AKG Lightweight in-Ear Headphone, Teal



  • COLOR: Teal
  • DRIVERS: 8 mm
  • COMPATIBILITY: Android and iOS
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 13 Hz – 22.5 kHz
  • IMPEDANCE: 16 ohms


Long known for creating headphones for studio pros, AKG has created an in-ear stereo headset for individuals who, no matter how many hours of listening they have clocked, can recognize quality when they hear and feel it. The AKG y20’s robust 8 mm drivers produce high-quality sound, and in addition, their angled ear-tips and ultra-soft, multi-size silicone sleeves are designed to stay connected to the ear in practically any condition, making them the perfect choice for people who prefer to be active. Their lightweight, strong polycarbonate construction only enhances their remarkable outside appearance.


Simply connect your device to a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, then insert your headphones into the adaptor. You can connect devices that use a common 3.5mm audio connection to your USB-C devices with the Samsung USB-C Adapter. Most electrical retailers as well as the Samsung site online sell USB-C adapters.


The headphones can be turned off by pressing the power button. Once more, hold down the power button for five seconds. The alternating blue and red light will switch on as a result. After being reset, the headphones can now be associated with your device.


  • Attempt a different set of earbuds. Get a set of fully functional earphones and connect them to your device as the first step.
  • Restart the apparatus. You might also want to try rebooting your device as a quick repair.
  • Verify the settings.
  • Make the headphone jack clean.


Verify the earbuds’ orientation. They should fit snugly in your ears after being inserted into them with the wingtip pointing up. Rotate the earphones to the left or right to customize them to fit your ears. Try a different size if the wingtips or earbud tips do not comfortably fit in your ear.


The intricate internal components of your earbuds will quickly deteriorate if you frequently use them to listen to loud music. Soon you’ll hear crackling, scratchy, or fuzzy noises, which can mean the speakers in your headphones, are already damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do AKG headphones work well?

The Samsung AKG Type-C is constructed well. The silicone and plastic used to make the earphones feel sturdy and long-lasting. The braided cable is also very sturdy. They don’t feel as high-end as some of the other wired in-ears we’ve examined, like as the TIN Audio T3, though.

Why won’t my AKG microphone work?

Make sure there is no dust or dirt in the jack port and that the earphones’ jack is fully pressed into the phone. If other earphones function, the given set has to be examined. A 12-month manufacturer’s warranty is offered by Samsung. Normally, this wouldn’t protect against unintentional harm.

How durable are AKG headphones?

The AKG N400NC TWS headphones offer 12 hours of playback time (6 hours in the earbuds + 6 hours from the charging case), giving you the soundtrack to get you through the longest days. For an additional hour of playback, just 10 minutes of wireless charging from the carrying case are required.

My earbuds won’t turn on; why?

If the headphones’ power won’t turn on, the battery might not be installed properly or could need to be changed. To fix this problem, make sure you look through the following things. Important: Consult the product’s instructions if you require model-specific details to accomplish any of the tasks.

Why does my headset function but my microphone doesn’t?

Make sure your device’s mute button is not active. Verify that your computer and microphone are properly connected by checking your headset or microphone. Make sure the default recording device on your computer is set to your microphone or headset.

Why does my microphone not function when I can hear?

It’s possible that your microphone is functioning properly, but the level is too low, making it difficult for people to hear you. Make sure the volume of your microphone—also known as the recording or input device on your computer—is set to an appropriate level.

Do my AKG earbuds contain a microphone?

The built-in playback and microphone controls on the control module vary based on the device you use. You may adjust the volume, pause or resume music, skip to the next song, and use the Google Assistant on Android. Quite typical fare.

Why won’t my left earbud let me hear?

Make sure the audio source has stereo output capabilities if you can only hear audio coming from the left side of your headphones. IMPORTANT: Only the left side of the room will hear sound from a mono device. A device will typically be mono if it has an output jack marked “EARPHONE,” while a device with an output jack marked “HEADPHONE” will typically be stereo.

Why does the left earphone have a louder volume than the right?

In case one earphone on your Android device is louder than the other, check your accessibility settings. These allocate audio via mono or stereo channels for better listening and are comparable to the sound functions on Windows-based devices.

Why do earphones cause pain in my ears?

The in-ears are too deeply implanted – Your inner ears may become injured if your earbuds or IEMs are inserted too deeply. When the earbuds or IEMs are placed a bit too close to the eardrums, the vibrations they produce can be painful.

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