Allen-Bradley 2198-P031 Kinetix 5700 DC-Bus Power Supply Instruction Manual
Allen-Bradley 2198-P031 Kinetix 5700 DC-Bus Power

About the DC-bus Power Supply

The Kinetix® 5700 DC-bus (converter) power supply with 400V-class three-phase AC input provides continuous output power and current to servo drives for applications with requirements in the range of 7…46 kW and 10.5…69.2 A, respectively. For additional output power (kW) you can install two or three 2198 P208 DC-bus power supplies. You can also extend the DC-bus to additional inverter clusters via accessory modules. See the Kinetix 5700 DC-bus Power Supply Servo Drives User Manual, publication 2198-UM002, for detailed information on wiring, applying power, troubleshooting, and integration with ControlLogix® EtherNet/IP communication modules or CompactLogix™ 5370 controllers.

Catalog Number Explanation

This publication applies to the following Kinetix 5700 DC-bus Power Supply DC bus power supplies.

DC-bus Power Supply Catalog Numbers

DC-bus Power Supply Cat. No.

Module Width mm Input Voltage Continuous Output Power kW

Continuous Output Current ADcrms


55 195…528V rms, three-phase 7 10.5
2198-P070 17



85 31 46.9
2198-P208 46


Before You Begin

Remove all packing material, wedges, and braces from within and around the components. After unpacking, check the item nameplate catalog number against the purchase order.

Parts List

The DC-bus power supplies ship with the following

  • DC-bus end caps
  • Wiring plug connector set for mains input power (IPD), 24V control input power (CP), digital inputs (IOD), shunt power (RC), and contactor enable (CED)
  • Wiring plug connector for shunt power (RC) connections installed on the drive
  • These installation instructions, publication 2198-IN009

light icon Replacement connector sets are also available. See the Kinetix 5700, 5500, 5300, 5100 Servo Drives Specifications Technical Data, publication KNX-TD003, for more information.

Remove the Ground Screw in Select Power Configurations

Remove the ground screw when using ungrounded, corner-grounded, and impedance-grounded power configurations.


T If you have grounded-wye power distribution, you do not need to remove the screw. Go to Install the DC-bus Power Supply on page 3. EMC performance can be affected if you remove the ground screw.

We recommend that you remove the ground screw before mounting the power  supply to the panel. Place the power supply on its side, on a solid surface equipped as a grounded static-safe workstation.


To avoid personal injury, the ground-screw access door must be kept closed when power is applied. If power was present, and then removed, wait at least 5 minutes for the DC-bus voltage to dissipate, and verify that no DC-bus voltage exists before accessing the ground screw.To access the ground screw, open the small plastic door on the right side of the module

Remove the Ground Screw

Remove the Ground Screw


Risk of equipment damage exists. The drive-module ground configuration must be accurately determined. Leave the ground screw installed for grounded power configurations (default). Remove the screw for ungrounded, corner-grounded, and impedance grounded power.

Ground Screw Settings

Ground Configuration (1)

2198-Pxxx DC-bus Power Supply

Grounded (wye)

Ground screw installed (default setting) (2)
  •  AC-fed ungrounded
  • Corner grounded
  • Impedance grounded

Remove ground screw

  1. Refer to the Kinetix 5700 Servo Drives User Manual, publication 2198-UM002, for example configurations.
  2. Ground screw is factory installed.

Install the DC-bus Power Supply

These procedures assume that you have prepared your panel and understand how to bond your system. For installation instructions regarding equipment and accessories not included here, refer to the instructions that came with those products.


To avoid hazard of electrical shock, perform all mounting and wiring of the Kinetix 5700 DC-bus Power Supply drive prior to applying power. Once power is applied, connector terminals can have voltage present even when not in use.


Plan the installation of your system so that you can perform all cutting, drilling, tapping, and welding with the system removed from the enclosure. Because the system is of the open type construction, be careful to keep any metal debris from falling into it. Metal debris or other foreign matter can become lodged in the circuitry and result in damage to components

Mount the DC-bus Power Supply

Observe these clearance requirements when mounting the DC-bus power supply

  • Additional clearance is required for cables and wires or the shared-bus connection system connected to the top of the drive module.
  • Additional clearance is required if other devices are installed above and/or below the drive and have clearance requirements of their own.
  • Additional clearance left and right of the drive module is required when mounted adjacent to noise sensitive equipment or clean wire ways.
  • The recommended minimum cabinet depth is 300 mm (11.81 in.).

Minimum Clearance Requirements

Minimum Clearance Requirements


Mount the drive module in an upright position as shown. Do not mount the drive module on its side. The Kinetix 5700 drive system must be spaced by aligning the zero-stack tab and cutout. For mounting, sizing, and configuring shared-bus configurations, refer to the Kinetix 5700 Servo Drives User Manual, publication 2198-UM002.
Minimum Clearance Requirements
Mount the Kinetix 5700 DC-bus Power Supply drive module to the cabinet subpanel with M5 (#10-32) steel bolts torqued to 4.0 N•m (35.4 lb•in), max.

Drill Hole Patterns

This section provides hole patterns for Kinetix 5700 drive modules that are mounted in zero-stack (shared-bus) configurations.

  • Mount the DC-bus power supply anywhere within the cluster, whatever makes the best use of panel space. If multiple 2198-P208 power supplies are mounted within the same cluster, mount them adjacent to each other anywhere within the cluster.
  • Mount the inverter modules according to power rating (highest to lowest) from left to right or right to left, depending on where the power supply is mounted, with the highest rated inverter adjacent to the power supply.

Calculate the left-to-right hole pattern for any Kinetix 5700 drive module configuration by following these steps.

  1. The first hole location is zero.
  2. The second hole location is module width minus 55 mm.
  3. The next hole location is 55 mm.
  4. Repeat step 2 and step 3 for the remaining holes.

Kinetix 5700 Mounting Hole Patterns
Kinetix 5700 Mounting Hole Patterns
When your Kinetix 5700 system configuration includes 2198-S263-ERSx or 2198-S312-ERSx single-axis inverters, see the Kinetix 5700 Servo Drives User Manual, publication 2198-UM002, for those mounting hole patterns.
Also available to assist you with mounting holes is the Kinetix 5700 System Mounting Toolkit, catalog number 2198-K5700-MOUNTKIT.

Product Dimensions

Refer to the Kinetix 5700, 5500, 5300, 5100 Servo Drives Specifications Technical Data, publication KNX-TD003, for product dimensions of all Kinetix 5700 drive modules.Product Dimensions

DC-bus Power Supply Cat. No

A mm (in.) B mm (in.) C mm (in.)

D mm (in.)


55 (2.17) 300 (11.8) 300 (11.8) 252 (9.9)


2198-P141 85 (3.35) 375 (14.8)

375 (14.8)


Connector Data

Use this illustration to identify the DC-bus power supply features and indicators
DC-bus Power Supply Features and Indicators (2198-P031 power supply is shown)
Connector Data

Item Description


Digital inputs (IOD) connector

Ethernet (PORT1) RJ45 connector


Ethernet (PORT2) RJ45 connector

Zero-stack mounting tab/ cutout


Module status indicator


Network status indicator


LCD display


Navigation push buttons

Link speed status indicators


Link/Activity status indicators

Contactor enable (CED) connector


Ground terminal

Shunt resistor (RC) connector


DC bus (DC) connector

24V control input power (CP) connector


AC Input power (IPD) connector

Cooling fan

DC-bus Power Supply Connectors





AC mains input power 4-position plug, terminal screws
DC DC common bus power

DC-bus links and end caps


24V control input power 2-position plug, terminal screws
RC Shunt powe

2-position plug, terminal screws


Digital inputs 4-position plug, spring terminals
CED Contactor enable

2-position plug, terminal screws


Ethernet communication ports RJ45 Ethernet

Mains Input Power (IPD) Connector Pinout





Chassis ground



Three-phase input power L3




Connector Pinout

Shunt Power (RC) Connector Pinout

RC Pin Description Signal
1 Shunt connections SH
2 DC+

Connector Pinout

Contactor Enable (CED) Connector Pinout

CED Pin Description Signal
EN–  Contactor-enable connections CONT EN–

The contactor-enable circuitry includes a relay-driven contact within the 2198-Pxxx DC-bus power supply. The relay protects the Kinetix 5700 drive system in the event of overloads or other fault conditions.

An AC three-phase mains contactor must be wired in series between the branch circuit protection and the DC-bus power supply. In addition, the AC three-phase contactor control string must be wired in series with the contactorenable relay at the contactor enable (CED) connector. Refer to the Kinetix 5700 Servo Drives User Manual, publication 2198-UM002, for wiring examples


Wiring the contactor-enable relay is required. To avoid personal injury or damage to the Kinetix 5700 drive system, wire the contactor-enable relay into your control string so that:

  • three-phase power is removed and the DC-bus power supply is protected under various fault conditions.
  • three-phase power is never applied to the Kinetix 5700 drive system before control power is applied.

Control Input Power (CP) Connector Pinout

CP Pin Description Signal
1 24V power supply, customer-supplied 24V+
2 24V common 24V-

Control Input Power

Digital Inputs (IOD) Connector Pinout

IOD Pin Description Signal
1 Digital input #1 IN1
2 I/O common for customer-supplied 24V supply. COM
3 Digital input #2 IN2
4 I/O cable shield termination point. SHLD

Connector Pinout

Ethernet Communication PORT1 and PORT2 Pinout 

Port Pin Description Signal
1 Transmit port (+) data terminal + TX
2 Transmit port (-) data terminal – TX
3 Receive port (+) data terminal + RX
6 Receive port (-) data terminal – RX

PORT2 Pinout

Wiring Requirements

Wire must be copper with 75 C (167 F) minimum rating. Phasing of mains AC power is arbitrary and earth ground connection is required for safe and proper operation.

The National Electrical Code and local electrical codes take precedence over the values and methods provided.

DC-bus Power Supply Wiring Requirements

DC-bus Power Supply Cat. No. Description Connects to Terminals Wire Size

mm 2 (AWG)

Strip Length

mm (in.)

Torque Value

N•m (lb•in)

Pin Signal
2198-P031       6…10 (1)    

Mains input power


L3 L2 L1


L3 L2 L1

(10…8) 10.0 (0.39) 0.5…0.8 (4.4…7.1)
2198-P070 6…10 (2)


2198-P141 10…35 20.0 (0.79) 2.5…4.5
2198-P208       (8…2) (22…40)

24V power (connector plug)

CP-1 CP-2 24V+


0.5…4 (20…12) 7.0 (0.28) 0.22…0.25 (1.9…2.2)
  DC Bus power Bus bar DC– N/A (3) N/A (3) N/A (3)
  Contactor enable EN– CONT EN– 0.14…2.5 7.0 (0.28) 0.4…0.5
2198-Pxxx EN+
CONT EN+ (26…12) (3.5…4.4)
  Shunt resistor RC-1 SH 1.5…6 12.0 (0.47) 0.5…0.6
  RC-2 DC+ (16…10) (4.5…5.3)
    IOD-1 IN1      
  Digital inputs IOD-2 IOD-3 IOD-4 COM IN2 SHLD 0.14…1.5 (26…16) 10.0 (0.39) N/A (4)
  1. Applies to solid wire. If using stranded wire, the maximum wire size is 6 mm2
  2. Applies to solid wire. If using stranded wire, the maximum wire size is 6 mm2 E requirements above 45 °C (113 °F) for 6
  3. Shared DC-bus power connections are always made from drive to drive over the bus-bar connection system. These terminals do not receive discrete wires.
  4. This connector uses spring tension to hold wires in place.


To avoid personal injury and/or equipment damage, observe the following:

  • Make sure that installation complies with specifications regarding wire types, conductor sizes, branch circuit protection, and disconnect devices. The National Electrical Code (NEC) and local codes outline provisions for safely installing electrical equipment.
  • Use motor power connectors only for connection purposes. Do not use them to turn the unit on and off.
  • Ground shielded power cables to prevent potentially high voltages on the shield.

Ground Your DC-bus Power Supply to the Subpanel

Ground Kinetix 5700 DC-bus Power Supply drives and Bulletin 2198 capacitor modules to a bonded-cabinet ground bus with a braided ground strap. Keep the braided ground strap as short as possible for optimum bonding.

Connect the Braided Ground Strap
Connect the Braided Ground Strap 

Item Description
1 Ground screw (green) 2.0 N•m (17.5 lb•in), max
2 Braided ground strap (customer supplied)
3 Ground grid or power distribution ground
4 Bonded-cabinet ground bus (customer supplied)

Circuit Breaker/Fuse Specifications

The Kinetix 5700 power supplies use internal solid-state motor short-circuit protection and, when protected by
suitable branch circuit protection, are rated for use on a circuit that can deliver up to 200,000 A (fuses) and 65,000 A (circuit breakers).

While circuit breakers offer some convenience, there are limitations for their use. Circuit breakers do not handle highcurrent inrush as well as fuses. Make sure that the selected components are properly coordinated and meet acceptable codes, which includes requirements for branch circuit protection. Evaluation of the short-circuit  vailable
current is critical and must be kept below the short-circuit current rating of the circuit breaker.

IEC (non-UL/CSA) Circuit-protection Specifications

DC-bus Power Supply

Cat. No.

Input Voltage (three-phase) nom DIN gG Fuses

Amps, max

Miniature CB Cat. No. Motor Protection CB Cat. No. Molded Case CB Cat. No.

195…528V AC


16 1489-M3D250 140M-D8E-C25


2198-P070 40 1492-SPM3D400 140M-F8E-C45 140G-G6C3-C50
2198-P141 75 1492-SPM3D630 140MG-H8E-C60 140G-G6C3-C90
2198-P208 110 140MG-H8E-D10 140G-G6C3-D12

UL/CSA Circuit-protection Specifications 

DC-bus Power Supply Cat. No. Input Voltage (three-phase) nom Bussmann Fuses (1) Cat. No. Miniature CB (2)

Cat. No.

Motor Protection CB, (2) Self Protected CMC Cat. No. Molded Case CB Cat. No.


195…528V AC rms

LPJ-15SP (15A) 1489-M3D250 140M-D8E-C25


2198-P070 LPJ-40SP (40A) 140M-F8E-C45 140G-G6C3-C50
2198-P141 LPJ-70SP (70A) 140G-G6C3-C90
2198-P208 LPJ-100SP (100A) 140G-G6C3-D12
  1. For applications requiring CSA certification, fuses (Bussmann catalog number 170M1760) must be added to the DC link between the two drive clusters when circuit breakers are used for branch circuit protection. The DC bus fuses are not required when AC line fuses are used for branch circuit protection.
  2. These Bulletin 140M/MT Motor Protection Circuit Breakers, when used as self-protected (Type E) devices, and Bulletin 1489 circuit breakers can be used on only WYE power systems (480Y/277V).


Attribute 2198-P031 2198-P070 2198-P141 2198-P208
Surrounding air temperature Operating Storage  0…50 °C (32…122 °F)
-40…+70 °C (-40…+158 °F)
Weight, kg (lb) approx 4.33 (9.55) 4.42 (9.74) 6.91 (15.2) 7.04 (15.5)
Short-circuit current rating 200,000 A rms symmetrical
Branch-circuit short-circuit protection Integral solid-state short circuit protection does not provide branch circuit protection. Branch circuit protection must be provided in accordance with the Nation al Electric Code (NEC) and any additional local codes.
Leakage current
  •  Kinetix 5700 drives produce leakage current in the protective-earthing onductor that exceeds 3.5 mA AC and/or 10 mA DC. The minimum size of the protective-earthing (ground) conductor used in the application must comply with local safety regulations for high-protective-earthing conductor current equipment.
  •  Kinetix 5700 drives produce DC current in the protective-earthing conductor and can reduce the ability of a residual current device (RCD) or residual current monitor (RCM) of type A or AC to provide protection for the drive module and other equipment in the installation.

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These documents contain additional information concerning related products from Rockwell Automation.

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Drives Specifications, publication KNX-TD005
Provides product specifications for Kinetix Integrated Motion over the EtherNet/IP network (Kinetix 6500 and Kinetix 350), Integrated Motion over Sercos interface (Kinetix 6200, Kinetix 6000, Kinetix 2000, and Kinetix 7000), and component (Kinetix 3) servo drive families.
Kinetix 5700 Servo Drives User Manual, publication 2198-UM002 Provides information on how to install, configure, startup, and troubleshoot your Kinetix 5700 servo drive system.
AC Line Filter Installation Instructions, publication 2198-IN003 Provides information on how to install and wire the AC line filter for Kinetix 5500 and Kinetix 5700 servo drives.
Kinetix 5700 Passive Shunt Modules Installation Instructions, publication 2198-IN011 Provides information on how to install and wire Kinetix 5700 external passive shunt modules.
Product Certifications website, Provides declarations of conformity, certificates, and other certification details.
Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Guidelines, publication 1770-4.1 Provides general guidelines for installing a Rockwell Automation industrial system.

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