Honeywell Fire Sentry FS24X Vlamverklikker-eienaarshandleiding

Discover the Honeywell Fire Sentry FS24X Flame Detector user manual, featuring patented WideBand IR™ and Electronic Frequency Analysis™ technologies, selectable detection sensitivities, and optimal false alarm rejection. FM and ATEX approved, with a wide operating temperature range and easy electronics module replacement. Suitable for a variety of applications, the Fire Sentry FS24X is a reliable and efficient solution for detecting hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fuel fires in all environments.

Honeywell SS4 Vlamverklikkers Brandwag-eienaarshandleiding

Learn about the features and applications of Honeywell's SS4 Flame Detectors Fire Sentry. These detectors use multi-spectrum technology to detect hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon fires, with wide field-of-view and solar-blind capabilities. They are compatible with standard approved fire alarm panels and are explosion-proof. Ideal for use in petrochemical facilities, co-generation plants, gas turbines, warehouses, and more.