thermokon CRC9 Series Ceiling Humidity and Temperature Sensor Instruction Manual

Discover the CRC9 Series Ceiling Humidity and Temperature Sensor, a field replaceable sensor designed for accurate measurements in building automation systems. Suitable for various HVAC applications, it offers high humidity accuracy and communicates via BACnet / Modbus RTU protocols. Easily install, configure, and monitor this versatile thermokon sensor in commercial and industrial buildings.

Dedrone RF-310 Passive Network-attached Sensor Instructions

Discover the RF-310 Passive Network-attached Sensor - an advanced device designed to detect and measure radio frequency signals. Ensure safety and compliance with FCC and IC regulations. Follow user instructions for accurate monitoring and analysis of RF emissions.

Nexelec DeepL X565LS Temperature and humidity Sensor User Guide

Discover the DeepL X565LS Temperature and Humidity Sensor user manual. Get insights into its features, installation instructions, and power supply options. Learn more about the compact design, long battery life, and remote configuration capabilities. Find recommended installation sites and contact the support team for assistance.

13790710087 Auraton Flood Sensor Owner’s Manual

The 13790710087 Auraton Flood Sensor is a reliable and efficient device designed to detect water presence and trigger an alarm or signal. With LED indicators and sound signals, it ensures effective monitoring within a range of up to 50m indoors. Powered by a CR2450 3V non-removable battery, this IP67-rated sensor is compatible with Auraton Internet gateways. Follow the provided instructions for proper installation and disposal.

tynetec FM0847 Enuresis Sensor Gebruikersgids

Discover the FM0847 Enuresis Sensor, a discreet and comfortable solution for detecting incontinence episodes. This user manual provides detailed instructions for setting up and using the sensor, including information on replacement sheets and battery replacement. Keep caregivers informed with automatic moisture detection and low battery alerts. Compatible with the Reach IP/NOVO system for out of range notification. Ensure proper cleaning and disposal of the sensor for optimal performance.