AKKO RG325 Right Handed Gaming Mouse User Manual
AKKO RG325 Right Handed Gaming Mouse

Product Overview

Product Overview

The right-handed design and top buttons are favored by eSports garners and great for active grip of FPS. Overall RG325 provides an excellent option for medium to large hands.

  1. Left mouse button
  2. Right mouse button
  3. Scroll wheel
  4. DPI +
  5. DPI –
  6. FPS Precision Mode. Click to maintain 2000PL, and release to restore to user-defined DPI stage.
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Akko Mouse Specification

  • Model RG325
  • Types Right-hand
  • Dimension 123*66*43mm
  • Length of wire 1.8m
  • Weight (including wire) 127g
  • Weight (without wire) 91g
  • Interface USB
  • Number of buttons 8
  • Sensor PMW3325
  • Switches Omron 50 million
  • Polling rate 125/250/500/1000Hz
  • Software Chinese/English
  • DPI 200/800/1000/1500(default)/2000/2500
    The official highest DPI of 325 is 5000 and can be boosted through driver to reach 10000.
  • Back lights:
    The default LED color is conformant to the color of the mouse. If user defaults the mouse through software, the LED will turn to white, and user must manually adjust the LED color to match the color of the mouse.

Akko Warranty and Service Statement

  1. Akko provides 1-yr warranty for customers in mainland China. For other regions, please contact your seller (Akko distributor) for specific warranty policy.
  2. If the warranty window expires, customers need to pay for repairs. Akko will also provide instructions if users prefer to repair the mouse by themselves. However, users shall take full responsibility for any loss happened during self-repair.
  3. Dissembling the mouse without manufacturer/seller’ s instruction will immediately void the warranty.
  4. The return and warranty policy may vary in different platforms and are subject to the specific distributor at the time of purchase.

Precaution: Man-made damage is not limited to Immersion, falling off, and pulling off the wires with excessive forces, etc.

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