POS center PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer

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  • POScenter PC-80 USE series is thermal barcode printer with high performance and reliability. It is with high quality and competitive price and easy to use, so it is widely used in the factory, logistics, restaurant, tea shop, etc.
  • Veiligheidskennisgewings
    • Please read the below warnings carefully and observe it strictly before operating the printer.


  • Waarskuwing: Do not touch the printer cutter or paper tearing cutter.
  • Waarskuwing: The print head is the head and the peripheral comp finishing the printing.


  1. The printer should be put on solid place. Don’t put printer on vibration and shocking place.
  2. Don’t print or save printer in high-temperature, high-humidity and heavily polluted place.
  3. Printer adapter should be connected to a properly grounded socket. Don’t use the same socket together with large motors or other equipment that may cause voltage skommelinge.
  4. Avoid water or conductive material (such metal) going into the inside of the printer, once happen, should turn off the power immediately.
  5. If long time not uses printers, should disconnect the adapter power.
  6. Don’t disassemble the printer for overhaul or transformation.
  7. Please only use the adapter, which is together with printer
  8. To ensure the quality and lifetime of printer, we recommend to use high-quality thermal paper and ribbon.
  9. Make sure the printer power is turned off when Pull or plug connection lines.
  10. When Pull or plug power cord, please hold at the cord end, which is marked with arrow (do not pull the soft part of the cord) .
  11. Hou asseblief hierdie handleiding vir verwysing.


Belangrikste kenmerke

  • Support thermal paper roll/thermal sticker/thermal label
  • 2-6inch/s high printing speed
  • Support 2D printing (QRCODE)
  • Paper width from16mm-82mm and easy to use
  • Paper automatic checking function
  • Modular design to meet different application requirements
  • Self-adaptive temperature control
  • Low power consumption and low running costs

Tegniese parameters

  • Drukmetode: Direkte termiese drukwerk
  • resolusie: 203DPI
  • Paper width: 16-82MM
  • Drukspoed: 150mm/s (max); 127mm/s (normally)
  • Memory: DRAM: 8M FLASH: 4M
  • Interfaces

    POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig2

  • barcode:
    • 2D kode: QR KODE
  • Medium
    • Papier tipe: thermal paper roll, stickers, etc.
    • Paper width: 16mm-82mm
    • Diameter of the outside paper roll: 85mm Max Paper-out method: automatically stripped or peeled off
  • Power adapter of the printer:
    • Adapter-invoer voltage: AC 110V/220V,50/60Hz
    • Adapter uitset voltage: DC 24V / 2.5A
    • Printer input voltage: DC 24V / 2.5A
  • omgewing:
    • Werk temperatuur: 5~45°C;
    • Werk humiditeit:20-80%RH(Non-condensing)
    • Stoor temperatuur: -40〜55°C;
    • Humiditeit stoor: ≤90%(Non-condensing)

Printer installation and operation

The dismantle of the printer

  • Check the spare parts
  • Please check the spare parts when opening the box, please contract the supplier or factory if anything missed.

    POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig4

The connection of the printer

  1. Make sure that the printer and PC are turned off, connect the cable to printer and the interface (Serial/Parallel/USB/Ethernet) of the equipment.
  2. If the automatic cash drawer is available, then connect the RJ-11 of the cash drawer to the cash drawer port of the printer.(the specification of the cash drawer must coincide with the driver of the printer’s cash drawer)
  3. Connect the dedicated adapter of the printer
    Please use the dedicated adapter of the printer. Connection diagram is shown below:

    POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig5


  1. First plug the DC24V power cord of the printer, and then plug the AC220V power, at last turns the power switch. Do not do that opposite way, or it will do harm to the printer.
  2. Inappropriate use of the power adapter will lead to bad quality printing, or even do harm to the printer.
  3. Do not connect the telephone line to the cash drawer port, or it will damage both the printer and the telephone.
  4. When pull the power cord of the printer, please hold the pace where signed arrow (Do not hold the soft cord to pull the power cord). Hold the soft cord and pull may damage the printer or the power adapter.
The loading of the paper roll

Detailed operation as shown below:

POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig6
POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig7

Function of Starting Up
  1. Interval Sensor Adjusting
    It is necessary to adjust sensitivity of interval sensor under the situation below:
    1. new printer
    2. change label
    3. Drukkerinisialisering
      This function is for testing sensitivity of interval sensor. When users change paper of different specification or initialize printer, it needs to set up the interval sensor adjusting.
      Please follow up the steps below to adjust interval sensor:
      1. turn off the power of printer
      2. make sure the paper exists and cover is closed
      3. press the PAUSE button and turn on the printer, when printer open interval sensor adjustment, loosen PAUSE button.
  2. Printer Initializing
    This function is for clearing data downloaded in DRAM and resetting the printer. Please start adjustment of interval sensor after initialization.

Indicator Light and Button

There is tow indicator lights: blue light for power and red light for error. Tow button: PAUSE and FEED. Showed as follows:

POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig8


S / N Status Funksieverklaring
1 Power light normally on, error light off Normaal
2 Power light normally on, error flashing Error and refer to fault code


LED lig sirene aanduiding
LED light flashes 2 times Buzzer rings 2 times Error in mechanism
LED light flashes 3 times Buzzer rings 3 times Papier uit
LED light flashes 4 times Buzzer rings 4 times Error in cutter
LED light flashes 5 times Buzzer rings 5 times oorverhit
LED light flashes 6 times Buzzer rings 6 times ontbloot
LED light flashes 7 times Buzzer rings 7 times Error in seam mark
LED light flashes 8 times Buzzer rings 8 times Error in black mark
LED light flashes 9 times Buzzer rings 9 times Failure to find SDRAM
LED light flashes 10 times Buzzer rings 10 times Failure to find flash


Serial No. funksie Beskrywing




While power light is on, and ERROR light is off, when press


FEED button, printer can feed to the front of next label paper.





When the printer is working, if press PAUSE button, the printer will stopping working.







Gap sensor calibration

1. Close printer power


2. Make sure printer is feed paper and cover the upper cover. 3.Press on PAUSE button, and open printer power, now printer will automatic calibrate the sensitivity of gap sensor and then

save the parameters into memory. Finally, loosen PAUSE button.

Printer Serial interface

POScenter PC-80 USE Printer Serial interface is RS-232 standard, communication baud rate is 4800bps、9600bps、19200bps or 38400bps optional (you can adjust it by DIP switch),8 data bits, without odd and even number validation, one stop bit, support RTS/CTS and XON/XOFF Handshake Protocol.
Printer serial interface, the definition of each pin function is as follows:


Speld nr.

model naam  

Sein bron










When use XON/XOFF handshake protocol, printer will send control code

XON/XOFF to host.

3 RxD gasheer Printer will receive data from host












The signal response current printer state, High level shows printer is busy, it can not receive date. While low level shows

printer is ready, and it can receive data.

5 GND --- Seingrond
4 DTRMore Drukker It is same as RTS signal(PIN 8)

The Connection diagram between printer serial interface and POS host serial interface:

POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig9

Printer parallel interface

POScenter PC-80 USE printer parallel interface socket is 25PIN Parallel socket, 8 bits parallel transmission, support BUSY/nAck handshake protocol. Each PIN function of Printer parallel interface socket is as follows:



Sein naam Sein bron Beskrywing
1 /STB Host Data gate trigger pulse, it will read-in data when negative edge








DATA2 DATA3 DATA4 DATA5 DATA6 DATA7 DATA8 DATA9 Host Host Host Host Host Host Host Host These signals separately represents NO.1 to No.8 information of Parallel data. And when logic is 1, it is high level, when logic is 0, it is low level.







Printer answering signal, It shows printer has received previous byte data

11 BESIG Drukker High level shows printer is busy, it can not receive data
12 Papier-uit - Indicates whether the paper is missing Paper-out PE.
13 Kies Drukker By resistance to pull high level
18-25 GND - Ground connection, logic low level
15 NError(nFa ult) Drukker The resistance pulls up high electrical level.

Printer Ethernet Port

The Ethernet interface socket of POScenter PC-80 USE is RJ45-8P, supporting 10M/100M network, and the transmission speed is adaptive.

POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig10



Beskrywing Onderrig
1 TX + Stuur differensiële lyn+
2 TX- Send differential line –
3 RX + Ontvang differensiaallyn+
4 NC Geen funksie nie
5 NC Geen funksie nie
6 RX- Receive differential line –
7 NC Geen funksie nie
8 NC Geen funksie nie

Printer Cash Drawer Port

The printer cash drawer port is with standard RJ-11, 6-wires socket, output DC 24V/1A and work by power signal. Plug the RJ-11 crystal plug into cash drawer port and then you can open the cash drawer via printer.

POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer-fig11

Printer cash drawer interface pin functions are defined as follows:

Speldnr. Sein Onderrig
1 GND Kraggrond
2 DK1 Cash box 1# cathode
3 DK-1N Oop opsporing
4 PWR Power supply/cash box anode
5 DK2 Cash box 2# cathode
6 GND Kraggrond

Drukker drywer

Two types of drive for POScenter PC-80 USE Series: one is to install driver program directly under Windows9x/7/8/10/ME/2000/XP/Linux/Mac, the other is to install drive through Serial, Parallel, USB or Ethernet.

  1. Install driver under Windows
    Add printer in the Windows, and appoint the driver documents in the driver disk to Windows. It can print once you start print command in the program. In this way, windows printer driver turns characters to graphics dot-matrix for printing.
  2. Install driver by Interface
    In this way, no need for drive program. It can print just when it output character to port and the hard font inside printer realizes the character exchange printing. By port for driver, the printing type transforms page printing to line printing, which controls printing more conveniently.


Dokumente / Hulpbronne

POScenter PC-80 USE series Thermal Label Printer [pdf] Gebruikershandleiding
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