HD55 Sentinel Dehumidifier

AlorAir Solutions INC.
Specifications subject to change without notice.




Central Control light should off at all times when not connected to the AC. The A5/A6 on the terminal strip can be used as a water level warning switch for external condensate pumps. If an external pump is connected, the pump must have a self-contained power supply and a water level signal line.
When the power light is blinking, it means that the unit has reached the humidity setpoint.

A5/A6 Aux. Terminal For Optional Cond. Pump

MERV-8 Filter

Flex Duct Installation

Flex Duct Removal

Limited Warranty Exclusions

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ALORAIR HD55 Sentinel Dehumidifier [pdf] User Manual
HD55 Sentinel Dehumidifier, HD55, Sentinel Dehumidifier

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