mode by default;
  • Power off: Press the power button for 1 second to power off. The blue indicator goes out and o brief prompt tone will be heard.

Note: The default mode after power on is light mode and Bluetooth mode. Press and hold the Pause/Play button can switch to other modes.


I. Bluetooth pairing:

  1. When the device is powered on. the default is Bluetooth mode. You will hear a voice prompt and the indicator will flash in blue quickly;
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on the device to search and add a new device: Select “KM43183326* in the Bluetooth list and connect it; after a successful connection, you will hear the voice prompt and the blue indicator is solid: (Please input “0000′ if it is required to input the password)
  3. After the first successful pairing. the speaker will automatically connect the last connected device after entering Bluetooth pairing mode (please guarantee that the connected device is turned on and within the connection range):
  4. If it is required to disconnect the device. please disconnect it manually via your connected device and a brief prompt tone will be heard when it is disconnected.

Notes on pairing:

  • Please connect it manually via your Bluetooth device if the automatic connection is unsuccessful;
  • The effective communication distance for a Bluetooth connection is 10m. Please guarantee that the relevant device is within the range and the solid wall between them should be avoided. The suggested communication distance is no longer than 5m.

II. TWS pairing connection (for Bluetooth mode only)
When you have two model Bluetooth speakers and they mutually connect via Bluetooth, they will become the left and right channels automatically to produce stereoscopic effects.

  1. Prepare two model Bluetooth speakers and use one of them as the main device to connect your Bluetooth device; it’s not required to connect the other one with your Bluetooth device. otherwise, a connection between the two speakers cannot be established;
  2. After confirming that the two speakers are in Bluetooth mode, press the power button for either speaker to enter TWS pairing for automatic connection: after the successful connection, you will hear two brief prompts from the two speakers; after the first successful pairing connection, the two speakers will perform pairing connection automatically if both of them are powered on:
  3. After the successful pairing connection, if either of them is operated, the other will perform the same operation, such as light changes, and switching songs. volume up/down, and power-off:
  4. Disconnect pairing connection: In pairing connection mode, press the power button for either speaker to disconnect, and then the current speaker with Bluetooth connection will keep working, and the speaker without connection will go into standby mode;
  5. Re-connection after disconnection: After the TWS pairing connection is disconnected. Press the power button on the disconnected speaker to re-enter TWS pairing and reconnect the other speaker automatically (both speakers should be In Bluetooth mode).

Notes on TWS pairing connection
TWS pairing will not work if either speaker is already connected to a Bluetooth source device. Please disconnect the speakers first before TWS pairing.
III. Music playing

  • Bluetooth mode
    In Bluetooth connection mode, the wireless Bluetooth speaker can realize multiple music playing effects on any connected device. In the meantime, answering phone calls is supported.
  • Play/pause: After Bluetooth connection, press the play/pause button to directly play/pause the music In the default player of the relevant device.
  • Volume+/volume-:
    Press and hold the or to adjust the volume. In order to protect your hearing, the speaker is equipped with maximum volume control. You will hear a brief prompt after the maximum volume is reached At the moment, the volume cannot be Increased on the device. However, you can still increase the volume via your player:
  • Previous song/next song: Press the button to play the next song, and press the button to ploy the previous song:
  • Answering/hanging up phone calls: The speaker will give out a prompt tone in case of an incoming call. Press the play/pause button to answer it and press the button again to hang It up:
  • Rejecting phone cats: The speaker will give out a prompt tone in case of an incoming call. Press and hold the play/pause button to reject It.

» Local mode (Micro SD Card/USB drive function)

  1. After inserting a Micro SD Card/USB drive into the relevant slot. corresponding voice prompt can be heard. The speaker will automatically read and play MP3 files in the cord, and you can control the music playing by using the buttons for the speaker.
  2. Press and hold the play/pause button to switch to Micro SD Cord playing or 1.1513 playings.
  3. In either mode. the speaker will automatically play the audio file on the card after the Micro SD Card/USB drive is inserted. And it will switch to Bluetooth playing mode automatically after the Micro SD Card/USB drive is pulled out.

IV. Touch Lighting effects

  1. Upon power on. the default is low-grade white
  2. Press the top touch sensor to change the lighting effects.
  3. In any lighting mode, press and hold the touch sensor to turn it off.

12-month warranty

Thank you for your purchase from Kmart.
Kmart Australia Ltd warrants your new product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period stated above. from the date of purchase, provided that the product is used in accordance with the accompanying recommendations or instructions where provided. This warranty Is in addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Low. Kmart will provide you with your choice of a refund. repair or exchange (where possible) for this product if it becomes defective within the warranty period. Kmart will bear the reasonable expense of claiming the warranty. This warranty will no longer apply where the defect is a result of alteration, accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect. Please retain your receipt os proof of purchase and contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 124 126 (Australia) or 0800 945 996 (New Zealand) or alternatively, via Customer Help at for any difficulties with your product. Warranty claims and claims for expenses incurred in returning this product can be addressed to our Customer Service Centre at 690 Springvale Rd. Mulgrave Vic 3170. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to o replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired Of replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. For New Zealand customers. this warranty is In addition to statutory rights observed under New Zealand legislation.

  • Do not dispose of the unit in fire or water. Never attempt to disassemble and reassemble, Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste, please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your local authority for recycling advice.
  • Keep your device and all accessories out of reach of children and Wads. A small pat may cause choking or serious injury if swallowed.
  • Avoid exposing your device to very cold or very hot temperances (below 0°C or above 45T).
  • Extreme temperatures can cause deforming of the device and reduce the charging capacity and life of yea device.
  • Do not allow your device to get wet, liquids can cause serious damage. Do not handle your device with wet hands.

The Bluetooth® word mock ad logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth® SIG. Inc.. and any use of such marks by KMART AUSTRALIA is under license.
iPhone, iPad, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc.. registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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