amazon basics B081TD1WV5 Aluminum Type-C Docking User Manual
amazon basics B081TD1WV5 Aluminum Type-C Docking


Read these instructions carefully and retain them for future use. If this product is passed to a third party, then these instructions must be included.

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the r sk of fire, electric shock, and/or injury to persons including the following:

  • Do not bend or kink the USB cable.
  • Observe the safety instructions of any other devices connected to the product.


Explanation of Symbols

CE Symbol
This symbol stands -or “Conformite Européenne”, which means ‘Conformité with EU-directives*. With the CEmarking the man7actUrer confirms that this product complies with applicable European directives and requlations.

Dustbin Icon Direct current (DC).

Intended Use

  • This product is intended for household use only. It is not intended for commercial use.
  • This product is intended to bE used in dry indoor areas only

Product Description

B081TD1WV5, B081TD341L, B081TCS4WF
Product Description

8081TDSR14, B081TD95GF, 8081TD8487
Product Description

Product Description

  • A Micro SD card slot
  • B SD card slot
  • C USB Type-C port for PD 3.0
  • D HDMI port
  • E VGA 15-pin socket
  • F RJ45 Ethernet socket
  • G Mini Display Port
  • H 3.5 mm audio socket
  • I USB Type-A 3.D ports
  • J USB Type-A 3.0 port with 1.5 A Charging
  • K USB Type-C male connector

Before First Use

  • Check the product for transport damages
  • Remove all the packing materials.

Warning Icon DANGER Risk of suffocation! keep any packaging material away from children – these materials are a potential source of danger e.g. suffocation.


Connecting the optional USB Power Delivery adapter:

  • Connect the USB type-C plug connector of a Power Delivery (PD) power adapter/charger to the USB Type-C port for PD 5.0 (C) of the product.
  • Connect the power adapter to a socket outlet.


  • This product supports until 100W power adapters (not included) for the host computer and the product’s power requirements (15 W).
  • If the product’s power relies solely on the host computer, its USB Type-A ports (I, J) cannot fully deliver their full output power.
  • This product supports the Fast Role Swap (FRS) function of USB PO 3.0. Connecting/disconnecting the power adapter will not affect current connections of the USB devices.
  • This product works with Cost computers that supports the DisplayPort Alt code (DP Alt code) by way of the USB Type-C connector. The host computer interfaces via the Mini DispfayPort (G), VGA 1 5-pin socket (E), HDF1I port (D) ports of this product to the corresponding displays.

Risk of data loss!
Do not disconnect from a computer or USB device during data transfer. Dcing so may corrupt yoUr data or damage connected devices.


  • A USB 3.0 cable is required for USB 5.O connections.
  • The USB Type-A port with 1.5 A charging (J) can deliver up to a maximum of 7.5 W (5 V, Icon 1.5A), while the other 2 ports share a maximum of S W (5VIcon, 1A,
  • ThiS product iS backward compatible and is designed to work with older USB versions including USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.

Video Connection

This product supports dual video out3utS of a maximum resolution
of 1080 p/60 Hz under the Multi-Stream Transport (MST) mode: Mini Display Port and VGA, or Mini DisplayPort and HDMI.


  • This product tannot provide simultaneous dual outputs of VGA and HDMI.
  • If the host computers rUn on an Mac OS that dœs not support the MST mode, connect only 1monitor at a time.
  • When using dual video output 1monitor may not display property if the resolution of the other monitor has been set so high that it uses up the total video bandwidth of 10.B G. In that case, lower this resolution umil the problem resolves
  • The Mini DisplayPart (G) supaorts DP++ that enables the connection from this port to an HDMI display va passive MDP to HDMI cable

Ethernet Connection

Connect an Ethernet deviœ to the RJ45 Ethernet port (N. Set the IP address manually if required.

SD/Micro SD 2.0 card reading

This product allows both card slots to be used simultane¢›usly.

Cleaning and Storage

During ctœnîng do not immerse the product in water or other liquide Never hold the product under running water.


  • To clean the product, wipe with a soft, slightly. moîst cloth.
  • Never use corrosive detergents, wire brushes, abrasive scourers, metal or sharp utensil to cléan the product.

Store the product in ils original packaging in a dry area. Keep away from children and pets.

FCC – Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity

Unique Identifier:

  • B081TD1 WV5 Aluminum Type-C Docking with Mini DisplayPon, HDNI, VGA, 3 USB-A, Ethernet SD/TF Card Reader, Audio, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – Compact, Grey
  • B0B1TD341 L Aluminum Type-C Docking with Mini DisplayPort, HoMl, VGA, 3 USB-A, Ethernet, SD/TF Card Reader, Audio, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – Compact, Sitver
  • B081TCS4WF Aluminum Type-C Docking with I lini DisptayPort, HDMI, VGA, 3 US8-A, Ethernet, SD/Tf’- Card Reader, Audio, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – Compact Black
  • B081TDSR14 Aluminum Type-C Docking with Mini DisplayPon, HD! II, VGA, 3 USB-A, Ethernet SD/TF Card Reader, Audio, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – Square, Grey
  • B0B1TD95GF Aluminum Type-C Docking with Mini Unique Identifier Responsible DisplayPort, HDM|, VGA, 3 USB-A, Ethernet, SD/TF Card Reader, Audio, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – SQuare, Silver
  • B081TD8487 Aluminum Type-C Docking with Mini DiSplayPort, HDMI, VGA, 3 USB-A, Ethernet, SD/TF Card Reader, Audio, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – Square, Black
  • BOB1TDFJF3 AlUminUm Type-C Docking with Nini DisplayPon, HD! II, VGA, 3 USB-A, Ethernet, SD/TF Card Reader, Aud1o, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – Pedestal, Grey
  • B0B1TD3465 Aluminum Type-C Docking with Mini DisplayPort, HDM|, VGA, 3 USB-A, Ethernet, SD/TF Card Reader, Audio, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – Pedestal, Silver
  • B081TDCXGv AluminUm Type-C Docking with Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, 3 USB-A, Ethernet, SD/TF Card Reader, Audio, and Type-C Charging Port (PD 100W) – Pedestal, Black

Responsible Party Services. Inc

U.S Contact Information
410 Terry Ave N. Seattle, WA

Telephone Number: (206) 266-1000

FCC Compliance Statement

  1. This deviœ comptiez with Part 15 of the FCC rulea Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
    1. this device may not cause harmful interference, and
    2. this devîœ must accept any interferenœ received, including inerference that may cause undesired operation.
  2. Changes or moditications not expressly approved by the party resporisible for complianœ œuld void the user’s authoûty to operate the equipment.

FCC Imerference Statement

This equipment bas been tested arxJ found to œmpty with the limits for a Ctæs B digital deviæ, pursuart to part 15 of the FCC Rud Thèse llmlts are dœiqned to provlde reasonable protection apainst harmful ircerferenœ in a resîdenoal installaton. This equipment generates, uses and can radiale radio frequency’ enerqy and, if not installed and used in accordanœ with the Instructions may cause hanTtful inærference to radio communi¢ations. Hcnveuer, there is no guarantee that interlèrenœ will not occur in a particular instaoatiorl. If this equipment does cause harmful interferenœ to radio or television reception, which can be determlned by tuming the equipment of and on, the user is encouraqed to try to correct the Interferenœ by one or r of the following.

Canada IC Notice

  • This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian CAN ICES-3(B) / NM&-3(8) standard.


Dustbin Icon
The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment {WEEQDirective aims to minimize the impact of electûcal and electronic goods on the emrironment, by increasing re-use and recycling and by reducing the amount óf MEE going to landfill. The symbol on thà product or its packaging signìflœ that this product must be disposed sepąrately from ordinary household wastes at its end of Ïife. Be awaæ that this is your responsibility to dispose Ó etectronic equipment at recycling œnters in order to conserve natural resource Each country should have its collection œnters fpr electrical and electronic equipment recycling. For information about your recycling drop off area, please contact your related electrical and etœtronîc equipment waste management authority, your løcal city office, or yøur house hokÏ waste dispasal service.


Power rating: 5 V—, 15 W
Max input power: 20 V — 5A,100 W max (PD 3.0)
Power supply: 20 V =, 5A (100 W) (USB-C PD 3.0)
USB output power: Total output for all USB-A ports: 10 W (5 V =, 2 A)
Input ports: 1 x male USE Type-C 1 x female USB Type-C (power input)

Out ports:

USB type-A 3.0:USB type-A 3.01.5 A Charging:Audio socket:RJ45 socket(Female): 5 V — — —, 1 A (shared; x 2); 5 Gbps data speed
S V — — —, 1.5 A; S Gbps data speed 3.5 mm combo (speakers/headphone)
10/100/1000 Mbps bandwidth
VGA 15-pin socket:Mini DisplayPort(Female):HDMI port (Female): 1920 x 1200 / 60 Hz max. res.4K / 30 Hz max. res. (DisplayPort Dual-Mode(DP++) up to 4K x 2K at 30 Hz)4K / 30 Hz, 6/8/10/12 bit color depth, outputpixel format RGB 4:4:4 / YCbCr 4:4:4 / YCbCr4:2:2, and HDCP 1.4
SD card slot:
Micro SD card slot:
Secure Digital v3.0 UHS-I (Ultra High Speed) / SDR12 (12.5 Mbyte/s) / SDR25 (25 Mbyte/s) /SDRSO (SO Mbyte/s) / DDRSO (SO Mbyte/s) /SDR104 (104 Mbyte/s)
System requirements: Windows’ 7, Windows’ 8, Windows’ 10 Mac’ macOS X v10.12.2, Mac’ macOS X v10.14.2
Transfer rate. Upstream: DP Alt Mode (max. bandwidth of 21.6 Gbps, 5 Gbps per lane) USB 3.0 super speed (3 x 5 Gbps) backward compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1
Operating conditions: 32 °F to 113 °F (0 2C to +45 gC), 10 to 90 To RH (non-condensing)
Storage conditions: 14 °F to 158 °F (-10 QC to +70 QC), 10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Net weight Dimensions (W x H x D)
B081TD1W V5, B081TD341L, B081TCS4WF approx. 6.98 oz (198 g) approx. 5.35 x 2.95 x 0.6/1″ (136 x 75 x 17 mm)
6081TD5R14, 6081TD95GF B081TD8487 Approx. 8.04 oz (228 g) approx. 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.55″ (120 x 120 x 14 mm)
B081 TDFJF3, B081 TD3465, B081TDCXGV approx. 11.29 oz (3 20 g) approx. 11.02 x 2.95 x 0.55′ (280 x 75 x 14 mm)

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