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ALL POWERS AP-SS-005 300W Portable Power Bank User Manual

Portable Power Station
Model: AP-SS-005

AP-SS-005 300W Portable Power Bank

The products and materials described in this manual will be changed due to technical upgrades, we reserve the right to change the contents of this manual without informing in advance.
Congratulations on your power station purchase, a plug-and-play backup power integrates with solar regulating, storable energy system, and cloud-based parental controls (Bluetooth app allows you to monitor solar charging at your figure-tips). With 288 watt-hours of power, you can keep your laptops, lights, AC/DC appliances running longer. Welcome to the solar life.

Precautions before operating:

  1. First, you need to ensure the power level of this power station is not too low before take it outdoor. It is capable of charging and discharging at the same time, but solar charging is affected a lot by weather.
  2. Lion-batteries cycle life can extend a lot with proper handling and usage. The most important note: you need to use it at room temperature: 0 ~ +40(°C)/32~104(°F) Do make sure to avoid humid environment and do not store outside.
  3. Be sure the rated running power of your device <300W, and the peak power <500W. In some cases, the instantaneous power of particular appliances is 3 times higher than their rated running power.
  4. It is normal for this unit to become warmer during charging/discharging. Please use it in a cool and well-ventilated place. (Keep it clear from naked flames, sparks or conductive materials when charging the battery).
  5. Voltage and frequency from AC source might vary from country to country (US/JP 110V 60Hz or EU/UK230V AU 240V 50Hz). Please follow the local regulation to choose the correct version before using.

Get To Know Your Gear
  1. Power button (Bluetooth):
    Press the power button to turn on and wake up the LCD screen, the system displays the current battery level, in the power-on state, long press the button until an appears on the screen to enter the Bluetooth mode. then scran QR code to download APP and allow this APP to use your location, then do the registration.
  2. DC Button:
    Press to power on or off, at the same time the DC output icon is on or off, including USB output port, wireless charging, car cigarette lighter, DC5525 port.
  3. Master for AC Outputs :
    To turn on/off AC outlets, we need to press and hold for 3 seconds until you find the AC icon appears. C To turn on/off AC output, we need to long press for
    3 seconds untill you find the AC icon appears. (AC mode is activated, and cooling fan runs automatically at the same time.) (When AC mode is switched on, a cooling fan will run for about one-second ¢ in response to the self-testing ahead of AC mode.)
  4. Based-camp LED
  5. Switch for LED lamp (Right / Left)
    Click on this button to turn on LED lamp and you can press and hold for 3 seconds to enter flash-light mode in ! emergency situation.
  6. Real-Time LCD Display ;
  7. 12V Car Outlet


Real-time LCD Displays

  1. Bluetooth mode: in normal use, the effective range for Bluetooth is 5-10M, but the surroundings indoor can vary a lot . as obstacles like a concrete wall will attenuate the signal and the range may be drastically reduced. We suggest trying it outdoor, in an open field.
  2. AC mode is activated, and cooling fan runs automatically at the same time and when the AC output mode is turned off, the cooling fan will automatically turn off when the internal temperature drops.
  3. In/Out Indicator
  4. DC output: Press DC button again to turn it off if unloaded.
  5. Time to empty(full) 23:51 = 23 hours 51 minutes
  6. Ausgangs-/Eingangsleistung
  7. AC outing, press and hold AC Master again to switch it off if unloaded.

What’s included

Charging your Power Station

Three charging methods: DC port, USB-C port, Anderson port
Support DC port + USB-C port, or Anderson port + USB-C port to charge at the same time, the maximum input power is 140W

Fully Charged Time
(Only for reference, take practicality as standard.)


Common variables that affect performance of, solar charging:

Note: you can shorten the charging time by turning off  the laptop.

The ideal time of day
Panels operate with high efficiency when the sun is direct-typically around mid-day.

Sunlight and its angle
The brighter the sun is shining, and the clearer the day is, the better the panels will work. A south-facing panel angle at 30-60 degrees from a flat surface will harvest the solar energy more.

Avoid any possible shelter
Make sure your panels are free of shade, even minor or partial shading reduces yields. Additionally, any dirt accumulated might decrease the wattage over time, so periodically cleaning the panel is recommended.

Time of year
The amount of daylight changes from season to season.
But for temporary solar charging, it is essential to know that cold weather will not negatively affect the performance of the panel’s as they run on light, not heat.

Using Your Power Station to Power Devices

1 x USB-C: for smartphones, mini laptops equipped with PD fast charging standard, two way PD out up to 100W.

3x USB-A: for smart phones, portable banks,smail USE fans, other USB- Powered devices.
2x DC: for LED lamps,or any other devices required no more than 12V working voltage. (DC5.5×2.5mm socket,single port supply no more than 12V5A.)
2 x AC universal out: for AC appliances, laptops (Be sure your device’s rated Funning power s 300WV, and the initial starting wattage <SO0W). AC sockets are built with short-circuit protection, but they also should be protected to avoid moisture.
Car Socket: for such car fridges, 12V appliances, etc.
Car socket is built with short-circuit pratection, but it should be protected with the rubber plug when not in use.
Wireless charging: for Qi-enabled smart devices.
  1. Check compatibility
    Before operating. please check the cottage, includs the starting & running wattage of your load devices. If overloaded, it will disable AC outputting ather than DC ports, by the advanced built-in system control circuit module. (Please re-plug in another lower AC device and restart it after 30-second intervals.)
  2. Make sure master is switched on.
    For safety reasons, all USB, AC ports, and wireless charging are activated accordingly by a master power button. You can see the total output watts  measurement on the LCD
  3. Turn off master to stop outing
    To prevent energy loss, each time when outputting is finished, press master button again to tum off outing .and disconnect the toad from the station.(especiaily for AC mode, prass and hold for 3 seconds to exit outing.)

Wireless Charging

Output: DCSV1A at Max.
Transmit distance: S-8 mm
Transmit conversion: 272%
Charging frequency: 110-205 KHz
Compatibility: it supports most smartphones that equipped with Q1 standard technology or other Oi-enabled devices. For other devices, please pair with a QI receiver.
The case of certain phones(especially thicker ones),metal objects like metal phone cases and plates for magnetic attachment might interfere with wireless charging. Please remove before charging.

For bast charging performance, your phone must ahvays be placed at the center of the charging area.
During the charging time, the charging area might get warmer.

Reference Running Time for common appilances
Different appliance require different working wattage, and if you plug in appliances that drain a high wattage {a refrigerator ), then the charging level of this unit can
drop very quickly, and you may not get precisely 288 Wh energy. On the flip side, if you’re recharging devices that draw wattage slowly (a small TV), you wifl get closer to 288Wh from this unit.

Application Reference Time

Storage and Maintenance

  1. Suggest to fully charge it at least once every 90 days for maintaining the best performance, reliability, and longevity.
  2. If outputting is done, please remember to tum off the master to save energy.
  3. Due to the chemical characteristics of the battery, the available capacity of the battery may somewhat vary from environment to environment such as cold weather or overheating {you may hear a cooling fan). So please always use it in room temperature (0°C- 40°C)also it is not recommended for outside storage or in humid environment.
  4. If you are living off-grid in sub-zero condition, we recommend you keep your unit in an insulated cooler and connect to a power souroe(sotar panels). The natural heat generated will keep battery capacity at its highest level.
  5. The battery packs inside are non-removable, non- disassemble, the life cycle for charge and discharge is over 800 times, but eventually, it will wear out.
  6. Continuously discharging the battery to 0% and then storing it with low battery may reduce its serviceable life. Recommended to always keep it with at least 20% capacity unused.


Batteries capacity78000mAh 3.7V (288Wh)
Size/Weight206x165x110mm/8.1×6.5x 4.3 inch 3.4 kg/7.6 lb
In(cigar lighter not included)Voltage 12-20V Current 5A Max.
In(Solar, MPPT)Voltage 16.6-22V Current 5A Max.
In(AC)Voltage 100-240V to 20V Current 5A Max. Please do use the adapter(20V–3.0A) included, DO NOT use an extra or different one.
Out(AC)2 x US/JP 110V 300W or EU/UK 230V AU 240V 300W (Surge power 500W)
Out(DC )3 x USB-A: 5V3.0A (Three ports total 7.2 A maximum.)
2 x DC5525/1x Car Outlet: 12V5.0A (Three ports total 5.0 A maximum.)
1 x USB-C: (Two-way PD in 60W/ outing 100W maximum.) Wireless charging: 5V1A
TemperatureWorking temperature: O-H40(°C)}/32~104(°F)
Over temperature charging protection: 55°C~65(°C)/131~149(°F}
Temperature over-discharging protection: 6S°C~TS(°C)/149- 167(°F}
Cold temperature protection: -10°C~O(°C)/14~32(°F)
Storage temperature: Within 1 month:-20~60(°C)/-4~140(°F}
Within 3 months: -20~45(°C}/-4~113(°F)
Within 12 months:-20~25(°C}/-4~77{°F)
For long-term storage,ptease do avoid storing outside,or in humid environment.
Pure Sine WaveInside there is a built-in pure-sine wave inverter, which means it generates an
output that is exactly the same as plugging in the socke on wall.
ProtectionsOver-current (Under-voitage /Over-charge /Over-load /Short-circuit /Over-heating protection


1. Can | use the generator while it is recharging?

Yes, it is capable of outputting power while charging.

2. How often does this have to be recharged when not in use?

We suggest to recharge it via wall outlets at least once every 3 months. Or, low battery might aggravate self- discharging problems, and the battery cycle life will be wom out sooner.

3. What size of solar panel in watts will be the best panel to charge this unit?

Itis recommended to choose a 100-140W solar panel to charge the power station, the charging time is about 4-5 hours (the charging time depends on the weather conditions).

4. Can | boarding with this unit when traveling?

No, this product can only be shipped by freight or can be shipped by trucking to your destination, can not be shipped by civil flight.

5. How do | know if my multiple devices will work with this unit or not? Wil it damage my devices if overloaded?

First, you should check the amount of power your devices require, make sure the total running attage does not exceed the 300+15 W limits. Even if overloaded, it will disable AC outputting other than the DC ports, by the advanced built-in system control circuit module. (Please re-plug using another lower AC device and restart it after 1 minute.)

Contact Us

If you have any concem regarding our products or services, please email us to we will feedback with our assistance within 1 working day.
Please also advise us by providing a statement of how the failure occurred and the details of the issue. Website:

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