Soar NCAA Iowa Hawkeyes Shockbox LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



  • SPREKERTIPE: Bluetooth
  • MODELNAAM: Shockbox Led Bluetooth Speaker


The lightweight (only.4 ounces!) speaker is designed for use at home or on the move and has a top handle for maximum mobility. This enable Bluetooth 5.0 for Sync Together. allows you to show off your team enthusiasm by pairing two speakers for a full surround-sound experience. This speaker is ideal for those boisterous tailgate gatherings because it is shockproof and water-resistant.

Hoe om te gebruik

You can use the speakers by following the given steps

  • Power on the speakers.
  • The speaker will be ready to be paired.
  • Now go to your mobile and look for the available devices.
  • Klik op die naam van die toestel.
  • Your speaker will be connected to the mobile.
  • Nou kan jy enigiets speel.

Vrae se

  • Bluetooth speakers or wireless speakers—which is better?
    The majority of the time, Wi-Fi speakers outperform Bluetooth speakers in terms of audio quality. More data is compressed by Bluetooth than by Wi-Fi speakers.
  • Which Bluetooth speaker with wattage is best?
    Enige spreker met 'n wattage tussen 150 en 500 is ideaal vir 'n wonderlike musiekluisterervaring en is goedkoop. Elke klank het 'n frekwensie, wat dien as 'n maatstaf vir die volume van die klank. Dit word in Hertz (Hz) gekwantifiseer.
  • What distinguishes a Bluetooth speaker from a smart speaker?
    Regular Bluetooth speakers don’t do anything other than connect to your phone or computer to play audio. The primary distinction is the presence of built-in internet helpers like Alexa, Siri, and Assistant on smart speakers.
  • Watter krag het 'n goeie spreker?
    Die huisspreker moet 'n wat hêtage van tussen 15 en 30 watt. Die meerderheid huiseienaars ag 20 watt genoeg. 'n Luidspreker kan 50 watt of 100 watt in krag wees vir groter skares.
  • Verhoog klankkwaliteit met wattage?
    Yes, it is true that speakers play louder and clearer at greater power levels (watts). However, slight variations in power don’t produce much of an audible difference. The wattage would need to double in order to perceptibly hear a change (a 3dB increase).
  • What speaker power is suitable for a room?
    A signal-to-noise ratio of 95 dB or more is considered outstanding. For smaller to medium-sized rooms or speakers with a sensitivity of more over 90 dB, a receiver with 50 watts per channel should be sufficient. Try to acquire 100 watts or more if your room is vast if your speakers are sensitive to sounds below 87 dB.
  • A 5 watt speaker—is that loud?
    When cranking, a 5 watt tube is as loud as a trumpet (extremely loud).
  • What distinguishes two-way speakers from three-way speakers?
    Die woofer en tweeter is twee verskillende tipes drywers wat in 2-rigting luidsprekers voorkom. 'n Luidspreker wat 'n woofer genoem word, word spesifiek gemaak om lae-frekwensie-klanke weer te gee, terwyl 'n tweeter gemaak is om hoëfrekwensie-klanke weer te gee. Die middelafstand-, woofer- en tweeter-drywers, gesamentlik bekend as die 3-rigting luidspreker, produseer klank.
  • Can a speaker be too huge for the space it is in?
    Room size and speaker size are irrelevant as long as you are able to sit far enough away from the speakers for the drivers to properly combine.
  • What number of speakers do I require for a room?
    Set up your 5.1 system in a room of average size for the optimum effects. Those five speakers might be too many for the area if the room is too tiny. Larger rooms will probably benefit from a stronger setup.

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