ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers

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Thank you for purchasing this Deaf Bonce product! Our company is committed to the creation of extremely loud sound systems with no loss of quality.To ensure proper use, please carefully read through this manual before using this product. It is especially important that you read and observe caution’s in this manual. Please keep the manual in a safe and accessible place for future reference.


  1. Fasten the speakers properly when installing it in the vehicle. If the component is disconnected during driving, it may cause serious damage to the passengers of the vehicle or another vehicle.
  2. Before installing the components, if possible store the product in it’s original package to avoid accidental damage to the product.
  3. Be careful when installing and dismantling the speaker! Do not let the speaker drop to avoid damage of its moving parts.
  4. When working with tools follow safety rules.
  5. Before the installation switch off the head unit and all other audio devices to avoid their damage.
  6. Make sure that the location of the speaker does not hinder the proper operation of mechanical and electrical devices of the vehicle.
  7. Do not install components in places exposed to water, excessive humidity, high or low temperature, dust or dirt. ATTENTION!!! The product may be operated at +5 °C (41F) to +40 °C (104F). In case of moisture condensation, let the product to dry.
  8. When performing plumbing, drilling or cutting works with the car, make sure that there is no wiring, brake lines, fuel pipe or other structural elements under the place of work. Follow the safety rules! Use protective glasses and gloves.
  9. When stretching back the speaker cables make sure that they are not in contact with sharp edges or moving mechanical devices. Make sure that they are firmly fixed and protected over the entire length.
  10. The diameter of the speaker cables must be selected in accordance with the length and applied power.
  11. Never stretch the cables outside of the car and near the moving parts of the car. This can lead to destruction of the insulating layer, short circuit and fire.
  12. To protect the cables use rubber gaskets if the wire passes through a hole in the plate, or other similar materials if it lies close to the parts exposed to heat.
    CAUTION!!! High sound pressure can damage your health!Please use the common sense when controlling volume!


Do not expose your amplifier to loads below the value predetermined by the manufacturer. Various examples of connection types are given at the pages below. Use these examples to determine the required load impedance of your connection.

Serial connection of the speakers

ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers-fig2ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers-fig3

Parallel connection of the speakers

ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers-fig4

Mixed connection of the speakers

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CAUTION!!! High sound pressure can damage your health!Please use the common sense when controlling volume!

Selection of the diameter of speaker cables
Use the table below to select the desired diameter based on the length and the power consumption.

ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers-fig6


The correct choice of amplifier, its settings, filtering and enclosure largely influence on the lifespan of your audio system. You should select an amplifier with a nominal power, not exceeding the nominal power of the speakers. Proper coordination of the head unit (HU) with the amplifier will allow to get a clean, undistorted signal applied to the component to prevent overheating and voice coil damage. Recommended settings of the amplifier and HU: Volume of HU should not exceed 80%. The amplifier sensitivity should be set to 50%.

The recommended filter settings:

  • The high pass filter HPF (the filter that cuts all frequencies below those set for the filter) should be set to 150-250 Hz (24 dB/Oct), or 250-350 Hz (12 dB/Oct)
  • The low pass filter LPF (the filter that cuts all frequencies above those set for the filter) should be set to 8-12 kHz (12 dB/Oct)
  • Recommended amplifiers: AAB-600.2D, AAB-500.4D, AAB-400.4D, AAB-300.4D, AAK-201.4, AAK-180.4, ARU-3000/2, AHL-300.4, AHL-200.4.ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers-fig7


ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers-fig8


Impedance (Ohm) 4
Spl (dB) 101.7
Fs (Hz) 116
Vas (L) 4.2
Qts 0.33
BL 9.5

This specified sensitivity is not directly connected with the sound pressure in the vehicle, and therefore should not be used as the sole indicator for comparison with other speakers.


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Connection of terminals

ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers-fig11


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  1. Speaker – 2 pcs.
  2. Owner’s manual – 1 pc.
  3. Warranty card – 1 pc.


Deaf Bonce products are warranted against defects concerning materials and their manufacturing under normal functioning conditions.While the product is under warranty, defective parts will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion. The defective product, along with notification about it, must be returned to the dealer from which it was purchased together with the warranty certificate duly filled in, complete with the original packaging. If the product is no longer under warranty, it will be repaired at the current costs.
Our company does not undertake any liability for damages due to transportation. Our company does not take any responsibility for costs or loss of profit due to the impossibility to use the product, other accidental or consequential costs, expenses or damages suffered by the customer. Warranty according to laws in force. For more information visit our website and carefully read warranty card. The manufacturer reserves the right to change design and specification without prior notice.


Items marked “crisscrossed wheeled bin” are not allowed to be disposed of together with usual household waste. These electrical and electronic products should be disposed of in special reception centers, equipped for recycling such products and components. For information about the location of the nearest disposal / recycling spot and the rules of delivery of waste please contact your local municipal office. Recycling and proper disposal helps to protect the environment and prevent harmful effects on health.

Manufacturer: Ningbo Sound Solution 1&E Trading Co., Ltd Made in China

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ALPHARD AP-M67AF Mid-Range Speakers [pdf] Owner's Manual
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