Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

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To activate the 1-year warranty on your Bluetooth Speaker, visit and click on the warranty link to register your product by filling out a quick and easy form. The Alpatronix warranty will fully cover your purchase against all defects in material and/or workmanship for an entire year. Most return policies only allow returns for a period of 14 – 30 days from the date of purchase, so hurry and register your product to give yourself peace of mind knowing Alpatronix has got you covered for a whole year.


  • Never plug in a wet device to an electric outlet for charging.
  • Never use this device to charge another device when wet.

Layout and Functions

Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker - Layout and Functions

Step I

Register Your Product
Register your product and benefit from the 1-year warranty. It’s quick and easy.

Most return policies only allow for a defective product to be returned within 14– 30 days after the date of purchase… and most issues that happen due to defects in material and workmanship have a knack of happening after this return period has ended. We have seen the sad-puppy look on customers’ faces for too long and understand how upsetting it is to spend your hard-earned dollars on something that stops working after a few weeks! That’s why Alpatronix’s Ironclad Warranty will protect you for a whole year against all defects in material and/or workmanship. So register your product by visiting, and click on the “Warranty” on the top menu to register your product and activate your warranty. Rest easy that you are covered no matter what the return policy is where you purchased your product!

If you have a defective product and need us to take care of you, email us at and rest assured that our support team will make this a quick and easy process with as little pain as possible.

Alpatronix warranty is only valid when you purchase from authorized sellers, and only within the country in which you purchased the product. If you are not sure whether the retailer you are purchasing from is an authorized retailer, please contact us and we will be happy to further assist you. Alpatronix sells directly on, and on the website. Alpatronix warranty does not cover user damage. Tampering with your device or user damage also voids the manufacturer warranty.


Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker - Functions 1Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker - Functions 2

TWS Function

  1. Turn on both AX500 speakers. You will notice both devices will have the BLUE LED flashing rapidly.
  2. Select one of the AX500 units and double click the power button. You will notice the main AX500 will have the BLUE & GREEN LEDs flashing alternately. The AX500 (now the main AX500) will detect and pair with the other speaker (Other AX500). Once paired, the main AX500 will have the BLUE LED flash slowly. The other AX500 will have a pulsating blue LED.
  3. On your phone, go to Settings General Bluetooth, and then find the main AX500 on the list of available bluetooth devices. Once paired, you will be able to play music in stereo using both devices, and at a remarkable 80W output.
  4. To disconnect TWS, press the + and – buttons together. The BLUE LED will flash rapidly, meaning it has been disconnected.

Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker - Pairing with computers and laptops

Note: Pairing with computers and laptops
The AX500 will pair easily with any Apple device including Mac computers and laptops, as well as most any Anderoid devices. For pairing with PC computers, please refer to your device’s user manual, or download a compatible Bluetooth driver. Bluetooth driver compatibility varies depending on the type of PC computer or laptop you own, so Alpatronix Customer Service staff would not be able to help identify an appropriate driver. When searching for an appropriate driver, look for one that supports HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP standard profiles.

Power Bank Function

You can use the AX500 to charge your digital devices. Packed with a built-in powerbank, this waterproof beauty can be the answer to all your power needs when you are out and about. Simply connect your USB-powered device to the USB output of the AX500 and see it charge right back up while you listen to all your favorite tunes and dance the night away!

Note: Never leave a charging device unattended. Always monitor your devices while charging, and disconnect if any signs of heat, fire, or other abnormal behavior appear.

Caring for your AX500

To extend the life of your AX500, please note the following

  • Avoid submerging in water. The AX500 is only resistant against splashes and light rain. Avoid exposing the ports to water. Make sure the port cover is secure and completely covering all ports before any exposure to water. Dry the unit completely before plugging into power for charging.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold), or exposure to fire or any other heat source.
  • Clean the product using a dry and soft cloth.
  • If you intend to store the product longer than 3 months, please ensure the battery has at least a 50% charge. Always fully charge the battery again after long-term storage and before use. Store the product in its carrying pouch, in a dry environment, and away from extreme temperatures.
  • Please only use the charging cable provided with the product. If you need additional charging cables, please contact Alpatronix for further assistance.
  • Do not attempt to fix the product, or to open or disassemble it. It will void the manufacturer’s warranty and expose you to risk of severe injury or electric shock. In case of any malfunction, please contact Alpatronix Customer Service for further assistance.


If you are unable to connect the speaker to your device, follow the steps below

  • Check if the battery is low. When the battery is low, the speaker may have trouble connecting. Charge the battery fully and try again.
  • Check the power switch and make sure it is on.
  • Restart the speaker. Turn the power OFF and then turn it back ON again.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth on your device is enabled.
  • Try removing the pairing by going to the Bluetooth section of your device, choose AX500, and select “Forget This Device” (for Android devices: select “Unpair”). Turn Bluetooth of for 3 seconds on your device, and turn it back on. Repeat Step III to attempt to pair again.

Technical Specification

Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker - Technical Specifcation

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Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual – Optimized PDF
Alpatronix AX500 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual – Original PDF

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