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Failure to read and follow these safety instructions could result in lire, explosion, electrical shock or other hazard, causing serious and/or fatal injury and/or property damage.

  • Alkaline cells are primary batteries and are NOT designed to be recharged.
  • Attempts to recharge these batteries can lead to leakage and possibly an explosion.
  • No responsibility is accepted by and its affiliates for injury or damage resulting from the cells having been recharged or otherwise abused.
  • Ensure that anyone who uses this battery reads these warnings.
  • Do not modify, disassemble, open, drop, crush, damage, puncture, incinerate or shred the battery.
  • Misuse of the battery may increase the risk of fire or chemical burn.
  • Observe polarity(+/-).
  • Do not expose the product to rain or water.
  • Keep away from open flame, sunlight or high temperatures as the battery may ignite, explode, leak or become hot.
  • Keep away from high voltage devices.
  • Do not burn or expose to high temperatures.
  • Do not short-circuit.
  • Handle damaged or leaking batteries with extreme care. Damaged batteries may leak and cause personal injury or equipment damage.
  • Keep away from children. Seek immediate help if swallowed.
  • Use only in designated equipment. Using a battery with incompatible equipment may increase the risk of fire or explosion.
  • Must be recycled or disposed of properly.
  • Never store or use the battery in an unventilated area where excessive internal temperatures may be encountered.
  • Do not recharge the battery as this may result in burns, fire, leakage or explosion.
  • The use of a mixture of different types or brands of battery, or of used and new batteries even of the same brand or type, may result in burns, leakage, explosion, or fire. When replacing the batteries, use new batteries of the same types and brands.
  • Remove the batteries as soon as they become run down. Otherwise, the batteries may leak and damage the device.
  • Do not apply solder directly to the terminals of a battery. Soldering batteries is dangerous, because the heat will melt the insulator, creating an internal short-circuit, and leading to heat generation, explosion, and fire.
  • Remove the batteries when the device will not be used for a long time {excluding emergency devices) to prevent leakage. Put the removed battery into a case individually and be careful not to short-circuit.
  • If the battery leaks and its electrolyte comes into contact with skin or clothes, wash the contact area with clean water. If battery electrolyte gets into the eye, flush immediately with clean water and consult a doctor immediately.
  • Turn off battery-powered devices when not in use to prevent leakage.
  • Do not remove or damage the battery label. Removing or damaging the label makes the battery easier to short-circuit, and may result in leakage, overheating or explosion.
  • Use the battery within the recommended date printed on the label.

Battery Disposal

Do not dispose of used batteries with your household waste. Take them to an appropriate disposal/collection site.

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