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Instruction Manual

These instructions are for your safety. Please read through them thoroughly before use and retain for future reference.


The solar light consists of a solar cell, a rechargeable battery and LED lights. All these are preassemble. During the day time, light from the sun charges up the batteries. At night, the energy stored in the batteries is used to power the light. No other power or connections are required. The length of time the light stays on is dependent on how much sunlight has been received during the day.

Siting Instructions

  1. This light set is designed for use OUTDOORS in an open (unshaded) location.
  2. Do not position or place near barbecues, heaters or any other direct sources of heat.
  3. The solar panel should be located where sunlight can fall directly on the panel. Shadows from buildings, trees, walls/hedges and similar objects should be avoided if possible as these will reduce performance.
  4. Try to avoid locations where light from other sources (e.g. streetlights, floodlights etc.,) may affect the PIR sensor. The light stakes are designed only to illuminate in dark conditions, and may not come operate if light reflects on the panel.
  5. The light stakes can be left outside in rain, but should not to be exposed to water jets or immersed. For optimum life, the solar panel should be stored indoors during extreme weather conditions (prolonged snow and frost).
  6. Locate each light stake by insert the spike in the ground, choose a location where there is soft ground to enable the spike to be pushed in easily.

Use Instructions

  1. Remove all packaging before use and dispose of safely.
  2. Ensure there are no pipes or mains cables immediately underneath, then fix the solar panel assembly to the ground by the anchor spike.
  3. Turn the ON/OFF switch at the bottom to “ON”.
  4. Place the light stakes at the desired locations. Ensure the cables are routed so that they do not present a tripping hazard.
  5. Press ‘MODE’ switch on solar panel to select function: ‘Steady on’ or ‘Flashing’.

Battery Replacement
The battery is non-replaceable. DO NOT attempt to replace it.
Bulb Changing
The light set is constructed with non-replaceable bulbs. DO NOT attempt to replace any of the bulbs in the light set.


  • The light stakes are designed for use OUTDOORS ONLY.
  • Remove all packaging before use.
  • This product is not a toy, keep out of reach of children.
  • This product has small parts, which may pose a choking hazard if detached.
  • The end point of the ground stake is sharp. Please do not allow children to play with the anchor spike.
  • Keep away from fire and sources of heat.
  • Some condensate may form inside the unit or solar panel in cold conditions. This is normal and can be ignored.

Direct sunlight is required to charge the battery.

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anko 150LT Solar Powered Icicle String Lights - Assembly

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