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Intended use and indications

  • Navigait is intended to support a foot when the ability to actively dorsiflex is reduced due to con-ditions such as Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Post polio syndrome, Spinal Cord Injury.
    Navigait should not be used by patients who present with spasticity or severe edema.
  • Adjustments
    Adjustments to this product may only be done by professional healthcare providers. When needed, the plastic frame may be trimmed to size.
  • Warning
    Do not pull the straps too tight, as this can cause poor circulation and/or skin irritation. Remove the brace immediately if you notice any changes in skin color or if you notice any tingling sensations, aching or chafing feeling. Check skin on a daily basis.

Carefully read this instruction sheet before use!

  • Material Specifications
    • Frame: Polyethene
    • Padding: Outside material 100% polyester.
    • Core material polyurethane.
    • Elastic Coil: Rubber, contains Latex.
    • This product is not flame retardant.
  • Washing Instructions
    • Padding & Straps:
    • Remove the padding and straps from the frame. Close all Velcro into the material prior to laundering. Machine washable in 40°C (104°F) gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent. Dry flat. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.
    • Plastic Frame:
    • The plastic frame can be rinsed in lukewarm water and cleaned with a mild soap. (Remove the elastic strap before cleaning). All parts must be dry before use!
  • Who to contact
    Please contact your healthcare professional immedia-tely in case of any discomfort, skin discoloration or irritation, or any signs of cirulation problems.

Instructions for useallard Navigait Foot Drop Mild Stability FIG 1

  1. Check that the support is complete and without damage.
  2. Position the brace so that the upper strap sits on the head of the calf muscle. Apply the strap at an angle from back to front as shown in the illustration. Leave open in front.
    The lower edge of the brace should be seated com-fortably above the ankle bones.
    If needed the brace can be trimmed slightly in the upper and lower sections with scissors.
  3. Adjust the tension (how much lifting affect you need) by either (1) moving the top velcro part, or (2) adjusting how far down the hook on the tension strap is located on the shoe lacing.
  4. Secure the strap over the pad around the leg.
    Care of your NaviGAIT
    When the brace is not being used, roll the plastic frame longitudinally. Wrap the straps around the top and the bottom to secure. This procedure will keep the plastic frame pre-shaped.


Item No. Description Size Length Plastic section
28410 0010 NAVIGAIT™ X-Small 23 cm
28410 0011 NAVIGAIT™ Small/Medium 26,5 cm
28410 0013 NAVIGAIT™ Large/X-Large 30 cm
28412 0010 Extra coil w/hook X-Small
28412 0011 Extra coil w/hook Small/Medium
28412 0013 Extra coil w/hook Large/X-Large
28413 0010 Extra strong coil w/hook X-Small
28413 0011 Extra strong coil w/hook Small/Medium
28413 0013 Extra strong coil w/hook Large/X-Large
28415 0011 4-Foot Sock Small 21 – 23 cm
28415 0012 4-Foot Sock Medium 23 – 26 cm
28415 0013 4-Foot Sock Large 26 – 29 cm


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allard Navigait Foot Drop Mild Stability [pdf] Instruction Manual
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