IX-DVF-6 Video Door Station

The IX-DVF-6 is an IX Series video door station with 6 call buttons for selective calling to IX-MV7 master stations. The IX-DVF-6 will connect to a network switch, and the call buttons are connected to contact inputs on the station. These inputs will be programmed to selectively call different master stations, or groups of master stations.

Names and Functions

IX-DVF-6AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 1

  1. Camera
  2. Microphone
  3. White LED for night viewing
  4. Speaker
  5. Call buttons


  • IP video door station
  • 6 Labeled Call Buttons
  • Stainless steel faceplate with tamper resistant screws


AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 2


For flush mounting, recess the supplied back box into the wall, then attach the mounting bracket using the four provided bracket screws.
Back Box Dimensions: 12-1/2″ H x 6-1/8″ W x 2-3/8″ D
IX-DVF-6 Dimensions: 13-11/16″ H x 7-3/16″ W
For surface mounting, use the SBX-IXGDM7 surface mount box. This box can mount to a standard single gang box or to any flat surface.
To install the labels, cut along the template guides, then slide each side in to the label space on the panel.

Wiring Diagram

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 3

SymbolThe button pattern shown here corresponds to the Option Input numbers covered later in this manual.


Camera unit: 1/3″ color CMOS 1.2 megapixel
Min. illumination: 5 Lux
Terminations: RJ45
Operating Temp: -40° ~ 140°F / -40° ~ 60°C
Wiring Distance: 328′ with CAT-5e/6 cable to switch
Dimensions: 13-11/16″ H x 7-3/16″ W
w/ SBX-IXGDM7: 13-3/4″ H x 7-5/16″ W x 3-1/16″ D

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference.
  2. This device must accept any interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • For proper regulatory compliance, the drain wire should be disconnected at the power supply end of the cable.
  • Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

Getting Started
This programming guide will cover how to program an IX-DVF-6 door station and IX-MV7 master stations using the IX Support Tool software. For additional information and documentation for the IX system, please visit
Creating a New System
Open the IX Support Tool, then select File from the top menu and click Create New System. Enter in a System Name, and select the No radial button for Wizard Programming. Enter a system ID and Password. Enter station quantities and then click Finish.

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 4SymbolThe IX-DVF-6 counts as an IX-DV, IX-DVF(-*) station in this section.
Station Information
Support Tool will open in Table View on the Station Information – Identification page. Enter unique Station Numbers and Names for each station. Click Update to save the changes.

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 5

Network Settings – IP Address
The IP addresses for the stations can be individually set for each station or they can be configured in a batch. This guide will show how to assign via the batch configuration. Expand Network Settings and click on IP Address, then click Batch IP Address Configuration

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 6

Batch IP Address Configuration
On the Batch IP Address Configuration page, enter a starting IP address and subnet mask. Check the box beside each station or click Select to check all stations at once. Click OK , then click OK on the confirmation pop-up. Each station will now have an IP address and Subnet Mask assigned to it.

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 7ANTMINER S19j Pro Blockchain BTC Bitcoin Miner - Note If a Default Gateway address is required, it can be manually added on this page once the IP addresses have been assigned.

Association Settings

The station name and IP address that were assigned in the previous steps will now need to be associated to each station in the system before any call settings can be uploaded. From the top menu bar, select Tools(T) from the top menu, then click Association Settings.AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 8When the Association Settings window opens, it will automatically begin searching for any IX stations on the network. Once this is complete, select a configuration in the Station Settings List at the top, then select the station to assign it to in the Station List. Click Apply and OK on the pop-up to start the association process for that station, then repeat these steps for the remaining stations.AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 9ANTMINER S19j Pro Blockchain BTC Bitcoin Miner - Note If the Station Search fails to find any stations, verify that the stations are powered on anc that the PC is connected to the same switch.
Once associated, the stations will restart with the IP address and station name assigned. Scroll down to the Associated Stations List at the bottom of the page to confirm the status of the association.AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 10

Call Button Settings – Option Inputs

The IX-DVF-6 has six call buttons that are wired to Option Inputs. These inputs will need to be programmed to place a call.
Click on Station View , then expand Option Input/Relay Output Settings and select Option Input.AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 11

Option Inputs
In the Select Station to Edit menu, use the Number drop-down to select the IX-DVF-6, then click Select . Use the Option Input drop-down to select Option Input 1. Click the Call radial button, then click Update . Use the Option Input dropdown to switch to the next Option Input and repeat this process until all of the inputs have been set to Call.AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 12

Called Stations Groups
Once the Option Inputs are set to call, individual Called Station Groups will be assigned to each to allow for selective calling from each button. Expand Call Settings and click Called Stations (Door/Sub Stations). Use the Group Number drop-down to select Group 01.

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 13

Each of the Called Stations groups will be call to a different master group of masters. Use the Open and Delete buttons to add or remove master stations from the list. When one group is complete, click on Update and then switch to the next group using the Group Number drop-down. Repeat until a call group has been configured for each button that will be in use.

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 14

Programming Call Buttons
To link the Called Stations groups to the call buttons on the door station, expand Call Settings and click on Call Origination. Use the Call Button / Option Input # drop-down and select Option Input 1.

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 15

Use the Standard Mode Settings – Call Destination drop-down to assign a call group to the Option Input. Press Update when a call group has been set, then switch to the next Option Input and repeat until all of the Option Inputs that will be used have a call group linked to them.

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 16

Setting File Upload
Once all settings are configured, select File (F) from the top bar and select Upload Settings to Station. Click Select to check all of the stations, then click on Settings . Once OK is pressed on the confirmation pop-up, the upload process will start. This process will take around 30 seconds to a minute. Once it is complete, confirm that the Status column shows Success for each station.

AIPHONE IX DVF 6 Video Door Station - FIGURE 17

For more details about the features and information above, please contact Technical Support.

Aiphone Corporation
(800) 692-0200

Documents / Resources

AIPHONE IX-DVF-6 Video Door Station [pdf] Installation Guide
IX-DVF-6, Video Door Station, IX-DVF-6 Video Door Station, Door Station


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