Instruction Manual

Keycode: 42895831

*Please read all the information carefully before you use the product and keep the manual for future reference.

1. Specification:

  • Sensing module 90 degrees rotation
  • 4 white LED light
  • 3*AAA battery (not included )

2. Structure Description:

  • Sensing module 90 degrees rotation
  • 4 white LED light
  • 3*AAA battery (not included )

Structure Description

3. Installation Description:

  1.  Stick the plastic clips with 3M glue to the cupboard or closet.
    (Note: the lamp bar is placed on the right side of the entrance)
  2. Then push the lamp into the plastic buckle as the direction shown in the above picture.

4. Direction For Use

  1. Place the battery correctly and close the battery cover,
  2. Set the switch to “AUTO”, the LED light goes into motion detect mode. When in a dark area, once a person or animal enters the sensing area, the light will turn on for 30 seconds.
  3. Set the switch to “ON” for Always on mode
  4. Set the switch to “OFF” when not in use.

Direction For Use

5. Detection distance

  • Within 3meters and 100°

Detection distance

6. Attentions

  • This product should be used indoors, please do not use it in direct sunlight, rains, or heavy moisture.
  • The sensor will not work beyond its sensing range Battery life is a rough figure, it will be different depending on the frequency and time of use, battery life from different brands will also be different.
  • Please check for battery regularly. Remove the battery when not for use in a long period.
  • Old and new battery should not use at the same time.
  • Difference type of battery should not mixed.

Documents / Resources

anko 42895831 [pdf] Instruction Manual

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