AMIR US-KA6 Digital Kitchen Scale



  • DIMENSIONS:97″L x 1.57″W x 1.18″H
  • WEIGHT:6 ounces
  • Piece counting: 25, 50, 65, 75, 100
  • COLOR: Product(silver)
  • WEIGHING RANGE: 3000g/ 1g
  • ACCURACY:1g/ 0.01oz
  • ERROR RANGE: ±0.3g


With a vast weight range of 1g–3000g, 0.01oz/0.1g, the AMIR digital kitchen scale is made with cutting-edge; high-precision sensors to provide you refined accuracy. It is the perfect tool for measuring jewelry, medications, and food ingredients with extreme precision because it is simple to use and clean.

Thank you for purchasing AMIR pocket kitchen scale. With normal care end proper treatment, this scale will provide years of reliable service.

Maintenance and Cara

  1. Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold. Also avoid any kind of moi Always allow your scale lo acclimate to normal room temperature before use.
  2. Keep your scale in a dean and dry environment may have an adverse effect on the accuracy and reliability of the scale.
  3. Handle the scale with care. Gently apply ell items to be weighed on the tray top. Although this scale Is designed to be quite durable, avoid rough reatment, as this may permanently damage the internal parts. Always avoid shaking and dropping. This is a precision instrument and should be handled with extreme care.


  1. Place the scale on a leveled surface & press “ON/OFF’ key to tum on the scale or power ii off.
  2. Wait unit the LCD display shows zero, then 11ress ‘UNIT” key 1D choose the weighing
  3. Place the item to be weighing on the surface and wait unit the reading is stable.

Tare Function

  1. Turn on the scale as described above.
  2. Place the “tare item” on the Press “TARE” key and wait unit the LCD displays zero.
  3. Scale can now be used for weighing. Add the “net-weight-item”

Counting Function

  1. Place the scale on a leveled surface & power on it.
  2. Sampling: Prepare a sam11le quantity (25, 50, 70 or 100 pcs) of the item you want to Put the Item on the platform, press and hold the “PCS” key unit the scale shows “25”, “50”, “70”, or “100”·. Press the “UNIT”, key to switch the above figures to match the quantity of the items on the platform. Press the ‘PCS” again and display will show ‘pcs• in the lower left hand corner. Sampling is completed.
  3. Put the items you went to count en the platform and display will show the quantity of these


  1. “Lo”· Low voltage. Please replace the batteries
  2. “0-Ld”: Over load. Please remove item quickly to protect the

Package Includes

  • 1 x Digital pocket scale
  • 2 x Platform cover
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • 1 x User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this have 0.01g increments with a minimum of 0.1g range, or only tenths of a gram precision?

The display indicates tenths of a gram, but was your query regarding accuracy or precision? – The accuracy of the box is listed as 0.4g on the back.

Can I use this straight out of the box or does it need calibration before use?

When you attach the batteries, the scale starts to function right out of the box. There is a difference between a scale that is calibrated and one that is in operation. I used a set of check weights to confirm my scale’s accuracy. I just needed to weigh a maximum of 200 grams; therefore I simply checked the upper limit. The scale looked good when I checked it against the eight weights.

Does it count?

Yes, as stated in the description: “PCS feature enables you to count components like pins, beads, and screws;”

Does it do tbls. , cups, oz., grams, conversions between units?

It does weigh in both metric and English, yes.

Is it accurate for jewelry?

Yes, it is pretty accurate.

What size batteries does it use?

It uses AAA sized batteries.

Does it show in gram? I’m from Europe and used to weigh in gram?

Yes, it weighs in grams as well.

What can I use to calibrate my digital scale 500g?

Put a calibration weight, a coin from the United States, or a common object on your scale. You can use an item to calibrate the scale as long as you know its precise weight. Avoid using the object to calibrate the scale if you don’t know its precise weight since if it’s too heavy, the scale could be damaged.

Are kitchen scales worth it?

Actually, using a scale speeds up and simplifies cooking while improving measurement accuracy. (Consider how many dishes you won’t need to wash!) There is a good reason why people who buy scales don’t regret their decision. (Don’t worry if you’re clumsy; our new model is watertight!)

Is a food scale worth it?

A scale is a terrific tool for staying on track if you’re attempting to eat more mindfully. You can easily measure portion sizes using a kitchen scale, allowing you to calculate your intake of calories and other nutrients.

Are digital kitchen scales better than mechanical?

With the ability to weigh liquids, as well as measure ingredients gram for gram, digital scales enable precise baking. You can: Measure little amounts more accurately with their help. Digital scales eliminate guesswork since you always get an accurate reading to the nearest gram.

Why is my kitchen scale not working?

One of the most likely reasons for an unsteady scale reading is a low battery or a worn-out battery. Since most battery connectors are not watertight, it is more vital to examine if rust has formed on them.

Do kitchen scales need to be calibrated?

In order to achieve accurate readings and exact measurements, it’s crucial to calibrate your digital scale frequently.

Can digital weighing scale be repaired?

To ensure uncompromised performance and optimum output, every manufacturer requires routine calibration and maintenance. We have experts on staff that can do any kind of repair or maintenance work on both mechanical and digital scales.

Should I weigh my food to lose weight?

According to my experience losing weight, weighing and logging your food prior to cooking is the best approach to obtain the most accurate data. (Weighing your meal after it has been cooked leaves a lot of space for error in the calculations.) When cooked, raw foods typically change both in condition and weight.


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