anko 43148592 Bamboo Led Beauty Mirror


Safety Instructions

To ensure the proper operation of this appliance, please read this instruction manual carefully before you use the appliance and save it for further reference.


  • Check the appliance before you use it, do not use the appliance if it has any crack, gap, or any other damage.
  • Make sure the mirror is not in a place or in a position where it can reflect sunlight. Reflected sunlight can cause a fire.
  • Do not attempt to repair, disassemble, or modify the appliance by yourself to avoid accidents
  • The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches its end of life the whole luminaire shall be replaced.
  • For indoor use only


  • Avoid touching the mirror with sharp objects in order to prevent scratches that might affect the mirror usage.
  • This appliance has a lithium battery. Do not place or store the appliance for long periods of time in a hot or humid environment. If you do not intend to use the appliance for a long time, store the appliance after is fully charged.
  • This appliance contains a battery and LED lights that are non-replaceable.
  • Ensure the charging adapter used is compatible with a 5V / 0.5A rating


  • Charging Voltage/Current: 5V1500mA
  • Type of Battery: Li-polymer 3.7V 1000mAH
  • Ta: 25 C

Product Descriptionanko-43148592-Bamboo-Led-Beauty-Mirror-fig-1

  1. Normal mirror
  2. Touch switch
  3. LED light
  4. Pole
  5. Base
  6. Charging port
  7. Charging indicator
  8. USB cable

Using the Appliance

Charging the appliance takes about 4 hours, and it can be used continuously for up to 4 hours for the lightest model. The charging indicator will be red while the mirror is charging and will change to green when fully charged. To use the LED light, touch the “touch switch”.There are three modes, light can change by touching the switch again.

  1. Plug the small end of the USB cable into the port located in the backside of the mirror to charge
  2. Press the touch switch: cool light-warm light-white light-OFF(long touch to adjust the brightness)
  3. With an adjustable viewing angle
  4. Charge only with supplied USB cable

Cleaning & Maintenance

  1. Turn the appliance off before you start cleaning it.
  2. Do not immerse the appliance in water. Clean the appliance surface with a dry cloth or with a cloth moistened with water.
  3. Do not use any lubricant, detergent, polishing agents, alcohol, steel wool, abrasive cleansers, chemicals, or corrosive liquids on this appliance.

Battery and appliance disposal

Eco-Friendly Tips

This appliance has a lithium battery. Batteries contain substances harmful to our environment, please do not dispose of the appliance containing batteries with the normal household waste, instead, hand it over to an official recycling point.



Documents / Resources

anko 43148592 Bamboo Led Beauty Mirror [pdf] Instruction Manual
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